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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freudian Slips

Everyone has experienced one, Your thinking one thing, and something else comes from your mouth?  It is often obvious and funny and some times your made to look like a fool, complete with a foot in your mouth. All Fredian Slips amount to are simple out of time picture thoughts. 

Probably not even Freud himself but perhaps Jung would believe this explanation rooted in autism. Keep in mind every single human is autistic and we have an autism thought process by default. If Psychology knew of our thought base that autistics like me learned on our own the whole idea of thinking one thing and talking another makes perfect sense.( Humor, No I am not running for office ) In fact , Freudian slips and stuttering are close in terms of the picture thoughts. Picture thought as described by Temple Grandin and built upon by other autistic people, like me are just the long hand version of human thought. MOST people never even know they are thinking with short cuts.  Once we learn those picture thoughts, and short cut them we think JUST LIKE YOU DO ALL THE TIME! Don't forget to add Einstein and Turing (father of the computer) thoughts to the mix as we learned  to do those too.

The thought system called picture thoughts are internal to our human mind and they make us dumb as a sack of rocks, OR Einstein once we figure them out. They have never been in a text book before. At any one point in time your mind is processing below the surface 100s of picture thoughts. If you could hook a computer monitor to your brain you see them compile and form and get translated to words. You would also see that some times the picture thought doesn't match the words being spoken thus the slip up. I suspect the thought you were thinking was made redundant and thus the words were formed already and you had to say them from a picture thought point of view. There is no turning back speech wise once certain milestone points are passed when words are formed to be spoken.  Of Course, no one in psychology knows our internal thought system like high functioning Autistic people do.  Again it is the one-by-one thought system that plays below the surface of the mind all the time.  Picture thoughts makes our dreams, available for viewing in a visible format of picture thought. The SAME picture thoughts play threw the mind under the surface all the time as we think during the day while we are awake. We then translate and shortcut our long hand thought to words and emotions ( emotions another type of short cut)  and if everything is in time-sync the thoughts match the words . IF NOT we get the slip up .

If science knew this and could watch our thoughts on that monitor they would see just what I am talking about.  Not even the BEST mind in psychology has a clue to the real human thought system or someone would be on this bandwagon besides my self.  There again the entire mind to me is really simple and I can say that from experience as I learned it starting from scratch at the bottom of the gene pool.  The mind is so simple and well constructed that if the code were known like I know it psychology would be solved and man would be humbled if not seriously disappointed in himself. The knowledge we think we know about our mind is false and even worse we would have to step down the evolutionary ladder to discover our mind and its roots. Not so ironically we share our mind with all the other animals on the planet , we all think in pictures and our thought system (animals and humans) starts from birth and indeed some very simple thoughts have roots in our first thoughts of a 2 month old. At any one time your thought pictures are going back in time to childhood for some basic information. The mind is one big talking photo album and with that said  those Freuidan slips are just par for the course.   Here is food for thought for you, Parrots talk with the exact same picture thoughts we do (to a large degree). Yes it would take that monitor to figure that out and, sorry boys (slang) those brain waves your so thrilled with are not all that useful and don't reflect the human mind at work, rather they just show we are alive. Perhaps some day IF we describe the picture thoughts and correlate them to the brain waves they might actually point to a clue in the mindset of mankind. Meanwhile,we have to keep up this charade of were smart, it is our only hope of keeping mankind from being totally uncivilized.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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