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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The last few pieces of Man's Mind.

I am Very Humbled.

As I finish my last few steps of piecing together the building blocks of man's mind as my journey up from the bottom of the gene pool is completed ,I am just amazed how much the saying "Ignorance is Bliss" really is true. Poor, man (human's) he is all worked up looking for the answers to his mind, to the world, and to his inner workings and he is understandably lost. The answers he seeks the questions he needs answered have been presented and answered for century upon century and generation upon generation and the keen minds of research and education and science are missing the very knowledge to make their hard earned information useful. As I see it and know the mind the very sublevel baby thoughts that really piece together to make man's mind work are totally useless in contemporary society. But, there again Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge of these thoughts will devastate man's image of his own importance.

There are at least 5 types of sublevel thoughts (old working autism) and 100's of thought 'shortcuts' to be learned and mastered at the sublevel of the mind before man pulls off the trick of normal. Most Humans via evolution do pull off the trick of normal OK. If man knew is invisible thought process and the banks of daydream thoughts that play in his mind all the time that form the 'normal 'thoughts we use the world would open up and the all the questions would be answered. Via the sublevel thought we could explain the Smart Savant- Take some poor soul in Special Education and flip a few switches in his internal thoughts and get him to function. We could make the serial killer ,drunk and the addicted at least diagnosable and possibly even treated to the point where they function in society. Every human properly trained could do a savant type of genius. Kindergarten should be the sub level thoughts that have never been in a text book before, and not the 123's and the abc's.

The evil of man the silly killing and the wars we have fought over time would be seen as a total waste of humanity and 'gasp' the reason for them was just some silly primative notion in some leaders mind that we need to kill off our enemy. Enemies are usually nothing more than those that are somewhat different than us and mans is not advanced enough (on the whole) to celebrate diversity ,share or get along. Indeed those sublevel thoughts were and have never been taught in a school so by default the cave person (yes) mentality shows threw as we fight war upon war to this day and kill off the neighboring tribe. Add in a few million humans that have no honest bearings and just see and feel the need to belong and yes to kill someone in the name of a religion to make it moral and you have a planet of wars. I have to wonder when it came to space travel and our moon trip if some Aliens just felt sorry for us and made our trip to the moon come true just for the sheer fun of it and helped our ship land and take off.

All the very best thinker's of the ages are too little too late and there is just no way to overcome the sheer numbers of ignorant humans on earth. Man tricks himself to thinking he is smart and while he presents like he is, in his minds eye he doesn't yet know the real reason why his mind functions and even worse at the primitive level it does function at. We should be embarrassed and will be once the mind really is figured out. Man's mind is shallow and with the advent of the communication and TV generations even MORE primitive than it ever was. Mass ignorance and mass media with un thoughtful humans there to 'think' about it mean man is indeed going down the evolutionary ladder. We are not far removed from the Romans and their pit fights in the colleseum.

I would not at be shocked to see that we are just experiment in evolution of a people from a distant planet (humor get out my straight jacket) Perhaps they are just making or trying to make the "perfect slave" out of humans and figure earth is a great test tube. They certainly lets us confuse ourselves with multiple gods from the Sun to Budda. Again man is not smart enough not to fight and that is indeed our first probity in life even though we all claim were so loving and gentle but that is only If you agree and look like the people in charge.

Just today as we remember the great minds and thinkers of the past like Socerties , Plato, Einstein and Turing . The current crop of people that figured out man's mind are just like those before us 'out classed' by man- ignorant man- and the sheer number of men. Even If my (our) autism theory and roadmap of the inner working of the mind is ever passed and accepted by peer review education (it will not be) the results of the knowledge will be an inconvenient truth and in reality be a mirror to man's mind that will not show progress and hope but rather a mind that is working very hard to climb back down the evolutionary ladder. Perhaps someday others will look back on us and see our model T based cars as roman chariots and the highways we built as the Oregon Trail and the airplanes we attempt to fly as paper air planes. These folks will compare our generations to the primitive tribes we call primitive today. They will wonder what happened between Plato and current times and how man started working down the ladder of life again.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

Rich is inventor of the Truing Motor a green, autistically designed, triple Hybird Car motor that is Mother Earth Friendly . It runs on compressed air ,gas and electric and has no up and down moving parts. It will offer good green MPG and GREAT acceleration.

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