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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clorine Gas Posioning

Another chapter in Autism Pain Tolerance and the real world. 

Long time readers and friends of my Blog and those truly understanding autism (not many of the contemporary autism 'expert's)  will not be horrified by this true story that happened to me over the past year. It has the usual Emergency room drama and this time a few EMS emergency squad trips. It lasted for several months and now I seem to have recovered. Please read on.

I used to work for Urban Active Gym  and one night at work we opened the pool pump room door to be greeted with the horrible smell of "Chlorine Gas". One of the plastic tanks holding chlorine in the pool room had sprung a leak . It smelled and people including my co worker RAN from the place. They could not stand the smell and their eyes and lungs burned. Mine did to but it didn't seem to be as bad for me as it was for the others thanks to Autism's pain tolerance of only feeling 7 and above on the 1-10 pain scale.  In fact I spent 5 minutes in there patching the leak in the tank only occasionally coming out for fresh air.

Two Days later I am having breathing trouble and everything in my body hurts. Then probably due the fact I was close to fainting I got my hand stuck in the car door and broke it. No that was like autism normal it didn't hurt, like the broken bones I had before it really didn't hurt. Two days later I did end up in the Emergency Room to get  the hand  set. While in the ER  I just had my hand set and got up to use the rest room and fainted while in the restroom. Well if your going to faint do it in an hospital ER for sure. I woke up in another more serious ER treatment room and they think I have had a stroke.  I didn't.

I kind of recover and my hip hurts like hell (birth defect) and I am sent home. This is America where medical care is not good if you don't have insurance. The very next day I end up in the Emergency Room again as I passed out at home. This time I was admitted and then kept overnight with no conclusions at all. Over the next few week I am aways out of air, and I faint 2-3 more time and required one more trip to the ER via the Emergency squad.

While in the hospital the chest X rays were horrible and even visitors noticed my blood oxygen level  displayed on the monitors were very low.

Eventually a few months later I can now breathe with out any asthma medicine and  just this week climbed all 5 flights of steps at work and I was not out of air. That is a far cry from just a few months ago when I fainted and had to stop on 1/2 a flight of steps.

The hindsight conclusion is chlorine gas poisoning. I never felt the pain or the burn in my lungs to tell me to leave like everyone else did.  It is worth noting here until someone Autistic is unlucky enough to experience something like this they will think they are OK. I never deamed  I did't feel pain until my first injury. Other older mostly, ( a few young ones too) autistics in the real world , people like me report the same thng only after their car crash heart attack etc. Even if a doctor finds something wrong  and does the press until it hurts procedures we will test just fine.  Old autism professionals now long gone, from autism knew of this and its obvious Dr. Rimland (Rain Man Movie) didn't and his ideals populate contemporary autism. No contemporary medical school has ever seen this ideal or come close to it. In fact the late Dr. Rimalnd's claim to fame was his leaky gut Autism thory. I thnk if he knew the Autism Pain Tolerance all he would have been deaing with  is something simple like lactose intolerance. The last stages of Lactose in tolerance, present pretty bad but , would never feel it until it was severe. We would never figure out instantly the ingestion of dairy items was making us sick instanty as a traditional  person would know it .

Don't fool your self to think peer review Autism practices will find this or would have found out about this pain tolerance the documented facts of old working autism are hidden forever and contemporary autism totally forgot (was allowed to forget) of the idea as one it never made sense to normal thinkers and only the most well healed autistic people that understand both autism and normal thought can tell the story. Of Course, we are not peer review approved so no matter how valid the point were not even given the time of day.  

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.  



Blogger imtori said...

Rich, I just read your answer to 10 Things and recently read 10 things as well. Oddly before I knew you existed I had some of the same thoughts and conclusions you expressed. I am the mother of a wonderful Aspie, who was not diagnosed until he was over 10 years old. He has fortunately missed most of the new therapies and while I know he benefits from his PT/OT I am glad he was never put into a low expectation classroom designed to limit his potential.
As a mother I can identify with the author's (of 10 things) fervent wish that she lived in a perfect world where her child was cherished instead of ostracized, but the fact is until after Armageddon, this world is as it is, and my biggest fear is that when I am gone my son will have no one to protect him from it. I feel terrified enough about that to react in a way that I hope is teaching him to deal with it on his own.
For instance the last time he melted down in a Wal-Mart and sat down to cover his head, I grabbed him and forced him to look at me and calmly explained how people see him and exactly how the police would inevitably take him against his will out of the store if some unknowing stranger became scared at the site of him. He did finally get up then with tears in his eyes and follow me. As his mother it breaks my heart that I have to be cruel to him that way, but as his mother I know better than anybody how much he NEEDS me to be that cruel to him.
Congratulations on your successes and thank you for your insights.

7:28:00 AM  
Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

Dear Tori,

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and growing up on the wrong side of things and being bullied has been a blessing in disguise for many older Temple Grandin types like me that learned to surive and thrive despite the thrashing.

I admire you pointing out to your son the "looks of his odd behvior" He will learn far more than you ever dreamed.

If you need real insight and for sure HOPE please read the The Enigma by Andrew Hodges. It is the nitty gritty day-by-day trial of old working undisgnosed autism. I am sure you will see your son this writing and more importantly the out come. Short of the sucide at the end of his life Alan's life was pure working autism. SHH modern autism will not even know what were talking about.

Huggs Rich

1:21:00 PM  

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