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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Explaining Autism and Einstein

Picture thoughts per second as mentioned below have never been in a text book before and are simply the internal thoughts humans do to achieive normal. The lack of eye contact in someone autisic is a pause in our thoughts where these picutre thoughts occour. They have proved to be the builing blocks of the human mind.
Autism's Proficient Picture Thoughts the Building Blocks of the Human Mind.

Explaining Einstein to Dyslexia By Rich Shull March 1, 2007

To Alan Turing (1912-1954)
"A theory ALL humans are picture thinkers"

If that is the case proficient picture thinkers explain all the mysteries of the mind. Proficient Picture thoughts are core thoughts of autism and they have never been in a text book before. They are also the invisible sub routine people do all the time to think with and the 'slow motion' thoughts autistic people do that if honed will eventually mimic traditional thoughts. Most normal people do them so well they present as "well normal." If you could hook a TV monitor to our brains and see the slow motion picture thought that form our thoughts this what you might see.

Autistic people that are proficient picture thinkers do the slow motion version of human thoughts and we have learned and experienced types of human thought we call Picture thoughts. In SIMPLE terms they are your day dreams we think with your daydreams and convert those to words. When we finally figure our Still Pictures, Motion Pictures, Picture in Picture thoughts, Projection thoughts, Three dimension and Four dimension Picture thoughts and connect them all together with hard earned social skills we can mimic traditional thoughts. Autistically, we can pick out the very clues in people that I describe here.

IF YOU COULD hook a monitor to our brains (any human)

People able to process 1500 pictures per second:

Would be "totally normal" and might present as very smart. They would have no trouble with anything in their lives. They would have a great social skills, be the life of the party, and have the brains to really "achieve" Picture thought wise the invisible picture thoughts-the base of the mind would flow perfectly. The Picture in picture thoughts would not mess up their social skills, the planning ability of the 3 dimension thoughts would be at its peak. ALL picture thought would work so well that at no time would they miss a word or a visual clue. They could think in pictures so well that no part of their life would be hampered. The only time they would not hear something said to them would be if they wore ear plugs. They would also be able to process EVERY visual clue and short of becoming blind could see everything.

1300 Pictures per second

These folks are pretty cool and are among the top people in their fields and might have a few social quirks. They would often be caught in the middle of a thought-stopped cold -- and say "I can Picture that" (him-it-etc.) but, can't put a name to it. These people process 90% of the stuff presented to them with ease, they were at least "b" students in school. If my Picture theory is right not all we are presented with in terms of optical vision or words spoken to us can be processed our brains are too overloaded to "get it all."

1000 pictures per second

The majority of humans would fit in this range. They would process most all the visual and audible clues presented to them with ease. They might have to think a bit on some things and perhaps have to be tutored occasionally but over all they function very well and are backbone of the human race. IF they sit and ponder they can do a lot, but spontaneous big ideas are not likely. Picture thought wise they are masters at Still and Motion pictures and have developed a few ways to translate those picture thoughts to words socially. BIG events in their life like growing up Gay/being blind or deaf or Transgendered have a wonderful impact in their abilities of all types. Picture thoughts and humans keen senses mix much better in those sub groups.

800 picture thoughts per second

This is an interesting place to be a person in this range one could be outstanding at something, have a knack for something and do it very well. He might also be a store clerk and be unfulfilled. He/She might be a trouble shooter a computer geek. This would have roots to the proficient picture thinkers Splinter skills. Splinter skills are a learning hallway and many times an area of genius for humans. These folks might not be really social but once they have friends would be really loyal. They might never be the life of the party but they would be invited at least. Picture thought wise If splinter skills and Motion pictures were in harmony these people would really shine. However if their splinter skills were mismatched say to a 4 dimension thought base they would appear too much like a real geek. They might only talk of one or two things. These folks might well be a perfectionist in the bad sense of the word and have no flexibility in their lives.

600 -800 Picture thought's per second

These folks defiantly have some issues and troubles in their lives but ocassionally shine threw. IF they were able to be taught their picture thoughts I'm talking about here our natural thought process they might well develop normally. The education system we know and love teaches 1-2-3 and the ABC's but in reality the education system should start with the invisible to you picture thoughts. The ABC 123 system we start with assumes the person has at least still picture thoughts mastered. If people were taught the picture thoughts in preschool many more people would have their education foundation tapped.

Now a few RINGERS and obversations

3500 pictures per second

Einstein, Turing,Testla, Carver and others. By using 4 demisnsion and projection thought the most advanced proficient picutre thoughts, enitre projects inventions innovations and ideas could be developed. The 3500 picture thoughts foil even the best computer and probably use every bit of our brain power. One could become physically tired thinking in this mode for too long. Often the resulting process is just too wild (like this very picture thought theory) to ever be believed. Even with all the best communication ability the concept being presented is just to new and radical to be "useful." Humans think they are good at innovation but in reality they are not and in fact they are scared of it.

3400 Pictures per second

Autistic Savant! He\she has the same picture thought going on as the Einstein's do but have severe limitation to their communication ability. They have a handle on still pictures and 3 or 4 dimension thoughts but no real ability at getting their thought translated to social words. If Autism were ever taught from a Picture thought point of view I feel the Rain Man Movie character could have been much more than a savant. In fact many on our autism anthropology were the "savant" and had the best of absent luck to overcome our autism. Even the villiage idiot might have thoughts like these but again no comunication ability, unless his picure thoughts were ever taught to him.


Picture thoughts need translated to words. We seem to have 3-4-5-6 types of picture based thought all going at once and any of which could become words. The 1500 Per Second guy that always has the right words has this process ironed out and can pick out the right thoughts and say the right thing. Someone who stutters quits stuttering when they finally decide on what picture thought to translate to words. I had stuttering trouble most of my life until I seen this process "develop" in my picture thoughts.


This is simple old Picture thoughts Out of Sync. 2-5-Z or 6-8-b-p-j-g and many other letters appear the same in picture thoughts. Perhaps Humans in the process of things took to speeding up their picutre thoughts and indeed started going too fast and thus the errors. ENTIRE thoughts are subject to being wronge side out, inside out or simply flipped left to right or top to bottom. Picture thoughts viewed in the wrong "plane" produce the wrong answers until we develop a self check system to make sure what we think speak and write is what we really mean. Dyslexia is responsible for the key idea in my Turing motor It was "goof" that worked perfectly.

KEEN Senses

All Humans have cave person senses! We all hear decibels more than we think we hear, trouble is we no longer need to hear that twig snap to avoid being dinner so we have missed out on a gift. Walk with a blind person and get a crash course in what we don't hear feel and sense. HEARING needs processed and if our brains are busy processing picture thoughts our hearing is often turned off, everyone's hearing is off ocassionally the short interpretation is so short most people never know it.

Proficient picture thinker can be both Deaf and BLIND while autism thoughts are being processed. I honed my autism keen senses into innovation by realizing the stuff others never heard as I started out life as an auto mechanic.


Autism especially modern autism is overdone with the ideal some modern autistic sometimes don't talk but they do story broads well.... Sadly in the all the help of Modern autism they absently took away our social skills aspect of life and thus our training in converting Picture thoughts to words. Naturally the "experts" are delighted in our electronic communication with a story board but, little do they know we did better before their help.

Multiple Personalities

Have a wonderful explanation in Picture thoughts as well, I hope that someday when someone really gets down to investigating our claim and our anthropology they can indulge themselves in multiple personalities, They are not at all bad as the popular media would claim they are. Just as people have different abilities in many things several personalities are just a few out of place picture thoughts as compared to the ideal 1500 thought per second guys. I remember growing up learning my autism and my social skills I could have placed many different personality thoughts in many different place in my though patterns and got a different personality each time.

Psychic Ability!

I saved the best for last. There is perfectly a fitting explanation to why some people are psychic, spiritual and from a picture thought point of view coupled with some of those caveperson senses we no longer use effectively they could well know and realize the stuff most people miss. Spend some time with a blind person and get to know them and you will get a view of life most miss, they can tell a liar and the sincerity of someone much better than we can and psychics could well do the same thing.

Human Thought You Never Knew but Work With all the Time.
The Theory you just read was the result of a lifetime double blind autism experience. The proficient Picture thinkers of autism have yet to be untied in real life but we have met online and in person occasionally. We are the absolute worst news the Modern Autism folks could ever want to hear about, we unintentionally deflate lots of modern autism theory and practice. If united and our experience was condensed we could teach autism thoughts by 6th grade! But alas what we have figured out has never been in a text book before and Man is not real keen on Innovation so I suspect in 3000 and something someone reading this will look it over and say well "DA" (popular slang saying of this time) and use the ideals in this to start teaching people their picture thoughts. Meanwhile please don't quote me or others out of context. I have seen Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and many other leaders in early America being seen as supporting of all sides of an issue. If people keep quoting others out of context to support their view: they cheat everyone out of the insight that was offered.

Meanwhile the experts are laughing I am going to do my best to save the planet by developing my Turing Motor.

Rich Shull, Columbus Ohio March 2007

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