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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Question Session

Shared Questions, Answers and comment from both sides of the autism debate.

> This Autism relates> well to both new and old autism

Sorry the wrong use of words,,,, I have to split hairs (saying) here please bear with me. What I mente was OLD picture thinkers and NEW picture thinkers are the same and IF we constitute Autism has not changed over the centuries. Our Anthropology that has met online over the past 5 years knows Autism As the Pain Tolerance Picture thinking and the keen senses among other things.

Autism has remained unchanged over the centuries; look into accounts of autistics such as the Wild Boy of Aveyron or other 'feral children' for examples. What makes you think we are somehow different from them?

In Fact, we are not far from the Boy from Averyron, he was noted for being too tolerant of heat and cold and that indeed relates to our Pain tolerance, we also don't know we are too hot or too cold. Attempts to get him to wear clothes failed as I suspect they scratched him and made him feel most uncomfortable. Many in our Anthropology have clothing issues and a number of us are nudist when possible. It is also said he could Hear EVERYTHING, just like we do.

> and sadly doesn't always support the> modern epidemic we call autism.I don't consider what I am to be an epidemic, just a way of being.

Autism Diagnosis standards have been lowered time and again over the years and I predict some diagnosed Aspie today would not have been Before Rain Man. It does pain me to say that but I can't help wondering IF autism after Rain Man became a buzzword in Psychology and thus we attracted some less than stellar doctors that were looking for an easy job researching a population that for the most part (forgive me) is too something to figure out their own condition. It makes good business sense to create a big epidemic and thus get more money and fame. IF that is the case they have cheated mankind out of another Unknown Language, and the insight of our Pain Tolerance if nothing else.

> Naturally we are at a disadvantage as we have figured out and> completed the Autism Experience.I don't think that there is a completion to "the experience" any more Than there is to being NT; that doesn't make sense.

For many of us that naturally knew picture thought and learned it by trial and error like we did we all have discovered online and in person we all had the same milestones in Autism development, It for us was like learning to read at the 1st 2 nd 3 rd grade levels. We think Temple Only wrote about Stuff that for many of us was at the 8th grade level picture thought wise. Our anthropology has "completed the Experience" meaning we have become proficient picture thinkers and thus build upon and take Temple's work miles further. If You were to study our anthropology and condense our experiment results picture thinking Autism could be taught by 6th grade.

This type of Autism is simply another language that has never been in print before.

> This learning experience has NEVER> been in print beforeLook at the Jessica Kingsley publisher's catalog sometime -- there certainly are plenty of books by our kind.

MS Kingsley and Many others have refused to publish books that don't support the new version of Autism.

> and we use picture thoughts to 'think with.'No, 'we' don't. It is a *myth* that all autistics are picture thinkers. A lot of us think in sound, tones, colors, tastes, spatial information, multi-sensory information, or in other ways I can't even begin to imagine (being I don't think that way).

Again there are two schools of thought here, Our Anthropology IF it were ever studied or admitted to indicates picture thinking has something to do with autism. Granted it relates to older style pre Rain man Autism more than it does the modern version. In fact in a 1957 Edition of a the People's Encyclopedia they go to great detail to discuss the picture thoughts of Autism. If our Anthropology were ever studied I suspect we might get 4000 people that I know of, do some version of Picture thoughts.

> Our Optic vision is canceled and replaced with a brain generated image we> use to think with.WTF? Maybe yours is, but mine sure isn't!

PLEASE remember there is more than one person in the world and one point of view.

> We have actually done> a blind autism experience.I can't even begin to figure out what you mean by this. I'm autistic. I live as an autistic, I have 'the autism experience' just like very NT Has the 'NT experience'. I'm no more blind than any of them are.

A hallmark of Picture thinking is that it cancels out the optic vision, If that optic vision is NOT replace with a brain generated Image (like your Daydream)? We don't see a thing, just as if your blind. The same thing applies to hearing. During Picture thought it is also turned off. Proficient Picture thinkers have developed Projection thoughts Picture in Picture Thoughts 3-d and 4-d picture thoughts that allow us to keep track of the real word and still Think in Pictures.

> Today we are on the wrong side of the> Autism Timeline and empire/admitting to us will unintentionally> deflate the current autism empire.WTF again. The autism empire? Is there a secret membership I wasn't informed of? This seems as bizarre as the claims that some evil creature called Autism is somehow sneaking into little NT kiddie's beds and stealing their souls if they don't eat their veggies or something!

Post Rain Man the big business of autism has indeed had to make Autism Bigger than it once was. Autism Before Rain Man was kind of boring. I have met old time researchers that were kicked Out of Autism research in the 1970's as autism became the next big buzzword. They were told to get with the program or quit. They were under the impression Autism was the Picture thought, Pain tolerance and the supersenses. Our anthropology has many people in it that are 40 plus that like many of us missed the new Rain Man and we seem to do life much differently.

> Our figured out autism is not> nearly as wild as the modern version of the condition is.What makes you think that? If you're claiming that all of the online autistics, all of the ones communicating, are somehow less 'wild' than the ones not in a position to do so, then you need to meet more of us.

I have met many modern Aspies and many times their social skills and manors are lacking. Very Young aspies seem to be behavior troubles and the new approach to autism is-it is the Autism and NOT the child, So if you correct the Autism the behavior you want will follow. Our Anthropology grew up for the most part in the era when good behavior was mandatory and you never talked back to an elder, you did your homework and sat at the dinner table until your plate was clean weather or not you liked the meal. This got many of us over lots of autism's poor habits.

There are good and Bad Eggs in very population and sadly we are all AUTISITC and that puts us a few pegs behind the traditional population no matter how well we do.

> Perhaps> autism is a form of human primitive thought?Perhaps it's just a different way of being human, with a different Growth pattern from NTs, and different features.

That could be to, As our Anthropology spans every place on the globe and it seems those of us that know Picture thoughts seem to have them naturally occurring. We all share the same milestones in development. Many of us that have seen the hyrograpihics on the Cave walls view the work as our Picture thoughts in development, Like a primitive first grade chalk board frozen in time. It doesn't appear to us to be how to kill dinner but rather the next steps in picture thought development

> Autism via the Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and the visitors to it> have been discovering entire populations of Picture thinkers.That doesn't mean that they are autistics, and not all autistics are picture thinkers.

True that is where the Study of our Anthropology would figure in well.

> Central Auditory> Processing Disorder (CAPD) that in my opinion is autism without the> poor behavior.In my opinion, me showing I am distressed in a way natural to me, calming myself in a way that is natural to me, enjoying myself in ways that are natural, and generally being myself is not 'poor behavior.' I think that perhaps you need to try to wash away some of that brainwashing the NTs have done, Mr. Pre Rain Man Autistic.

AGAIN my point of view here is many I have spoke with in CAPD disorder seem to be following the 'exact' road map we followed growing up in the time before Rain Man. Many of us were too old to be diagnosed Autistic and interestingly some young aspies in "sheltered populations" like orthodox and Amish populations also discover their autism when they are 30 something typically. Like many of us we know something isn't quite right and we deal with it and finally about 30 or so we hear of Autism Accounts like Temple Grandin and others and discover our strange state of being is Autism.

> When I read the CAPD website it seems to be Autism> without the picture thoughts.Autism doesn't automatically involve picture thoughts. CAPD doesn't automatically involve hyper/hypo-sensitive sensory formation. Autistics can have CAPD, but that doesn't mean that CAPD is autism.

> A word about Picture Thoughts, Picture thoughts were 'discovered' by> Temple Grandin and her book Thinking in Pictures. She was able to> explain autism's most basic thoughts to the traditional person for> the first time.No, she explained *one kind* of autistic thought, and misled a lot of people into thinking it's the only kind.

Actually Those of us that are proficient picture thinkers build upon her work and take it to new heights.

> Autism seems to be a natural first or second language> for us and our Anthropology is all self taught.Anthropology is the study of a culture; the culture is what is intuitive to us, just as culture is intuitive to NTs. Autism isn't a mere language; it involves all of our senses, how our brain is formed, how it experiences or interprets the world, and our resulting personalities. While we do clearly think different from NTs, to limit autism to how we think is like saying the only difference between humanity and apes is that humanity uses English, missing out that people also natively use a huge variety of other languages and that humanity has a fairly large number of other distinguishing traits.

Many people that have looked into our claims have called us the living missing link in evolution. It was only via the connection made possible by the web that we met. Our Anthropology might be the first one ever to met and function on line from every corner of the globe. >

Depending on our luck> and if we had a social booster in our lives, we might have totally> completed the Autism experience.Totally completing the 'experience' of how you are means you're dead, so I hope not.

I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way, our Social booster experience was the fact many of us grew up GLBT. (gay) For those totally understanding Gay Culture they will instantly realize we had a totally different social experience growing up. We had a forced social group. That Social group often of other bashed people welcomes us no matter who we were. That interaction for many of us made the connection between our Picture thoughts and the traditional ones. I have met many wonderful aspie today and realize their autism Picture thoughts are there and working but they have missed our social skills lesions. If I had been straight I would never had a friend in High school.

> If we are proficient picture> thinkers we take the stuff Temple Wrote about miles further.If we're proficient thinkers or students, we notice that we're not all like Temple Grandin.

> Our> knowledge and insight has again never been in print before.I can name a dozen or more current titles that contradict that thought, without even looking at the JKP catalog to see who the latest slew of authors are.

Please ASK , JKP and many others in Autism Why they will not publish books from this side of Autism? I know they have turned down many Temple Grandin style books from members of our anthropology. The most obvious excuse given is they no longer accept Personal Biographies but yet they do if the writer is Straight. Sometimes they tell us Gay and Autism don't mix and other times they tell us that is not the official view of Autism. When I wrote my book Pre Rain Man Autism JKP" LOVED IT" and was really ready to work with me on it, until they realized I would not and could not take the Gay out of the book without short changing the experiment results.

> There> indeed seems to be large segments of the Autism community that> instantly connect to picture thinking and many meeting us for the> first time are simply elated with our thoughts and say," I do that> all the time!"That's because many autistics think in pictures. Again, though, you're also leaving out the huge range of other things we tend to have in common, the sensory experiences possibly being the most prevalent.
Point noted

> Others finding us don't have a clue to what we are> doing or talking about.Perhaps because you're identifying 'autism' as a narrow set of autistic traits and leaving the rest of us out? (Ironically I suspect you're leaving out those of us that are most visibly autistic, since I've noticed that we tend, most often, to not be the picture thinkers, and certainly not to feel we have 'poor behavior' for being ourselves, or Think we are somehow more/less wild than past auties.)

I have noticed the same things, and I WISH I had an answer suitable to everyone and an autism that connected.

> I predict if we were ever studied, our knowledge figured out Autism,> education, learning disabilities and psychology and even the study of> medicine would grow by leaps and bounds.I think that the knowledge would point towards what those are like for autistics; I don't think that they would necessarily help NTs, any more than the study of NTs automatically has helped us in learning, education, psychology, or pharmaceuticals (in fact, basing things on NTs has often caused us to come to harm).

Please keep in mind this anthropology of ours (picture thinking) has been figured out and the information is there ready to be harvested. I indeed agree that NT's could ruin the chance and misuse our information but they don't do as good as they think they do medically either. Many of us have been in the ER and we have been pulled and pried and told to our face we were lying about an injury as we never showed any pain reaction. Typically several months later the wounds become OBVIOUS and then perhaps if X-rays are completed something really does show up. This is not the Medical version of Autism you see on Television's ER it is reality.

> Most of the obvious things> about our state of mind have never graced a text book before and> Mankind doesn't have the right frame of mind, or the human experience> to ever learn volumes of new knowledge from the "bottom."What do you think would somehow make "Mankind" (by which logically you mean both autistics and NTs, given we're both human) capable? What is the "bottom"?

ALL versions of man learning from one another's experience. >
Just> Imagine the possibilities if our Pain free Injuries were ever figured> out.I don't know about you, but I certainly feel pain when I am injured. I feel pain at other things, too, though not always the same things as NT. (On the other hand, just imagine the possibilities if you used correct Capitalization!)

STILL there is a point to pondered here. If those of us that have set pain free in an ER were figure out it might be discovered we are on a Natural Pain relief Drug, Some drug company would surly exploit that. Perhaps it might come to pass we don't have the same type of nerve endings as others and they might not be connected? Still if figured out and duplicated in traditional population many in Pain might not have to suffer.

> I invite you to look over the Website Pre Rain Man AutismPlease do not Spam this list.

IF I'm not mistaken this list is set up to entertain lots of different points of view and if shared in goodwill the discussion will benefit all.

> and see the> most recent posts of actual Picture thoughts explained online with> illustrations. Show them to your Aspie loved ones and see if they> connect to them.This sounds creepily like a side-show aimed at NTs, so we are just another cute zoo display... You might also note that not all autistics are "Aspies".

ACTUALLY< I have had reported to me that some Parents have showed my illustrations to their loved ones and the Loved Ones INSTANTLY related to it. I had heard from a 27 year old reading at the first grade level (his Mom) and he now reads at the high school level. He was able to connect to our-his picture thoughts and thus has connected to real life in a way that works for him. Modern Autism by Default takes away the very SLIM chance a modern aspies has at real success. Many of us made it by the slimiest of margins.

> I was once hailed as the> next Temple Grandin!I'd rather be hailed as the next Michelle Dawson, but that's because she doesn't condone pumping kids full of drugs and training them to be something they aren't. (Temple Grandin, unfortunately, does.)

I deeply admire Michelle and know her work well.

Perhaps the cure for this entire debate is to disconnect the two autism's altogether and split the Billions in Autism Funding among the two sides. That way the best interest of both parities is looked after and the discoveries of both if they overlap could be shared. The taxpayer gets better use of his money and maybe even the next new pain drug might evolve from this research. Rich