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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Experts and Stuttering

 From the web on a series called 6 Extremely Ethically Questionable Experiments: Asylum .com

The Monster Study (1939)

This experiment was conducted by speech "expert" Wendell Johnson and led, in part, by graduate student Mary Tudor Jacobs in 1939. Johnson believed that stuttering was a learned behavior, attributed to outside factors, such as constant criticism from a parent to his or her child for even the slightest speech imperfections.

Twenty-two orphaned children with no prior speech impediment were chosen for the experiment. Wendell's goal was to induce the disorder in orphans. One group of orphans received praise for positive speech therapy, whereas the other group was belittled, badgered and told they were stutterers. By the end of the study, none of the test subjects in the negative therapy group became stutterers, but the experience caused them low self-esteem and irreparable damage.

Boy I wish psychology would come out of the dark ages. These horrible experiments in the name of research would be seen as nothing more than torture. I am sure this was not the first nor the last flub in the guise of psychology or medical research. Peer review approves the experiment as the peers are as ignorant of things as is the doctor in charge of these charades is. Peer reviewed and rubber stamped approval is demagoguery run a muck. 

If the psychology folk really knew the mind they themselves work with they could simply look into the human code: the code of Picture thoughts. Man indeed thinks in pictures and hardly anyone has a clue that we do that. Our minds operate on a series of picture thoughts ,think of them as the IBM punch cards that once operated the room sized IBM 360 and 370 computers of the 1960's.  These cards were a stiff "4x6" cards with holes punched in them and when stacked and fed threw a computer card reader 1000's at a time, they formed the instructions for the computer or even the program to run. These cards were riddled (like the human minds are) with errors in typing and reading etc. When they worked the computer was fabulous but they often had a few troubles. Programs would bomb out, card readers would fail, a punch card would get out of place all making for a time of it.

Now use the same idea, cards out of place mis punched etc. Instead of IBM cards replace that idea with picture thought. Every human from their birth has developed their own personal picture thought dictionary unique to their experience. Our first picture thoughts form the base of the mind and eventually the mind if we develop normally develops short cuts and adds speech to the picture thought. If those cards  picture thoughts are out of order we stumble and stutter. If psychology knew of our picture thought human thought system they could simply go into our mind and fine tune the speech program with I predict great results. 

Humans have been fooled since the dawn of time by their own 'success'. No one has developed like Autistic like me have and we absently learned the long hand version of human thought and know the internal picture thought system we all use. We learned it by necessity as our default thought system,it was never in a text book.  Trouble is a normal human mind operates in short cuts all the time and man doesn't even know it. The long hand very laborious picture thought IBM card system that makes us appear normal is very over taxed.  Most of what we do to present as normal humans is just beyond belief. The computer Alan Turing fathered, The IBM cards of the 1960's are just almost identical to the actual human mind operation.

While psychology  piddles away chance after chance of honest discovery it is not all the psychologists  fault as he or she only knows the common knowledge and remains ignorant of the base of the mind. I think is nearly impossible for Psychology to really discover our mind as the mind is made in such a way ( very clever if there is a god of some type) to make it tamper proof. 

There again simple evolution of the mind fits the picture thought theories to a tee. Our minds are shared by all the creatures of earth. Yes we talk with the same thoughts parrots do, our anger and rage is the same thought process a Grizzly Bears use. All creatures use short cutted -slip shot thought we know as emotions. All of us (animals included)  use our first sight or experience even if we are physically blind to set the stage of picture thoughts. Then Optic vision and mind generated vision work together to make us think and present as we do. Perhaps our optic nerve is a flipper valve between daydream type of thoughts aka. picture thought and the simple ones we know.  Yes, many times a day our OPTIC vision our eyes are OFF and we never know it as what we think we see is just a picture screen set up by our brain. That is why we have car crashes, we stumble on steps and at times can't hear someone talking to us as the Picture Thought we are having at the moment is using all the brain power we have and thus reality is shut down for a few seconds now and again as the brain catches up. It is the reason why blind people as legend has it can see so well they just have one less input than sighted people have. However they have developed more common sense than the their typical sighted counterpart.

We think in pictures all the time and never know it  unless were stuck on something and stop a conversation by saying I can picture him but can't place the name?  Autistic Temple Grandin has  a loved book called Thinking in Picutes and many of us BUILD on her book and work and ADD more picture thoughts to hers and guess what? We come up with YOUR normal shortcutted thought. Along the way we came up from the bottom of the gene pool, and we also discovered the Einstein side of human thought. That too is just some plug in picture thoughts.  As I say the real human mind is not all that impressive and man will be truly humbled with the disappointment of his mind being so small. ( I just call them as I see them) Perhaps we are really better off as a whole if we keep thinking we are smart at least we can't get into the real internal code of the mind and create real monsters, like we could if knew the real code.   

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism .

  Ps How many times have you seen puppies and kittens  or cats and bears or orphans of all types being raised by another often adversary family?  The Picture thoughts are not formed yet to tell them to hate mother.  


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