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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

50 Years 9 Students and Progress

50 years past and the progress is still going!

For many of my readers that are far too young to remember the 1950's or even before there were "The Little Rock 9", nine black kids the first to enter the then all white little Rock High School. These BRAVE 9 students were forced into the forefront of international life and everyone from the President of the United States to the Army to the National Guard were either working to get them in the school or keep them out of the school. 50 years ago these students had the courage to do and say what needed to be said and they laid the foundation for many others to follow. With the utmost in dignity and decorum they did their very best to be students as the "adults" of the world were anything but adult.

I am so thankful in a lot of ways 50 years later we can still write about it and see were progress came from. But, as life shows progress/ you must wonder at times if there is not 3 steps backward and 2 forward? Overtime you think life is settled someand small blip shows up with race as a factor. Still over all those 9 brave students did and spoke for the world and I only hope If called upon I to would be able to do what they did.

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