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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Autism's Best 4th Graders in College

Just last week I was privilaged to meet Sean Barron at his book lecture given in Columbus Ohio on his new book co authored with Temple Grandin called Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships. There was a standing room only crowd at the Columbus Speech and Hearing Center. Sean in my age and He WAS diagnosed just like all the "popular" autism figures of today are. The stark contrast in our lives stunned my mother who was with me more than anyone in the room. She had been giving me the devil for years as do many in the autism spectrum that I (we) don't relate to new autism people. After seeing the GREAT DIVIDE for her self she just had no choice but to thank her stars I was never diagnosed and no one knew my odd strange ways were autism.

She was really stunned and set back when a group of Ohio State University Students from their Young Autism Program came in the room. She later described them as college aged fourth graders. As featured Speaker Sean Barron talked and as she seen the horrible behavior of the Asperger group in front of us it was no shock to hear Sean tell of annoying his whole class in school by using the pencil sharpener in a way that disturbed the teacher and the class. His point was he figured out that proper way. Mom chimed in on the trip home, if you would have tried stunts like that in school you would have been sent to the office. She was right Mrs. Nutter my first grade teacher made you raise your hand ask permission and then you get your pencil sharpened. That discipline went miles in making the Autism flow better even if we didn't know what it was.

When Sean mentioned the noise issues and said as we all do-all noise is the same volume for us she looked over at me with a smile as I was wearing my hearing filter, a devise I made for my self years ago to helped me filter out the objectionable noise that autistic people hear. I was the only one in the room wearing one. If Autism professionals really cared and even listened they would install decibel meters in classrooms and homes to see what it is we hear and they don't.

Mom also noticed glaringly how the diagnosis of autism instantly lowered everyone's standards to group home status-that seems to be the goal of all of life for a modern Aspie. She was shocked as can be the simple lack of anything motivation wise in their life. She could tell none of them had a passion or obsession that was ever developed. Passions and obsession translate into real life skills as we have discovered. They made us work.(absently) She seen like I did the obsession and splinter skills that opened up all kinds of doors for me were never even thought about in modern autism. She seen like I did all the modern autism was just 1/2 the facts and the resulting ignorance is now just pure autism epidemic like we know today. She said Rich If you were diagnosed you too would have been just like those guys were. You never would have been in the real world or even driving.

Mom defiantly seen now, why her story and the story like hers from older Mothers and Father's that never heard the word Autism will never be allowed to be exposed in today's autism world. She also seen why my book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures and taking autism to the threshold of normal thoughts will never bee seen as anything more than treason. She seen as I do-we do the Autism timeline has been drawn in the sand and Modern Autism is now the Epidemic it has to be. If only Dr Rimland and those that followed him knew Autism like they claimed they did the modern Autism would have never been invented or got so far out of control. With Autism being BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and nowadays mostly MR./ DD , billions of autistic people with 4th grade social skills in college or group homes with few honest success stories really does present like a horrible picture. Autism really does appear like an epidemic of autism cases but sadly it is a self-inflicted Epidemic of autism ignorance instigated by the chief autism Guru DR Rimland father of the movie Rain Man. He didn't know enough of autism to know our thoughts that have never been in a book before really do mimic traditional thoughts once we figure them out. We really are thinking when we display the lack of eye contact and our optic vision is indeed OFF.

Factor old working autism back into the autism scheme, admit to our old working anthropology that builds on Temples work and suddenly Autism will no longer be the an Epidemic but autism will be the Building Blocks of the human mind again (all figured out). The old working autism Blueprint and the guy who made it Alan Truing can then be admitted to as well as the rest of us and unintentionally modern autism will be exposed as a farce of good intention. Sean is indeed one of modern autism triumphs and I am indeed proud of him and everyone else in Autism circles but there is a whole other dimension to autism that was once figured out and simply forgotten after Rain Man the movie made Autism the next New Designer condition. Today you must admit Autism has a life of its own and self sufficient empires are notorious for NOT listening. Indeed admitting to old working autism people and our odd strange people and our true stories and viewing our honest results in real life is again autism treason. If autism research were really sincere and honest they would have no trouble admitting to all of us. Still we are too little too late and the line drawn in the sand by Dr Rimland and others remains to be crossed.

I know my words are making many people see red and I am not writing this to complain I'm merely stating facts/the obvious fact is we were all hoodwinked with the best of intention. This fact is the first one we need to remedy, autism really is the building blocks of the mind and PLEASE let those of us figuring them out share with you so your loved one might have a chance like we did. Autism is Both Mr. DD and Einstein and the bit we do to make it Einstein has yet to be in a text book so don't think the "experts" of autism will stumble upon the knowledge we earned over the years with the thought only we were programmed with. Einstein, was right its a miracle when things happen and its a miracle when they don't. Lets make a real miracle happen and let old autism speak.
Rich Shull on the blogs Atomic autism and Pre Rain Man Autism. Rich is the author of the self Published book called Pre Rain Man Autism, a book built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures this work takes autism to the threshold of normal thoughts. Rich is also inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green, triple hybrid car motor with no up and down moving parts. The average car will get 90 MPG with it.

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