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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Massachusetts Vote on Health Care

Learning of the Massachusetts Vote

For my international reader's America has her knickers in a twist as the long awaited health care reform has been feverishly slashed and re slashed by democracy in action. Democracy is nothing more than the loudest drunks with the most money getting their way. Upon the death of the late Senator Kennedy his replacement was voted on last night and is a Republican and this person as vowed to again block the health care reform bill. Had senator Kennedy lived it would have passed. This Health care bill would have helped get medical care to all people.

I was privileged to hear the news in a crowd of very well off white straight and narrow Republicans who were unshakably jubilant of the vote and seen it as a wild victory against something. We were in a very posh TV lounge in an upscale place and the only cheap cars in the parking lot were the employees. A low level BMW is passes as their idea of cheap. As the banter raged on, the typical stereotype of poor people not working and being lazy was prevalent. Oddly the banter included yours truly and they made me a shining example of "see what work does" as many come to our place of business just since I work there and the place is clean compared to our counterpart business. Little do they know this job is about the limits of my limited normal functioning ability meaning it is a job where I can do it with out picture thoughts. (Thanks to my Co Worker as well !)

Anyway I after the praise I counter with " Well I supply my own bleach, glass cleaner and sweeper belts as the cheap republican business men that ran Wall Street in the ground like you can't even stock the basics here". I added I even qualify for food stamps despite working. "no wonder your worried" about Health care passing. I got off my sepal and they were quiet for 10 seconds and then went back to their normal banter. So much for democracy as Winston Churchhill said, a five minute conversation is the biggest argument against democracy. Keep mind Mark Twain Said we have the best Government money can buy! Guess who is buying the health care reform debate? This Begs the question, How much was the Republican victory in Massachusetts? It really doesn't matter Humanity will pay the price.

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