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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Wild Boy - the Capture

The Wild Boy ,,, Mordicai Gerstein

Direct quote from pages 12-23

12 One gray winter morning , three men saw him. They were hunting. At first they thought he was some kind of animal. They were not sure.

13 They chased him threw the woods.

14 he tried to escape up a tree, but they caught him.

15 picture page

16 They brought him to town ,and the people stared at him. They had never seen a wild boy. He looked at the people . He didn't know what they were. "he must have had parents," they said But no one knew who they might be , to how he came to live in the wild woods. He didn't know either.

17 The town officials took charge of him . they spoke to him , but he didn't listen. He didn't listen. He didn't know what words were. "He is a deaf mute" they said.

18 He tried to run back to the mountains, but they caught him and put him on a leash. When they first put clothes on him ,he tore them off. They gave him a bed, but he would not sleep in it. All he would eat was walnuts , and baked potatoes still smoldering from the fire. He cared for only food and freedom.

19 Word was sent to Paris : "A Wild Boy has Been Captured"
It was printed in all the newspapers. They printed drawings that showed him with claws, fur and a tail. Scientists and scholars wanted to study him.

20 He was taken to Paris ,over three hundred miles from his mountains, by coach. As the coach clattered into the city, he didn't even look out the windows. the grand building and swarms of people didn't interest him. the forest was the only place he knew ,and Paris wasn't a forest.

21 He was take to the institute for deaf Deaf-Mutes, to be examined and tested. They shouted at him and fired pistols near his ear, He didn't even Blink. BUT they found he wasn't deaf. He turned his head when a walnut was cracked in the next room . He loved walnuts.

22 He would not eat bread,meat,or sweets, but only nuts, boiled beans and potatoes baked in the coals. He plucked them from the fire and ate them burning- hot.
"He seems to feel no pain! marveled the experts. They showed him toys and books ;they rang bells and played music; they poked him and pinched him. They couldn't get his attention. His mind was in the woods. His ears listened for wind and wolves. He only cared for food and freedom.

23 After week of tests and examinations, the experts made an announcement
"The boy's behavior " they said , "places him below all animals, wild or domestic. He is hopeless" They lost interest in him.

From Rich

The sound of this treatment is not much different than Autism Mr/Dd is today. Other than the fact we no longer capture wild kids in the forest, and we simply diagnose them at birth. Centuries later Victor's ideal is still the 'gold standard" for so called dumb people. Notice how quick the experts gave up on him- today if the "experts" can't get a note of fame or publish a book on a retard or use the experience to push along their own careers they just like their counterparts of time gone by, shove the people off to a "group home". Some things never change. I must note here not all researchers are in the fame game and some really do care about their subject. Typically, they are ran out of town on a rail if a designer fad like Rain Man designer autism is born however.

On Page 21 they fired pistol near his ears he never heard and yet he heard a walnut crack in the next room- here is my take on that... When we think We are BOTH deaf and Blind for a few milliseconds as our daydream picture thoughts take over our OPTIC vision. Our eyes are turned off our hearing "turned down" and our brains replace the optic vision with a brain generated picture thought (never in a text book before) that we should be reading and figuring out. When our optic vision comes back on we can hear again. Thus the confusion, We can hear, but not just all the time. A built in safety feature is we hear the really odd sounds the high pitches or the low rumbles while we are in picture thought mode and that is the basis for our keen senses. Blind people have the same keen senses. Again we are deaf and blind while we think and the lack of eye conct is your clue we are "out to lunch". Poor Victor was picture thinking trying to figure out for him self new picture thoughts and his optic and hearing were off so the gun never even registered with him.

This is where all the Picture thoughts Temple Grandin wrote about in her book Thinking In Pictures fit into the picture. Add 3 or 4 more layers of picture thoughts to hers and you finish the autism course and surpass normal thoughts and yield Einstein results. Normal people only use a small sliver of the total human thought scale and their limited ability makes research a never ending treasure hunt as they naturally have no ability to "expand" beyond "normal".

On Page 23 Poor Victor was prodded and punched and they said he didn't seem to feel any pain,,, Well really, That is the autism Pain Tolerance. This was once a known quantity in autism circles and if designer Autism had not reinvented the wheel and kept track of it very high functioning people that MISSED designer autism's curse they would blessed with out real life injury stores. Auto accidents and real life mishaps all discovered via Xrays show we miss the pain of life ,unless its 8-9-10 on the pain scale. The deeper in our bodies a pain is the less of it we tend to feel. I am really glad Modern Autism (2009) Thinks were too dumb to feel our pain or we would be in a mid evil torture chamber.

Naturally on Page 23 the "Experts" declare Victor hopeless and that is more a sign of their limited thinking ability than anything else. It was good they gave up on him , in the long run.

Below is one of those real life Xray 's that we are "too dumb" to feel!
To bad designer autism lost track of this and our Splinter Skills and obessions they were our hope!



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