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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another X ray Tech "gulped"

For my long term readers who know of the pain tolerance this is not news but for the rest of you,,,,

I spent the past summer at work pulling a garden hose to and over the roof of a 5 story building (where I work) in order to test for leaks and clean skylights.  The hose starts in the car park on the ground floor and from there I pull it up the side of the building, then over the top of the roof to where its needed. I guess if I were 20 something I could have got away with this.  As it was I did this trick 4-5 times last summer and the final time I finally pulled a shoulder or two.  Naturally , I never felt it happen as all of  that luxary of feeling instant pain  is just not in our genes. However, a few days later the shoulders really start to hurt, especially sleeping at night and rolling over 'just right', what  is a nasty wake up call happening several times a night. We only feel 7 and above on the pain scale.

My doctor visit today was remarkable  for once I figured out the answers he needed to hear and I told them the right number for the Pain Scale. I learned years ago with needles in my foot and car axles in my gut IT DOES hurt even if I don't feel it. Thankfully the exam was 'failed' as I had very limited motion of my arms and indeed things hurt this time. 

I ended up across town to get shoulder X rays and as ususal the X ray tech "Gulped- Screamed,,,,, Gasped" when she seen the picture. Of Course she can't tell me what she saw 'its the doctors job'  I only hope it is just a shoulder injury. My Father had bone cancer and his cancer started in the very same spot.   Time will tell... I will post this X ray online like I have the others once I get it.  Search this blog for ASPIE X Ray and see the needle in my foot that I never felt. And still people don't believe our pain tolerance?

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