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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, December 03, 2006


What IF? the autism we have figured out proves to be the building blocks of the human mind? (never in a text book before) What If Autism explains Schizophrenia?

From the Web,
What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?
The symptoms of schizophrenia fall into three broad categories:

Positive symptoms are unusual thoughts or perceptions, including hallucinations, delusions, thought disorder, and disorders of movement.

Negative symptoms represent a loss or a decrease in the ability to initiate plans, speak, express emotion, or find pleasure in everyday life. These symptoms are harder to recognize as part of the disorder and can be mistaken for laziness or depression.

Cognitive symptoms (or cognitive deficits) are problems with attention, certain types of memory, and the executive functions that allow us to plan and organize. Cognitive deficits can also be difficult to recognize as part of the disorder but are the most disabling in terms of leading a normal life.

Now add some old autism ideals into the mix? Assuming autism thoughts are the building blocks of the human mind and the normal thought we use is a streamlined version of autism thoughts, things like Schizophrenia and other issues have a wonderful new explanation.

Positive symptoms/Maybe they are not hallucinations at all, but rather simple old picture thoughts the building blocks of the mind. If our theory is right all humans are picture thinkers only traditional people use a very fast honed version of pictures thoughts. If you were able to slow down your thoughts to the one by one process that makes them you would be reduced to picture thoughts. Picture thoughts are like using your daydreams to think with. As for the unusual thoughts they probably match the picture thoughts perfectly. Again research professionals have no idea what picture thoughts are about. Sometimes the slow motion autism picture thoughts indeed hamper physical movement. Sometimes we literally have to look at our selves move via picture thought. WHEN WE HAVE PICTURE THOUGHTS our optic vision is off.

Negative Symptoms/If for some reason we have resorted back to our picture thought process a possible default setting in the human mind, communication meaning translating picture thoughts-brain generated images invisible to the onlooker to words is a special "trick " autistic have learned to do. While traditional populations do it automatically autistic literally see the process in which we take what the brain wants and communicate it. We see the thought process that form words. Just like autistic people are not great at emotions we eventually learn how to deal with them and even give eye contact. Emotions you will find are just shorted and shortcutted loops in the programs of the human mind. If someone becomes schizophrenic they would have to learn how to convert autism picture thoughts to emotions like we have done. Picture thoughts as of this writing 2006 (5757?) in other parts of the world have never been in a text book. I suspect the laziness and depression are just appearances and in reality the results of dealing with picture thoughts in a non picture thinkers world.

Cognitive Symptoms/If for some reason we have resorted backwards and to picture thought and even lost the ability to do traditional thought as if someone flipped a switch in our brains from say traditional thoughts to picture ones all of sudden we could not do a thing. Suddenly even if we did pretty well in traditional thoughts we would be at a total loss, Our picture thoughts might well be there and working BUT how do we get from Picture thoughts invisible to the onlooker to traditional thoughts. If someone had a former successful life as a traditional thinker he-she would suddenly be presented as loony. Growing up autistic, we might have learned just how to think step by step. If a schizophrenic has our picture thought lesions he to might over come "autism" and be able to return to a more traditional life.

Picture thoughts could be considered the base computer code for the brain and Traditional thoughts are like the newest computer system that is stream lined and fast. Humans might well resort BACK to picture thoughts upon injury or trauma and no one has figured out those 'building blocks' of the mind yet. We not only think in slow-motion in a step by step process (why we present as a Savant at times) we also realize that slow-motion thoughts are simply what traditional people think with all the time and call 'normal.'

So much of what we have done Autistically compares to adding layer upon layer to a computer system. If you have top rate computer your set, If you computer is lacking features you might not do as much. Perhaps if you only the ability to present as a calculator and if you had picture thoughts figured out you might present as a super computer. So much of what autism is about will prove to be the very basics of human thought. It might also prove we are not removed all that far from our animal friends. I predict that someday not only will autism prove to be the blueprint of the mind the DNA map of the mind but it will also connect us back to our evolution process.

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