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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Leonardo's Dream Machines

Leonardo’s Dream Machines, A TV show

PBS- Wosu TV 34 Columbus Ohio August 2, 2011 (America’s)

As usual, the writers participants and key people in making this very good TV show were simply blown away with Autism and didn’t even know it. More than once Leonardo, had the comment made about him “he was ahead of his time” . Well they said about , Alan Turing, father of the computer , Glen Gould and many others. We are NOT ahead of our time just in control of a deep natural thought process that makes our autism thoughts work. Every human has our Autism ability but doesn’t know it or use it. Autism is long hand version of human thought.

The program tried to reproduce two of Di Vinci’s ideas a huge cross bow cannon , and a flying machine. By the time the modern ‘experts’ tried to add a dose of salts to the original ideal and then came back to the original design as they got an education ,unknowingly , on just how the mind really can work . Both reto inventions eventually worked well and proved their points. The glider out did the Wright Brothers and the Cross Bow Cannon did very well. One thing they also proved was man is not all that far along and in fact 500 years later if Leonardo were here he would not be shocked to see just how long it took for normal humans to do this task and build some of his things.

Man thinks in short cut small snip- its of incomplete thoughts we call normal thoughts all the time and for sure small baby thought mans typically sees as normal would seem to make Leonardo’s ideals so wild and innovative . They are NOT ground cutting at all and EVERY autistic person with the right background could invent and develop the same ideas he has. I did lot of the same things he has done , when I developed my Turing Motor, again it is natural long hand autism thought. Tesla , Turing ,and others have done the same thing via autism thoughts ,again autism is the long hand version of man’s mind. Contemporary autism for sure has set back mankind a few centuries but IF it hadn’t we might have a glimpse of how the mind really works by now.

The shocker of all of this ’forward thinking’ is it is really cave person thinking and if science and psychology knew of our picture thought process everything Leonardo had dreamed up (literally) would be elementary simple autism thoughts at work . While life goes on and people and mankind just spin their wheels and let the true grasp of man’s mind get further and further away , the sad part is the next 1000 chapters in psychology and the roots of man’s mind go unnoticed plain sight hidden only by man’s own simple short cutted mind. It is just as well as the roots of the mind are not pretty or impressive and if they were common knowledge the romance man likes to associate with his so called ‘superior state of being’ would be shattered.

If this code to the mind based in dreams and day dreams were known about Einstein would be obvious , so would the general state of man in general. Wars , fighting and hate would be seen as the finer points of our current state of being. Personalities would be identified and in most cases correctable. Once we figure out life being a vegetarian ,war hater would be so common. Gay as Leonardo was would be seen as an inside gift that in its own way exposes the corner stone thoughts of the personality . Common people are pretty straight and narrow not only in their personality and politics but their span of their mind set as well . Common people are not smart enough to be dumb but they are dumb enough to be smart. It pains me to say this but once the inside of the mind is known man will be very humbled.

If I might add to this business of putting words in Leonardo’s mouth I think his famous Mona Lisa was a excellent description of a Transgendered person . It seems he would of ran across all types of people in his research and I am sure a few Transgendered people in his travels and he would have known them to be just a natural part of human variations and unlike even contemporary ’experts’ (at times) he would have welcomed the chance to study them and treat them well. Experience is the only teacher in life and the Gay side to him would have opened up his world to the TG . That is why the straight people the majority of the population seem to be so boring and perfect non thinkers.

The show also mentions his great insight to the human body. Medical doctors on the show commented on how right he was in his drawings and observation. It was insight, indeed but not genius ,he had to have been dissecting bodies to gain this sort of inside information. Enter our keen autism senses. Autism people totally in tune with their senses don’t feel pain unless it is 7 and above on the pain scale, We have super hearing and can even hear our own blood flow. Not really knowing or feeling the idea he could have been causing a lot of pain he probably went about his work with out much natural inhabitation of treading in forbidden ground. He also would not have been put off by the church and their warning not to discover things. If one has the deep autism process figured religion of all type is simply a big ’nerve pill” and a ‘easy button” to explain all of life to the average non thinker.

He died in 1519 and even if Every work he done was still here and not destroyed by the church etc not many people currently living could decipher his thought process and the roots to his genius. The experts and college professors for sure have the right idea but the wrong end of the stick . Only another Autistic mind for the moment could explain his mind. Until the Autism thought process is known about by the common person they key to his mind and genius and the key to man’s roots will remain hidden in plain sight. There is no way with out inanimate knowledge of the Di Vinci Code if you will that even the best normal thinker can see the insight he exposed . Try as they do, researchers are at a big disadvantage , but their heart is in the right place as they no choice to call the unexplainable to them- genius .

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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