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Monday, October 01, 2007

Pain Tolerance /Asthma

From the pages of old working autism -pain tolerance

For newer readers of my works Autism of long ago and far away has a lot of stories like this to tell-real world real job-adventures and the autism results are just pure amazing and medical science should listen in. Before Autism was designer condition and we were just odd strange kids we often found our way into real jobs. They seen our splinter skills and talent and never dwelled on the MR/DD side to our autism like they do today.

I started out life as an auto mechanic in a very out of date Cadillac dealership in the 1980s. I nearly died from carbon monoxide poisoning in that shop as one very cold winter day we had 6-7 Cadillac diesels and host of other ill faded 4100 (motor reference) Cadillacs in the shop and everyone in the shop went home sick that night. Most of my co workers kept going out side to get fresh air and autistic me I was deep in my diesel project so I got especially sick. I even stayed home the next day and was very sick. Form then on I have had asthma troubles.

Years later I worked for a bus company and the place was filled with diesel equipment and occasionally a totally off the wall haphazard body shop. On one particular weekend the body guy was there respraying lots of nicks and dings and repainting entire panels and the without a paint booth everyone was breathing way too many chemicals and that episode made my breathing even worse.

My next job one I just loved from an autism point of view literally landed me right in the middle of two air port runways working for a car rental firm. I kept that job two years before the jet fumes (and finally my MIS aligned hip) took their toll on me and I could no longer breathe (or walk). At work I was struggling to breathe and I'd get away from it and I was much better off.

Today 2007 I still go bike riding when I can between my custom made shoes and now figured out pain tolerance I can sneak in a few rides on my 10 speed. Well, I thought I could. July of this year just a few months ago, I woke up on the side of the road with a police officer giving me smelling salts, I had been riding along at good pace and got in the wake of diesel truck and (too late) started feeling my chest constrict. I felt a big attract coming on and pulled off in a school parking lot only to wake up with the police and EMS getting me going again. The Police officer gave me smelling salts and when I came to I had my own Primtene Mist (asthma Inhaler). Literally when the Diesel Powered EMS truck arrived I started having another attack. They were kind and turned the motor off.

For my international readers and my out of touch Americans/The EMS personal in a reality check told me I had two options they could transport me to the local hospital that is severely overworked and understaffed or since I kind of recovered I could refuse treatment and go on my way. They had just come form the hospital and said the wait was at least 7-8 hours. This hospital is the only one for miles around these days and it is in the capital city of Columbus Ohio. All the smaller regional hospitals that once made America's health care system a model have closed. (lack of money). Since I am among the legions of uninsured my sitting there was probably a total waste of time and all I would get is a referral to go to my doctor. So the moral of the story is if your living at all don't bother with the hospital system.

I did go to my doctor and got real asthma medicine for once (thanks to his free samples) and my breathing has really got much better. At times I feel like nothing is wrong at all! Then two weeks ago I find my self waiting at the airport for a passenger to arrive and just sitting there (45 minutes) I suddenly just out of the blue had a big asthma attack The new Inhaler helped a lot and as soon as I got my traveler and made her drive as my chest was so tight to even hold the steering wheel we were set. Naturally as soon as we found fresh air on the open road I was able to breathe with ease.

When I read over the asthma warning signs brochures I find I have never had the common symptoms. I have found over time I probably do have all the symptoms but simply as I discovered over time never feel them, like these asthma attacks. I (WE) go directly to the last stage without any "warning." My point is autism's Pain Tolerance masks 80% of everything we should feel and that makes some of the healthiest people on earth or some of the sickest and even then we get over something quickly. (too quickly) For those like me in our Anthropology that have the uneven hips or have been injured we can tell you we only feel 1 and 9 or 10 on the pain scale and nothing in-between. SEVERAL Of us that have been hurt have discovered we actually do feel the pain the twinge the stuff normal people do but the pain signal only lasts for a few milliseconds before it disappears in our bodies. That begs the question what natural drug are we on? or what isn't connected? It also explains why when autistic kids are sick they are so complicated sick. I can think of those autistics with stomach issues. Are they simply being over treated for a simple condition they don't feel, like Lactose intolerance? If that were not realized for what it is and the 1-10 pain reveals nothing "serious" we would present as "very sick."

Old Crypto Sensitive Autism had a line on this pain tolerance and at least thought about it occasionally. They even had a small blurb in autism brochures of the time (crypto sensitive autism) that autistic kids are not cuddly and when held will not move to a position that is comfortable. They hinted the pain tolerance was present and we never felt the fact we were uncomfortable or should have been. Our famed Rain Man designer the late Dr. Rimalnd seemingly the father of this autism charade that turned designer either never knew of the old crypto sensitive autism or purposely forgot the very basic working facts of autism. Naturally the peer review experts shared his view and thus Autism became a designer MR/DD helpless condition it never had to be. Mankind with your help and Instance still has a chance to figure out the building blocks of the mind and answer a few other questions as well. Please insist Autism investigate all of autism 's stories not just the ones they want to hear.

Sincerely Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Picutres,Inventor of the Turing Motor an Autistically Designed GREEN 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor.. Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism on

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