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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Begging me to get to the Hospital

Well this was a first,

Dr Bishop and her associates started calling me at work and begging me to get to the hospital after they examined my infected shoulder. One with the  autism pain tolerance working as usual I had no idea I should have been in pain and no my shoulder never hurt. Then I  was highly suspicious ,I have never been asked ,even begged to get to the hospital before. In fact, I have been kicked out and kept from  the hospital since I am one of the billions of people with out health insurance. This was a new experience for me ,I honestly had a hard time trusting the genuine  heart felt fear she had for my health.

Well, anyway after enduring a day of phone calls from Dr Bishop's assistant that ranked right up there with some calls from bill collectors I made it to the hospital on Thursday. I was scheduled for a two hour procedure and it took four since there was so much damage.  The infection turned out to be a bug of some type that lives out side your armpit, that jumped the skin barrier ended up inside the armpit. It was eating muscle and flesh and it is called P something.

I came out of the extended operation missing a lot of flesh and muscle. I am now on a high power antibiotic given via I V and will be for about 15 more days .  I guess she was begging me to get to the hospital for a reason, Thanks again Dr Bishop for getting me in there and staying so late and saving my life.

Of course the 1st day after surgery I felt good especially when the epidural wore off my arm and I could feel my fingers again. NO NOTHING HURT not even the chopped up shoulder.  I moved it with total ease and its only limit was the missing muscle and flesh that once helped it work. The Nurses at OSU EAST hospital were so set back when I refused all my pain meds. I was offered oxy contion time and again . When  I was force fed Perk-a-set some years ago after another operation the trip was just too wild to ever take it again. I figured the oxy contion would be just a wild trip as well, one I did not want to deal with- ever. Perhaps this is a clue to our pain tolerance and our bodies are indeed different.I suspect most people never go on a trip with just one pain pill.  It is just very hard convincing anyone in the practice of medicine I didn't need a damn pain pill. The nurses felt like they were abusing me when I refused to touch them.

Over time the nurses seen I really didn't feel pain too much if at all. They even took my blood pressure right over the chopped up arm  and it didn't hurt.  While in the Hospital my ever faithful hip went out of place and I rang the nurse button and they came in to see me in agony, but no pain. One nurse said your in pain!    and just don't know it . After that I did agree to one small pain pill and it was wild to fell the  pain I never  feel go away. I simply did few a few exercise moves and put my hip back in place and an hour later I was walking down the hall to the shock of the nurses!

Well for sure this newest lack of pain experience has opened up too many eyes to the fact medical practice is just that practice. The idea of not feeling pain has lost its appeal to me as it makes you too much of a circus act. I am just glad I am not in the Lilly Drug Torture chamber. I am just as delighted   contemporary Autism forgot all about the pain tolerance or they would be first in line to exploit it. Oh forgive me  - help us.  

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

Thank you Dr Bishop and associates.


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