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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Dear Reader's this is one of the many question and answer sessions I have done related to the blog and other websites. I blanked out the proper names but other wise all of my readers might gain some insight from this. Rich

Hey Rich,I looked around at your site and I think I am beginning to understanda bit more. Here are my questions for you:When you read a book you are interested in, do you "watch it like amovie"? But have a really hard time remembering what you read whenyou read a text that you are "required" to read, but that you findboring?

Dear Readers

Many years ago reading and comprehension were indeed a chore. As my picture thought skills grew reading became easier and easier. My Anthropology reports a similar type of events. Picture thoughts are brain generated images we use to think with. They are invisible to anyone else. (our glazed look, lack of hearing response). We all absently learned our picture thoughts on our own, by trial and error.

Today the proficient thinkers in our anthropology often convert words into "movies" if we are reading a good book, but more likely key words are converted into picture thoughts. I.E. a Very simple example "Grandma was holding the Book in her right hand" In first grade this would have been really hard to figure out as words and reading are not our natural language. Today I'd have a simple Brain generated image of Grandma holding the book. This Brain Generated image cancels out the optic vision. We no longer see what you would see we would see our thought of Grandma. " We use your daydreams to think with" Try Thinking with your daydream and see how lost you get?

PLEASE NOTE: not everyone in autism Picutre thinks Those of us that do seem to know that process like it was naturally programmed ,the way our brains are made. As people join our anthropology it seems only like about 1/3 of them know our picture thoughts, relate to our painless injuries and have our super senses. _____________

Do you have a hard time when someone says something to you and youmiss the key word of the sentence, and you feel like you can't processthe whole sentence unless you have that one word?
Practice once again has turned the tables. When I am in a conversation especially with strangers I indeed listen for only their key words (the nouns If you will) and people in my anthropology will tell you (no offense) humans pretty much have the same conversation time and again. Since lots of typical conversation is figured out (simple Greeting, small talk) We don't need picture thoughts to keep up and thus we appear social. Many of us often pre think our picture thoughts if we can. If we are "broadsided" if you will and picture thoughts start canceling the optic vision we can become lost pretty quick. If nothing else we loose track of the body language. Proficient Picture thinkers can often control their picture thoughts turn them off and on and indeed some of us have something called picture in picture thoughts that allow us to think with our brain generated image and still look at the real world.

When you say you are deaf sometimes, does it at all relate to my last question?

Indeed a picutre thoughts take a lot of brain power and everytime we are deaf a picture thought is to blame. Young Aspie's that are just figuring out their picture thoughts probably know they missed a few words and might know they are 'spaced out" but may not know WHY they shut down for a few seconds. I remember my first picture thoughts starting out as times when I was simply "out of it for a few milliseconds" Instead of seeing a picture thought Like I do today I had a 'blank thought.' Interesting my Friend Gennady from Russia also reports the same thing. We have been figuring out and comparing notes for years now and his Autism and Mine seem to be the same. That might tend to point the idea is a natural thought process that man doesn't know about yet. Our Anthropology if it were ever admited to and figured out might indeed be the backdrop for an Autism School that actually teaches Autism.
Do you feel like you have to tell a complete story to someone whenthey want an answer to a question like "how was your weekend?"


Again Time and experience have taught us to WATER DOWN our Autistic thoughts. Our Thoughts are very complex and the average reader or listener can't follow our logic. Interestingly, I met Aspie Author **** ******** In person last year and we were two PICTURE Thinkers having the best conversations of our lives. We were both on the same wavelength and were talking a mile a minute, He said Left I said Right it was the easiest conversation of my life. We were having mostly identical picture thoughts and thus knew what one another was talking about. We were in a Bob Evan restaurant and despite sitting in a booth we never seen one another most of the time as we were reading our picutre thoughts (brain generated Images), I have met younger aspie still working on the translation process and while they read their thoughts well they have to learn to water them down to something someone will understand. It is also difficult to for the young aspie (and even us) to keep up with a normal paced conversation.

If my dream Autism School ever comes to pass we would have to have entire courses on Watering down our thoughts. A Picutre is worth a 1000 words after all. REally learn form our Anthropology and you will be able to teach the basics of Autism by 6th grade.
Please explain more about this "not feeling pain" thing, what do youmean by that? Do you never feel pain?

Our Anthropology is out in the real world quite often and via real life experience like a car or motorbike accidnet We have discovered we feel precious little pain. The DEEPER in our bodies the LESS of it we feel. I have been cruhsed by a car axle and literally it sould have been a 911 Call. I couldn't move for close to an hour and then I went ahead and installed that axle in my car. A month later I was living in the ER and no one knew what to do. "[humor) Even my dad had to swear on a stack of Bibles I was telling the truth" the Classic Pull and tug until it hurts the doctors, first and best diagnosis tool was worthless! A month later I ended up in the hospital again and the (gets graphic) the wound finally became obvious. The split in my flesh and muscle tissue look like perforated sheet on a paper towel. It was only the TOP layer of skin that held me together. Literally you could reach right in the split and move your finger both directions and didn't Hurt! I felt the need to throw up but that is all.

My Friend ****** from Down Under fell off her motor bike and broke her elbow,, shortened her arm 2 cm to be exact and it just felt to her like it was sprained. It was X-ray that finally showed how bad it was. I have people write me from my Blog that told of nearly being charged with Child Abuse as they got their kid to the ER too late. NOTE We don't seem to show back n blue marks either. I' wonder if this aspect of autism is now hidden as so many are diagnosed today. Some finding our Anthropology think we are full of something and indeed they do pain in a traditional way. Again our obvious 1/3 2/3 debate is sparked It seems only about 1/3 of the spectrum relate to us.
And - where do you look at when you are "supposed" to make eyecontact? Do you look directly in the eyes, at the nose? Where is one"supposed" to look?
Actually our Eyes are turned OFF we might be looking right at you but not see you. My Dad and others that know me well can tell when my eyes 'go off to the side' that I am picture thinking and they even slow down and let me keep up with my thoughts.
If you could be so kind as to reply, I think you will help me tounderstand a lot more of myself and my children!********

Your Welcome, Please keep in mind this is the stuff that is several levels above what Temple wrote about. It is ALSO new ground and cutting edge so psychology and autism research are not going to be keen on us figuring out our own condition. No one in research ever expects to have the key idea handed to them on a platter and naturally they think we are full of something. Of Course, politically autism wise our figured out Anthropology could not have been timed anyworse. We met online to discover we all did the same blind autism experiment and the autism is the same no matter what language we speak or country we are from and we also are the best performing autism populations. Most of us blend together real life and Autism and most of us hold traditional jobs and even drive.


Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

Dear Reader's
As autism tries to figure itsself out, perhaps it doesn't have the entire picture when it comes to digestive troubles. I read lots of posts on ther web and indeed there is a school of thought that deals with digestive troubles Aspies and diets.

From experience I can tell you there have been times when the entire family has been sick (food poisioning) and while they in agnony I was in a lot less agony and was mostly unaffected.

Hindsight tells me I was latose intollerant for nearly a year before I really figured that fact out for my self. Even today when I don't take the right amount of Dairy Pills instead of being in toal misery like most are that suffer from latose intolerance I hardly notice the condtion besides visits to the restoom. I don't have painful bloating, or I probably do and just don't feel it. The deeper in our bodies the less of it we feel.

Also note young aspies and toliet training might also be at a disadvantage, as many of us in the real world report having no real 'early warning' before it is time to vist the rest room.

I wonder if some Aspies might not have common digestive troubles and we never feel them thus those problems go on long term and present as something else?

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