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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Autism and the Gym.

Autism and the Gym.

Despite the super poor economy, world-wide depression I am so fortunate to be employed full-time at an up scale gym. I use the free membership to lift weights before I start work. I have been lifting weight for close to two months now and get the "runner's high" if you will from the exercise. The looks of my body are improving as well, not bad for a 40 something. This gym has all the right equipment to work every muscle group and I usually get to every machine once a day.

I often get to compare notes on lifting with others in the gym both long time well built, 'gym rats' (slang) and newbies like me. There is indeed a difference in the weight lifting experience. I got the chance to compare notes with a fellow weight lifter the other week and he was my "clone" being the same weight and build. We both did a work out together and did the same machines and tried to lift the same amounts of weight and on two machines we did all we could possibly do. He is ignorant of autism's pain tolerance and my autism but none the less we did our routine. There was indeed a difference He was SCREAMING AND GRUNTING and in agony lifting his weight and while I lifted the same amount I was able to be quiet about it. It was work , and it was anything but agony as he was displaying.

Alan Turing (1912-1954) Gay Autistic and Father of the Computer often ran Marathons without walls meaning he never felt the brick wall most runners feel on long runs. He even wrote to his mother (before phones and E mails) that his running mates were in agony and nursing sore muscles but he was "painless" I noted the same ideal all my life from injuries sustained from work (auto mechanic) and my Athleticism pursuits mainly riding bicycles over 10,000 miles in my life.

Back at the gym I get to feel up my partner while his muscles were in action and they felt 'Electric' they felt like something was pumping threw them . His muscles were as big as mine were and mine just felt like solid muscle, but there was no "electric" going threw them it seems. The ONLY thing I felt on serious whole body exercises was my 16 staples in my gut a left over wound from my auto mechanic days. They indeed felt wild and hurt, BUT nothing else hurt, I was not getting ANY SIGNS I was working too hard or lifting at my limits let alone above them. Even back in gym class in junior high I first noticed this lack of pain ideal. Both then and Now If I lift too much my muscles get all shaky and I can't hold my arms study for example If I have lifted too much with my arms. My partner has never experienced that and suggested he felt enough of something to tell him when to quit. He too felt my muscles as I lifted on the same weight machine and he noticed the muscle bulge but not the "something" flowing threw the muscle.

At one time the Autism Pain Tolerance was well known before the Designer Rain Man Autism Era and it was once known as non cuddly babies among other things. I devised a test for the pain tolerance and published it in my banished book Autism, Pre Rain Man Autism describing my idea of using a torque wrench to see just how much we didn't feel. Torque Wrenches break away when a preset torque is met. Autisitcs people would out do the torque setting and break a bolt before we felt it to be tight. ( I have done that a "thousand times") . This Pain Tolerance is indeed a huge factor in out toilet training habits as we often don't feel the signals of when we have to go and when we are done. The DEEPER in our bodies something is the less of it we feel. While this is old news and forgotten new in autism circles if could be remembered today it go miles in explaining lot of things Autistically. Shadily, it might well become some sort of acid test for autism and prove that many diagnosed Autisitcs are not autistic and think of the trouble that would be? Once the idea of the Pain tolerance was remembered and once it was obvious It was dropped by the Modern Designer Autism Empire Autism would have some explaining to do. Their first question would be why only the older style autisitcs people have the pain tolerance?

More importantly this pain tolerance could explain many things medically and open whole new frontiers. Just imagine the torture chamber the drug companies would set up for us. Think of the billions they could make If they copy our Pain Tolerance in the from of a pill. Once they get wind of this I bet they look into our story. I know Modern Autism People are lucky to make it to a group home and the 4 th grader in college syndrome is the ultimate goal of an autism life but we resemble the mold we are poured from. Old Autisitcs like me that missed the curse were poured from a different mold and the results are far better than today's best get privileged to experience. As all good empires do they simply ignore those of us that have done so well and connected MR/DD to Einstein. PLEASE urge your Autism Leaders to open up this can of worms and see what they been missing.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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