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Friday, July 08, 2005

Looking through the Windshield

Looking 'through the windshield" """ 3 months later""". Is an Advanced Autism Brain generated image. Instead of saying 3 months later it might actually read 35 mph. Posted by Picasa

Looking through the Windshield!

This is perhaps the most connected of the projection thoughts I have displayed in these related posts from the movie Pillow Talk.

In this Case If we were setting in the car side by side and for some reason the answer to a question or most likely the speed limit were brought up I would see a PROJECTED brain Generated Image of 35 . (MPH)(note the the 3 would appear just as it does here) This for lack of a better explanation would be displayed on the back of the windshield. If Indeed it really was displayed on the back of a windshield you to could read it like I do. Actually, it might not be clear here unless you have seen this movie but, this shot appears to have been taken while driving down the street looking out a car windscreen.

Projection thoughts are obviously really handy while driving and indeed make drivng a safe chore for us. The white 35 (mph) isn't quite so big or bold in real life and is most likely only projected in one corner of our visual field insted of across the entire visual field like it is showed here. We can thus think about the speed limit "35" and not take our eyes off the road. Many in our Anthropology report developing this type of thought during their first driving experienceis. Once again Necessity seems to tbe mother of invention. We need to connect better to driving a car in many respects and our minds tended to automatically adjust to this. At one time the 35 would have been a true picture thought like Temple worte about and it would have canceld optic vision ---- not good while driving.

This Picture is from Pillow Talk staring Doris Day and Rock Hudson and is at the VERY end of the movie.


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