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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Interesting post

A shared post from JZS autism On Yahoo,

Quote ,snip from a previous post on this board. Comment by Rich Shull,

"Remember my son talks on record players by hardly looking at the old black records, but placing the needle perfectly on certain works and phrases he wishes --- and remembers. No one has ever figured how he does that. I know another who speaks and writes Arabic about which his family knows nothing; and a third who reads subconscious emotions and embarrasses strong men and women by exposing their greatest fears and sensitivities in crowded rooms."

From Rich Shull,

Our First language (unkonown to the world, seemingly) is Autism's Picture thoughts (in our case) The act of finding the perfect location on a record is a rather simple autisitc event. The hard part about Autism is actually speaking words and translating the picture thoughts to words to be spoken or an action to be done. I can see where is picture thought would show him in a brain generated image of the recors and the neddle placement. If he had been lucky enough to learn a bit of picture thought translation he might be actually be able to tell you the exact same things with his words.

Obviously Autism our natural programmed language is DIFFERENT from your traditional language and your language and thoughts are foriegn to us. Just like I write about here of Picture thoughts and translations and brain generated images that are invisable to anyone else and you naturaly say "WHAT?" We say , or could say the same things about your traditional thoughts. (What are you talking about?) We really are on two different planets and those of us that have figured them out 'know what to translate ' and tricks to doing it in a way where we can convert Picture thoughts to words in a timly fashion.

Even thought we do well from an autism point of view even the best of us can easily get tripped up and loose our place or end up lost in the conversation if it is fast or normal paced. If we know and understand the subject we do better.

Arabic is an 'easy' language easier than a romantic language like English and from a picture thinking stand point it translates from our brian generated images (invisable to you) to words much easier. I know and work with some Arabic speakers and their language is easy from an autism point of view, I can see where this guy could relate to it with ease.

Finally, (my appologies, please don't take offense) people are so predictable! Conversations follow a few simple patterns, nearly all the time. From a picture thinking point of view ,we have had to figure out human conversations and speech patters and emotion form an Autism Standpoint we have learned a different type of communication than you would ever expect. I can be dropped into the middle of conversation and tell you what was said and how it will end 98% of the time. I am talking about general chit chat conversations and a few technical conversations we have with co-workers.

Many of us with our different hearing can tell you when someone is not sincere or even lying. I guess we have figured out the likely words you might use :we "really listen" and see how honest they are. Many years ago a fellow co worker was well liked and respected and indeed a "BS"er" and other coworkers thought I was rather rude to him and needed to treat him better. I took the hint but still I didn't trust him. 5 months later he never showed up for work and money was missing and we found out a little too much about him. My co workers all said "you knew something all along" I did to some degree.

I (we were) was lucky and with our Autism social training our Queer eye training we learned not to expose others feelings or weak points even if we had them figured them out. It seems we get everything out of a conversation but what the words actually said.

I would love to offer in my dream Autism school entire classes on Picutre thought translation. Those of us that do it in a proficient format know it isn't hard if your picture thinker but it is impossible if the people teaching you or attempting to don't even know your language and what you need to do to use it. Again we think in Pictures, that are invisable to you, they might resemble your daydreams. We take those daydreams and read them and convert them to words or actions. Have you ever tried to explain a sleep dream to some one? The same process or something like it is involved in translating our picture thoughts to traditional language.

I had and have wrote about it here and my blog my first conversations with other proficient picture thinkers and they have been teriffic! It was so much fun to finally have a conversation with another person and actually be connected to them.


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