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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pain Tolerance a test some insight

Autism's Pain tolerance a test and what it means

Back in the days when Autism was not naturally assumed to be debilitating we were allowed to peruse some options in life. I was allowed to work with my splinterskills of auto repair and I discovered the Autism Pain Tolerance in a very unique way. I broke nearly every bolt I touched that was not a super good grade of bolt requiring lots of torque. After I broke far too many bolts and I also realized I was breaking rusted bolts loose most mechanics gave up on. Then I discovered a torque wrench. A Torque Wrench is a rachett that is designed to "give away" when the pre selected torque is selected. So if you set the wrench at 35 ft lbs of torque (a lite setting) It gives away when you reach that point. The first time I used a torque wrench it felt like the bolts would be SO LOOSE they would fall off. I would put my normal wrench on the bolt after than and could easily spin it 5 more times before I thought it was tight. By then the torque wrench told me it was 60-80 foot lbs.

Now, If this is a gauge of autism Pain tolerance this is also a great test for it and for the degree of pain tolerance we might have. A test could be set up where an autistic person is given a series of bolts to tighten and I predict most of the lower grade bolts would be broken without even the slightest grimace of pain. I predict only the supergrade bolts would not be broken and those would be ones where we finally showed pain and exertion to get it tight. It would stand to reason that the higher torque limits an autistic person could do the less internal pain and less internal signal we get from bodies. That could give new insight into everything from toilet habits to injuries. Just think if those of us having gastric trouble and food issues have very common problems like lactose intolerance and since we don't feel the pain are being mistreated. You have to admit IF we felt pain the doctors might well stop and treat us much differently. Think of how much of modern medicine relies on the patient and the 1-10 pain scale?

Members of our anthropology have learned over the years we actually DO feel pain like you do but only for a few milliseconds. Then it naturally goes away-all of it-just like we are on some natural pain killer drug or perhaps something is not registering pain wise. I used to be an Avid cyclist and rode over 10,000 miles in life and I even towed a set of Golf clubs 3 miles on my bike to go golfing after school. Besides stunts like that and riding hills in high gear I learned too late I never felt the pain in my joints and my knee especially. I never got the signals from my body to tell me to "ease up". Only when my knee was so bad it could not be bent and swollen like a grapefruit did I succumb to an operation. The Doctor said it was worst knee he had ever seen. He was DUMB FOUNDED 3 days later when I walked in for a follow up visit without crutches or PAIN. I should have been as shocked as he was.

I never totally learned that pain lesion until years later after a serious injury and despite life threating injury I never felt a thing and even kept working on a car after its axle had fallen on me and punctured my gut. Imagine going into the ER 3 weeks after the accident sicker than hell and telling them you were punctured with a car axle? You could see the physical injury and press on it and I did was throw up. Keep in mind this NOT ONLY a Rich Story it is an Autism Story and many others in our Anthropology have the same type of thing to tell.

People often display black and blue marks and those marks are indication of an injury. Autistic in our group rarely if ever show black and blue marks. When I was punctured with the car axle I should have been black and blue all over but there was not one part of me that was displaying a mark. The only times we really display a mark is when blood is drawn.

Just think: the day some drug company discovers Autistic people have a pain tolerance we will be in their torture chamber as they dissect us trying to discover "what drug we are on?" Think of the Billion$ to made if they could discover a cure for pain like we seem to have. Just think the Day Autism rediscovers this ideal and the effect it might have on all of autism treatment? This too was part of crypto sensitive autism and one of those easily overlooked facts that just seemed to impossible to be true.