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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Undercover Boss CBS TV Show

It is more like free publicity: & no real good comes from it.

The TV show features some owner and CEO of a big company going down in the trenches and actually working at various company locations. The executive, looses the business look and sometimes dawns blue jeans and work clothes and well, actually works or attempts to on the factory floor ,or perhaps on the fast food line along side the real workers. The show airing on Dec. 26, 2010  featured GSI something.

The president of GSI dawned work clothes and traveled to many different locations and did everything from call center work to loading trucks. It was often painfully obvious this executive pencil pusher had been immune from hard work and was best suited to fluffy jobs in an office. In one very disturbing part of the show he worked along side one phone operator that was taking complaint calls and the poor little pencil pusher was horrified of the way she handled a call.... He was MAD,,,, while he fired her he never once stopped to think all of his corporate policies that made her take the stand she did with the customer left her with her hands tied. Of Course, as any good boss does he has to fire someone to reset his trip-o-meter so she was let go. Of course the real problem of the restrictive corporate policy that prevented her from handling the situation right was not even close to being solved. Guess what it will happen again and again.

At the end of the show the people unknowingly introduced to the boss while undercover are re-united with the guy who is all bright bubbly and thankful for the experience. He spreads a little PR and hands out a small bit of money to various employees and watches the show on CBS ,really hoping for free national advertising. In the end he might well have been touched but will never do anything really important. pay will not increase, working conditions will not improve, quotas that are nearly impossible to handle will remain, insurance will not be offered . The CEO gets a feather in his cap, some free advertising and things over all remain the same.

I find billionaires and millionaires (no disrespect intended) really have lost touch with the human race. Their drive and ambition is so obvious they don't even know they are cheating themselves out of the finer things in life, not to mention making life miserable for everyone else.  I give this CEO some points for at least trying  to do what he did but , again I don't see his firm leading the pack in terms of pay, or employee relations. I bet the extra few million made by pushing the business model so sternly is really money more appreciated and better spent on better happier employees.  I often wonder when Wall Mart and others will realize they zapped all the money out of their very customer base ,not to mention stole the humanity from mankind?  OUPS I forgot all they see is money and growth,well lots of things grow and not all growth is good. Someday the only thing left for Wall Mart to sell will be cargo ship cruises to China on those empty returning ships to the Far East.              

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