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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glutin Free Diets

Autism Diets a Big mis understanding.

It seems ALL good things in life from lifing weights to loosing weight to yes, even autism require a diet usually pushed by some 'top rate doctor'. In Autism's case the late Dr. Rimland father of Rain Man among other things was all worried a bout a 'leaky gut' etc. Since he was a man of science and not understanding he was blown away with his research but never knew the whole picutre of autism and indeed made autism worse.

As he went full on on in his autism quest he forgot or never even knew of the Autism Pain tolerance. We only feel 8-9-10 on the pain scale and thus by the time we do feel the simple effects of something like lactose Intolerance were blaoted and hurting. Of course, we present like something major is wrong but in reality its a simple condition. Weather its a toothache ,or a sunius infection or a bad hip we never feel it until it gets really bad. Perhaps all we have with the glutin diet is a intolerance for something and just avoiding the food helps us. If we felt pain we might just simply avoid the food that makes us sick or even take a beano pill.

When Autism took a turn for the worse with Rain man Era Politics and the good doctors joined in the hoopla they lost the enitre point to autism and even worse forgot our normal was not their normal. Old autism doctors ran out of town on a rail for not joining the Rain Man autism movement were banished as they stood their ground and refused to give in. When that happened autism lost the knowlege of the pain tolerance , splinter skills, and obessions all the the things that make autism go from special education to Einstein.

Old Autism Folks like me that were never able to be diagnosed and were never on autism diets and came out on the whole pretty good can not be and will not be admitted to in modern Autism. We are bad for the big business of Big Autism. Dr Rimland for sure made sure of that, he was very obstropulis in assuring older folks like me were never heard. I often wonder where my video taped Autism Town Hall meetings held by America's CDC got to? When I attended a public Autism Town Hall meeting in 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana my comment witnessed first hand by the late doctor and other big players in Autism were not welcome. Years later when I tried to get those comments from the CDC I was told I had been banished from the record. See the power of Autism or anything that doesn't go with the flow?

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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