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Monday, February 13, 2012

The afterglow of sugary

The afterglow of the sugary. 
An Amish run Nursing home.
Well only in America it seems,,,,, I have ended up needing a very powerful antibiotic drug via an IV system. In order to get this I had to go on emergency Medicaid and move to a nursing home. I need 30 some treatments with this master blaster drug. If I had some form of insurance they would have sent a nurse to my home and given the treatment there saving a bundle of tax payer money. But now I have to sit here in a nursing home for the once a day treatment. 

Of Course, a nursing home is no place for a 40 something or anyone for that matter but the culture shock is very interesting just the same.  I have got so tired of religion 24-7 as people facing the end of life turn to TV preachers for their last hope. Don't even mention the Amish that work in this place all are fanatics when it comes to  Jesus. Winston Churchill once said a "fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."  While I see and appreciate  and respect the need for religion in peoples lives there has to be a little bit of give and take. 

I am one of the youngest most fit  people in this place and the Amish are very 'distant' afraid to give me a bath for fear of sex ,thoughts of sex etc. It is unbecoming of a young Amish girl or woman  to be in the presence of a naked man it seems. I ended up going back to the sponge bath to attempt to stay clean  as they refuse to deal with the "stigma" of a patient that has the potential to 'excite them' in lustful ways apparently. For god's sake I'm gay and women don't even excite me.  Of course tell the Amish your Gay and that opens up another nasty subject altogether, I can hear the prayer chain starting already!

Otherwise this nursing home is one of the best in the state and very clean . They even run a huge steam cleaner down the halls and it kills every spec of dirt and odor for sure. 

If they could equal the level of care and get over the sex thing it might be a good over all experience if your forced to have to do it. Still from what I seen of other nursing homes I guess this is still the best choice among the many bad choices. Still I am impressed at the level of caring and the heart felt concern the staff has for the patients. If a loved one were to need real end of life care I would send them here unless they were non religious and Gay or lesbian. 

Ironically the very best thing here is the Internet connection ,it is so shocking to see something so tech savvy and modern  here in the middle of the dark ages.  The connection is my only life and soul in this place .

Otherwise , once in the nursing home stage all communication with my doctors has effectively ended
the once daily blood tests are now a thing of the past and the IV drug is given weather you need it or not. In the Hospital they monitored the blood levels of the master blaster drug and if it was too high I skipped a dose. Now if the drug level is too high you just get super sick as your killed with kindness and the best of cheap Medicaid medicine.  The Iv is given once a day in the span of 1 hour and that is way too much of a dose at one time. But do they really care?  

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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