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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Compromise and Progress

A Win, Win for everyone!

The ART and Saving Grace of Compromise and the Hope of Autism-

Dear Reader's:
This is a shared post for many different Autism Yahoo groups and had it origins in the Yahoo group JZS autism. I also posted this on my Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and the response has "rung a bell". I have been flooded with Email response from Parents that 'connect' and think their kids do to.

Our autism anthropology has done double blind autism experiments and we seem to be the best functioning people in autism. Most of us do traditional lives and our thought process has never been in print before short of Temple's Thinking in Pictures, my own book Pre Rain Man Autism (built on hers) and also the works of Bill Stillman and others. "The book" from a research point of view from a university, or Ph.D. perspective, has yet to written on autism. Politically we cannot be admitted to for 1000s of reasons. OR can we? Autism also has the power of compromise at their power and instead of doing the politically impossible and doing a complete study on our anthropology that might make more points than necessary They could convene a summit of those of us that proficiently Picture think (figured out autism?)and learn form our long hand completed autism experiments and 'copy' our basic work.

Once we teach a few key people our 'way of life and state of being' they could easily set up and start a program based on our experience and call it research. It would even be guaranteed research as they could draw on the successful experience of our Anthology and not have to admit to it. Results and achievements could be spun to keep autism supporters happy and MOST Importantly Aspies that indeed think in pictures COULD FOR THE FIRST time ever have their Thought Process presented to them. They would make their own results like we did. It took us 20-30-40 years to figure out autism and our learning curve could take years off a modern aspies trek.

This is Win Win Autism gets to reach into its successful past and get the best parts of our experience. We finally get our never before in print thought process out to the right people and mean while Autism is in total control and can spin the results as needed to keep people happy.

The following clip is my view of what is happening to this little fellow, based on our experience.

THIS CLIP FROMSeattle Post Intelligencer -Julie DavidowSEATTLE

-- Just before his first birthday, Marilyn Filley took her son, Damien, to buy some shoes. The gregarious toddler waved and smiled at everyone he saw."I was kind of embarrassed," Filley said. "I said, 'He thinks he's a celebrity.' "A few months later, he stopped waving altogether.Damien's other burgeoning efforts to communicate receded as well. He started avoiding eye contact. "Ma ma ma ma ma" was replaced by a string of incomprehensible noises. During a later trip to the mall, he appeared not to notice other shoppers and concentrated instead on twirling his wrists around.

From Rich Shull , host blog Pre Rain Man Autism
THIS POOR GUY IS HAVING HIS FIRST PICTURE THOUGHTS! HIS EYES ARE TURNED OFF AND HE IS LOOKING AT A BRAIN GENERATED IMAGE WE USE TO THINK WITH! IT IS INVISIBLE TO ANYONE ELSE BUT US. WHILE WE ARE LOOKING AT A PICTURE THOUGHT OUR VISION IS OFF AND OFTEN TIMES OUR HEARING IS AS WELL.HE LITERALLY MIGHT BE HAVING A PICTURE THOUGHT OF THE MONA LISA OR A PICTURE THOUGHT ALL OF HIS OWN. A PICTURE (THOUGHT) IS WORTH A 1000 WORDS AND A MILLION THOUGHTS. HIS BABBLING IS JUST HIS FIRST ATTEMPTS TO TRANSLATE HIS PICTURE THOUGHTS TO SPEECH TO BE SPOKEN. HE IS OF COURSE LIMITED BY HIS LIMITED WORDS AT THIS AGE. PLUS IT TAKE Lots OF TRAIL AND ERROR PRACTICE TO BE ABLE TO EFFICIENTLY CONVERT PICTURE THOUGHTS TO WORDS. If autism were ever taught in school we would have to dedicate entire courses to picture translation. You normal conversation moves way to fast for a beginner picture thinker. (thus the babbling) Our Picture thoughts are with you and current and even ahead of your thoughts BUT converting our thoughts to words throw a ringer in the picture.I remember looking for my hand, etc., when I was having my first picture thoughts and he might be doing the same, if he has the pain tolerance he would spin it really hard or bam it on something to get it to register in his brain. Of course our eyes are turned off and we don't see you or our hands.He is at another disadvantage to, (if our anthropology experience is correct) and that is the first picture thoughts are full optic canceling events, like Temple Wrote about. (and Bill Stillman).Those of us in advanced autism have developed ways to keep track of traditional optic vision (eye contact) and still picture think.

The boy with blond curls who once danced to his dad's funky guitar riffs was drifting away."It didn't look like he was exploring his world anymore," Filley said.

More from Rich

HE IS indeed exploring his world like many of us did. Only thing is our thought process has never been in print before (or belivied)and he is learning his naturally programmed thought process on his own. In my dream Autism School We would have 'number lines ' describing our picture thoughts, we would tell our students this is normal for them and ask what their picture thought was concerning this or that question. We could have classes explaing our thoughts and discussions on which thought works best with each situation. We could have social skills classes that connects autism to the real world. Our anthropology has already done the longhand version of this experience and study our results and I'm sure you could teach Autism by 6th grade. Then the student could be mainstreamed and have only an occasional Autism classes.I have posted on my Blog a "COPY," an illustration of our super advanced thought in a series of posts dealing with the move Pillow Talk, I used pictures from that film to mimic our autism thoughts.Please look them over and you might get an idea what this poor fellow is trying to do.Sincerely Rich Shull


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