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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Five of Nine Lives \\ point taken and not a moment too soon.

Five of Nine Lives

For people that have known me for years this medical horror story is just one more Rich event. For those hearing of the autism Pain tolerance for the first time it will sound like Science Fiction. Autism both the contemporary and old versions were noted for its people demonstrating a pain tolerance . Old autism brochures prior to the Rain Man Era spoke of kids that would not move to be comfortable in mothers arms. The truth be told we were not uncomfortable. We only feel 7 and above on the pain scale. My Autism Hero Alan Turing 1912-1954 ran Marathons with out walls! He never hurt or ached from sore stiff joints or even displayed any form of tired like his fellow runner did. The Autism pain Tolerance was once common knowledge and today it surely baffles parents and care givers and probably the autism guy him self. I have learned via experience and life of hard real world knocks that I thought I felt pain but until I really DID feel pain for the first time with an abscess tooth I never knew pain. The pain we don’t feel is VERY dangerous.

I spent the last 5 days in Doctors West Hospital in Columbus ,Ohio . I was taken there via EMS services and a very eventful day nearly deadly day. Right after I got my hair cut (thanks Curt) I started feeling poor. I stopped at Aldi to get milk and never even got out of the van , I just felt horrible… I drove to 500 and got the van indoors and then used the rest room and fainted. I felt my self going down so I laid down before I fell…… I came too took 5 more steps and laid down and fainted again… This next time I fainted I made it to the office and must have been out for a few hours… I came to and called my sister and she and my neighbor Adam got me to the Hospital via a 911 call.

I could not stand or walk and my ever faithful hip hurt like hell. I made it to the ER and presented with all kinds of major issues . Doctor’s Hospital ,bless them did a wonderful job of testing and caring. The long story short I was 5 pints low on blood. I had been bleeding internally probably for a few years via a bleeding ulcer. I was operated on and the ulcer was fixed. I was given lots more blood and soon felt wonderful…. Wonderful is a FALSE positive in Autism circles . I know finally feeling perfect is just a fact of the ideal the pain tolerance dropped below 7.

I had been getting really weak for at least 2 weeks before this and was sleeping 12 hours a day some days. I had the almost exact same thing happen two years prior to this and was also hospitalized but I felt better and was released with out any diagnosis.

The biggest lesion I learned this time sitting there in the hospital counting my 9 lives was I better wake up and take very close look at those lives and slow down ,A point taken finally.

The repaired instine ulcer is directly over a staple installed from a earlier operation . This is the science fiction bit and my guess. I can actually feel the hip on right side move in and out of joint,,, NO it doesn’t hurt, NOT so ironically very spot that hurts around the hip joint is very spot where the intestine repair was . How do you tell a doctor a science fiction story like that? I am very thankful Dr. Mehta and his staff worked Thanksgiving day and now all is well. The staple may or may not be a factor in the ulcer but in my mind they are just too close for comfort. I wonder did the staple puncture the intestine? We might never know but I am grateful and thankful for the blood some A neg blood donor gave . Once you stare death in the face, and count the pints of blood going in you- One appreciates life more than before.

I had been bleeding for at least 3 weeks according to the nurses and doctors but I never knew to look at the stool in the commode and read the color of it.

All is well that ends well IF you learned a lesson and I finally learned one this time, as I shook and cried when removing the Hospital ID band, It could have been on a toe in the morgue….

As you can see the Pain Tolerance has written another small but potent chapter to Medical history and as I say I am delighted no drug company has us in their torture chamber as guinea pigs . Add the psychology bit of autism to the story and man’s mind and roots are fully explained via a Di Vinci Code that the best of research will never be privileged to discover. It takes one to know one! Please note ,,, man thinks in short cut thoughts all the time and Autistics learn to do that too. AFTER we learn the long hand version of human thought that starts below 123 and the ABC’s

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