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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why do we Dream? It is Elementary, it is the basic thought of mankind.

Elementary indeed.      REFERENCE to PBS (America) Show Why do we Dream?  Aired Wednesday 6-29 2011 on WOSU Columbus, Ohio.

I seen the promotion for this show a day or so before it aired and it is the 'typical' lost version of man specifically man's researchers asking the obvious questions/ one would ask IF they didn;t know the whole story of the human mind. As Einstein has said ."If they knew what they were doing they would not call it research."  Bless them they don't even have enough knowledge of the human mind to even ask the right questions, let alone realize how off base we are as mankind as we attempt to let ourselves think we are smart.

The show makes a big point of noting dreams take over the mind and body during sleep. As well it should. We are indeed programmed  to think like that as humans. AND we do we just don't know it.  Yours Truly Rich Shull started out at the bottom of the gene pool in Special Education and I and others like me learned the long hand version of human thought in by happenstance in a day and age when Autism was not a buzzword or a curse. AUTISM is simply thinking with dreams all the time.   We learned  when our OPTIC vision was OFF (lack of Eye Contact as autism calls it) we were thinking with our brain generated images yes daydreams and dreams!  When the TV show is talking about the power of dreams it is the power that makes us Einstein. It is the modem that allows us as humans to think. The KICKER IS  humans think in short cuts all the time and thus the IMPASS is identified. If man knew those below the surface of the mind dreams -picture thoughts were vital and used every day ,dreams would not be such a mystery.  Mans mind is nothing more than a store house of pictures from real life from the day we are born to we die. The BRAIN ADDS to the physical pictures in the memory banks to make new thoughts. When we dream we are really thinking at capacity in the way the mind is truly programmed to work.  Man's mind has short cutted the dream parts so we as humans can function faster and in real time like we do. Man thinks unknowingly in short cuts all the time

The only time man ever thinks in pictures in real time these days is when someone is going along in a conversation and suddenly you stop the conversation  cold you might say "I can picture him but can't place the name?" YOUR OPTIC vison is off and you brain generated image -a dream- show a picture of some one. You either figure out it out and say that is Mark, Willis ,Rich or whoever OR you blow it away and go one with the chat.  
Once we learn those daydream lack of eye contact thoughts they start us out well below 123 and the ABCs in the dungeons of the mind and then we learn the basic daydream thoughts and normal short cut thoughts result. Then as we build on the work of Temple Gandin we see how to develop those picture thoughts daydream in to  Einstein Level projects. Along the way we we get a very scary education on just how man as a human doesn't function and an even scarier reality check to just how close to the cave person we still are.

The dreams that awe the researchers really should appreciate but don't. They are DNA map to the mind. Our Picture thoughts we don't know we use are the root and the fabric of the mind they explain EVERYTHING psychology.  They explain Narcissiam, Dyslexia, left handness, stuttering ,genius, mental retardation ,savants, old autism and yes even sexual identity.  Our minds roots are all in pictures. When we daydream and night dream it is just our old mind working out its process. No peer reviewed professional will give this theory the time of day as no one doing the peer review has ever come up from the bottom of the gene pool like we have. 

If research EVER catches up to us school will start some day  BELOW 123 and the ABC's as we finally teach and guide our youth threw the building blocks of the mind.  If all our switches were 'flipped' and hundreds of milestones  in the progress and the building of the mind  were known we could virtually eliminate MR/DD  and nearly every student could do Einstein Things. School could start about 2 years old and be over for most every one by 8th grade and we would be smarter than we are now.  The 8th grade could in fact rival college educations of  the 1930's. It is said an 8th grade education from  the 1930's is like a college degree today.  There is only so much knowledge in the world and if organized and put in the right spot of the minds  eye -dream charts /picture thoughts bins, all knowledge would build on old knowledge  like it should and soon we would all be Ken Jennings the Jeopardy Champ.

The mind is nothing more than picture memory upon picture memory built and stored from birth (even in blind people) from day one until we die. If we knew how to apply store and use the brain and indeed how the brain really worked (sorry guys the brain waves have it all wrong)  we could blossom to new highs as humans and we would not even have to land on the moon. We just simply need to embrace our dreams and daydream.  ALL of this power and might are for sure the next 1000 chapters in psychology.  Warning the mind is a bit more backward than one would care to admit to so the discovery is not too much of a charming glorious affair as man hoped  but rather a humbling experience that totally explains antics of humans on the Jerry Springer show and the brightest minds of colleges and think tanks.  One explanation for everything - DREAMS -explain them  ,know them , love them and control them  and you will know psychology and education and yourself inside out.

Again none of this dream weaving below the surface of the mind has been knowingly experienced by the average person and since experience is the only teacher in life the best of research is jumping into this dream adventure as it always has wearing blinders and with peer review holding back progress, as usual. Dreams are only gibberish when they are not acted upon and used to expand horizons. 

If all these dreams were under stood we would discover many more types that enable man to talk. Picture thought and dreams take a huge evolutionary leap of faith when a parrot or even a human talks. IF only science could hook monitors to our brains and see how the picture thoughts and day dreams function and convert to normal short cut thoughts the whole psychology book would be finished.   

  The power of dreams in reality

Only advanced figured out Autism- day dream- dream thought could do this.

I was driving some years ago now in my 79 Mercury Cougar down US 33 in Lancaster Ohio and seen a Van driver exiting the Meijer store and he was running a red light. I figured by the time he seen me and slammed on his brakes it would be too late ,especially if I did the normal thing and did the same thing -it was a sure crash.

Instead my OPTIC vision went OFF and in my dreams I figured out all the crash angles and scenarios and discovered the BEST chance to miss the crash was to STOMP the GAS and turn to the right very gently to keep the front tires from loosing grip I did just that. I heard the chirp of the rear tires and the howel of the front ones as I executed the maneuver . I missed the crash by millimeters. The other driver went on and I set on the side of the road after getting stopped to finally take a chance to panic and regain my composure. The Dream thoughts the Einstein ones were perfectly executed , timely and enabled me to miss the crash all together!  See the power of  dreams?   If I had been normal and only knew and practiced the short cut normal thoughts humans do by default I would  have stomped the brakes and crashed just like everyone else.       

So dreamers keep on dreaming and researchers think outside the box if you can , the results will be awesome even  if they not peer reviewed or approved.  

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism .


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