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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Polly Could Talk!

From Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

The following is an Email gleaned from a google group regarding Autism and Speech please listen to the old working side of autism and my comments are in BOLD TYPE. I know what I say will not even hit the radar of 97% of Autism professionals but nonetheless there are at least 200 more of us that did this autism and speech on our own-by figuring out our daydream based picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact. Modern autism could have done the same thing had it not been sidetracked with Rain Man's Curse.

Polly was a nonverbal social butterfly with a diagnosis of autism.
Unlike most students, she did not have any problem initiating,
particularly when it came to social interactions. Polly was everyone's
friend. Most of the students and faculty knew her. Using gestures, she
would say hello or comment on their hair or clothes. Like many
nonverbal students, Polly had significant movement difficulties, both
gross and fine motor. It was difficult for her to throw or catch a
ball or participate in physical exercises. She could not tie her shoes
nor print or draw on her own.

Boy doesn't that have the ring of truth to it, that well could have described me and many others in our anthropology that do more than Temple Grandin. Everything from motor skills to throwing and catching a ball are all SIMPLY explained in Picture thoughts. Sadly not one autism professional knows what were talking about and even WORSE NOT a one will listen to us. Autistc themselves realize there is a different process but no one even mentions it to us so we never know what to do with it. For the record here is my explanation. We by default think in Pictures your Daydreams. Our OPTIC vision is Off during the lack of eye contact. While our eyes are OFF our Brain replaces OPTIC vision with a thought picture and IF let me repeat that IF - we know what that thought picture is and how to use it correctly how to read it, it can become Speech. We have to convert daydreams to speech,Have you ever tried explaining a dream to someone? If you have been successfull at that you have a clue to autism thoughts. If speech therapist really knew what they were they were doing they incorporate dream interpretation in to their work and then watch us talk!

One of my most popular posts on this blog is Catching a Ball in 2004 (thanks Dad) and it describes with picture thoughts figured out and CONTROLLED how I can now catch and throw a ball a task impossible in my little league days. Again we need to be OPTIC vision mode to do sports, drive and read body language and use our brain generated picture thoughts to think with. ONCE THOSE PICTURE THOUGHTS ARE LEARNED THEY RESULT IN normal thoughts! To Bad Autism professionals will never figure that out. Those Picture thoughts are worth a 1000 of your normal thoughts thus our Einstein twist. We are only successful IF we learn to water them down.

Surprising, as it might seem, she was in high school and did not have
a viable communication system in place. She had been dropped from
Speech Therapy years ago for lack of progress. That happened often to
nonverbal students in the district where I worked. It was part of the
criteria that I obviously did not agree with.
I introduced PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) to her and
she took to it easily. I began by having her select pictures to
request her desired breakfast items. When she was proficient selecting
the pictures, I provided facilitated support, as I had her type the
names of the items on the pictures at the same time. Within months,
she was typing the words independently and handing me the
communication device or using a voice output device. She no longer
needed to select the pictures since she had a propensity for spelling.
Polly was highly motivated and continued to use a communication book
to learn how to spell new words. Since she demonstrated this progress,
the Speech Therapist, was able to have her reinstated in Speech
Therapy for augmentative communication needs....

Before Autism was MR/DD before it was anything else ,our splinter skills were naturally tapped and that along with in my case an entire record (yes vinyl ancient discs) collection called Listen and Lean with Phonics was my Speech therapy. I quietly set in my bedroom listened to those records and did what Polly was never given the chance to do convert those words and phonics to and from Picture thoughts. Mom and my Tutors tried to do the phonics with me and in short they discovered I did MUCH Better on my own. Of course no one knew I was figuring out autism, or doing a thought process never in a text book before.

I was doing the impossible as my splinter skills had been identified and I was motivated to talk about my "obsession" and by learning how to talk and connect autism to normal people words I was able to connect. Those splinter skills are indeed our natural for us connection we have to normal thoughts-they are the closest thoughts we have to normal and of course we discovered the connection! Modern Autism People are discouraged from Splinter Skill use and obsessions so by default they miss the very key we had in life to succeed. So much for progress and the Movie Rain Man.

Thankfully not person called me autistic or gave me the label of stupid to go with the autism label. As all of us in our anthropology figured out -- we were unknowingly figuring out the small thoughts that build the big thoughts most people know as normal thoughts. If we do them correctly and they are in an established order we can be social play ball and drive. I know that scares modern autism that has brainwashed itself into thinking were too stupid to "fart." But it also explains how so many of us do so well in real life. Autism is not all that complicated! It really is just an invisible thought process so no one has seen it to even know what it is we do and just how we convert our thoughts to dreams to speech and control those thoughts. Autism Speaks but does it even want to listen? Were too dumb to fart afterall- or are we?
Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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