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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

NASCAR and Autism and Politics

Show business ($)

This post is based on the Autism Society of America E newsletter (that follows)

"The Broadway tune goes There is no business like show business, like no other business that I know. (or something like that) "

So today 15/ 20 years after Rain Man, Autism is in Show Business. This now three ring circus of autism is just as much concerned with curing something that doesn't need cured as it is making it points and keeping its 'epidemic alive.' The best intention of the best people has gone astray and today the forgotten Autism the figured out autism of yesterday and TODAY go totally unnoticed. Autism needs learned not cured, our Anthropology proves that we learn Autism like traditional people learn to read at the 1-2-3 grade levels. It is just our thought process has never been taught before, it more like a second language that naturally is programmed in our brains. It is only an autism nightmare if our basic points are missed.

NO one was ever expecting Autism's best and most productive citizens from all over the world to ever meet online or in person for that matter and be able to compare notes like we have done. Our Anthropology consisting of OLD and New Autistic people, paints a wonderful charming picture of Autism that is not nearly as horrifying as the modern versions of autism are. Perhaps, as I have stated before the folks Autism has attracted after Autism became a buzzword have not been quite so stellar and indeed have some of them chose a career in Autism Research and Psychology so they might have an easy career? Obviously, no one would ever believe anyone autistic could ever figure out our own condition. Logically we were the only ones with the insight to do it. We can assure you even the best 'expert' in autism has never had an autistic thought. Of Course, they know the autism they invented and "understand" and they are indeed experts at that but they missed the entire point to autism and only know some of its quirks.

Our timing of our anthropology meeting one another could not be WORSE! Our Pre Rain Man and Post Rain Man anthropology has met online and we have completed the autism experience and not only do we do well in real life our Anthropology obviously only relates to the older versions of Autism. MANY young Aspie know us and relate to us but by in large many modern diagnosed Aspies don't. Our thought process has never been in Print before with the possible exceptions of Donna Williams, Bill Stillman and Temple Grandin autism's books. We typically do more than Temple wrote about thought wise. (Mention of these authors in no way relates to an endorsement of any kind in either direction, I used these names to simply make a point.)

If our Anthropology totally supported the new invented Autism of modern Times, I am sure we would be welcome news and not a pain in the ***. You could bet money on that. If our anthropology were ever studied in a complete unbiased study a lot of Autism professionals would be sporting red faces. They would rather see more generations turned into autistic pawns than admit they missed a few points jumping on the Autism Band wagon 20 years ago. Our entire anthropology and its success slap modern Autism in the Face. (unintentionally) Our education experience and upbringing and social quirks all worked to our advantage in the long run, It would be obvious that our ignorant autism practices were better than the modern stuff. The Modern autism takes AWAY an Autisitcs BEST chances at success (unknowingly) . (Why do Orthodox and Amish Populations as well as ,others missing Rain Man's curse also do so well in autism circles?)

I must admit at this point our anthropology differs from known autism populations and individuals as we had a social booster in our lives. We had an aspect of life that forced us to be come friends with other disadvantaged and misunderstood populations. What other Autism population has a forced social group? That has paid off well for us and allowed us the extra few steps to connect autism to social factors.

I kindly withheld this blog entry until after the conference just to try to keep the peace a little longer. Reading over the ASA Newsletter below it reads like a who's who list. (and it is) and it glaringly points out Autism is in the fundraising business and thus any connections to our reality and success can't ever be admitted to. Obviously autism's "new experts'' are not in any rush to have our story told. I wonder just how much of modern Autism is dedicated to public image and damage control. Just how many Spin Doctors do they employ? Not only would the bubble burst, if we were admitted to Mankind would finally be introduced to an entirely different state of mind and being. What other Earth Population has a pain tolerance?

Newsletter copy:

McMurray Appearances at ASA Conference to Air Tonight!Speed Channel's NASCAR Nation to Feature Conference FootageNASCAR star and ASA friend Jamie McMurray, who hosted Driving AutismAwareness: A Night in Nashville--a special autograph, photo, andquestion and answer session during ASA's 36th NationalConference in Nashville, TN, last week--will be featured tonight,Tuesday, July 19, 2005, at 7pm on Speed Channel's NASCAR Nation.During the event, throughout which NASCAR Nation taped, McMurraydiscussed how autism has touched his family's life, why he hasundertaken Driving Autism Awareness--a national campaignsponsored by ChevronTexaco Products Company (CTPC), in cooperationwith Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates, Home123 and Top-Flite,that raises funds for ASA's autism education and advocacyefforts--and many other autism and racing-related topics fromcurious fans.

The event also included an appearance by Fox SportsAnalyst and 3-time NASCAR Nextel Cup champion Darrell Waltrip, and wasemceed by ASA Board Member and FOX Coordinating Director for NFL andNASCAR, Artie Kempner.

In addition to the Driving Autism Awareness coverage, viewers canwatch McMurray receive his recognition award at the conference'sopening ceremony. The award, created by artist GaryRosenthal--who, during the Driving event, kicked off hispartnership with ASA through his Become A Piece of the Puzzle campaign(more details to come)--was presented to McMurray in recognitionand celebration of his efforts to drive home autism awareness.If you miss the first airing, Speed Channel will run the show again,Tuesday, July 19, at 10pm, and Wednesday, July 20, at 1am and 9am,respectively. Check it out!In addition: NASCAR Scene, the weekly trade publication, is going toinclude photos in this week's paper from the Driving AutismAwareness event. The publication hits newsstands on Thursdays.ASA-Net is created by the Autism Society of America.To update your e-mail address or change your subscription preferences,paste the following URL into your browser:

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