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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An empire forgets splinter skills

Autism's Normal Splinter Skills an Art to be Rediscovered.

Everyone in the autism spectrum has probably seen the movie Rain Man and thought Rain Man is so smart doing his Math and reading the phone book from memory, and he was. That Savant autism IS IN EVERYONE autistic and that savant angle if understood and developed is the very best in splinter skills! Splinter skills in autism are a natural for us pre programmed "Learning Hallway" where we had some ability to connect and communicate with normal thinkers IF were given the chance. Old autistic people were absently given that chance and our double-bind autism experience before Rain Man Era antics bears out what I say. Autism had-has hope! Our splinter skills once refined spilled out into life in general, they went miles in making us social to. What modern Autism kid gets this experience? Splinter skills and obsession were the very first thing banned from Post Rain Man Epidemic era Autism we know so well today. DR Rimland and company didn't realize they were our connection to the world-they never understood autism like they thought they did.

While we were often the same odd strange kids of today we were never handicapped with the diagnosis of autism. ABSENTLY Our autism splinter skills were tapped and we were often in two grades at once, One a level above our class and other a miserable year behind. By high school all aspects of our lives were blending together and we were coming out pretty normal. The MORE autism thoughts we figured out the better we connected to real life. NOT a one of those autism thoughts or a Savant has been figured out in Psychology circles as our baseline Di Vinci code thought have never been in a text book yet. Temple Grandin wrote about them in her book Thinking in Pictures and those of us Autism will not admit to have taken her work all the way to the threshold of normal thought.

You have to admit once a modern person is diagnosed and condemned to a group home and given the very worst of autism is treatable syndrome (AKA Modern Autism) we are indeed lucky to even get to a group home in this day and age. Autism had its heart in the right place but jumped the gun and reinvented autism forgetting the very basic thoughts of autism, psychology never knew. In order for Psychology to discover our autism the building blocks of the human mind and the connection between MR/DD and Social Einstein's it will have to rediscover its past and actually to talk to those of us missing Rain Mans Curse. That is indeed a a tall order as Modern Autism is so mired in its own muck and such a big empire that for its own good, it will never do the right thing for mankind. However it will continue to fund and build do the autism awareness month as way too many peer review autism professionals have vested their careers in autism to let a few small details like Di Vinci Code ruin their bliss.

The lost hope to autism and Mankind is monumental and very building blocks of the mind. No other Psychology discipline has a clue to our insight and no Ph.D. researcher is programmed to look DOWN the into the bottom of the gene pool for the answers. (not that they would anyway there is no fame down there). Now they are content to make movies like Rain Man and Snow Cake and the Miracle Run and do their peer review research but IF they were Sincere and honest they would have no trouble at all admitting to all of autism except for the fact if they admit to us they would eat a little crow. They would also be shocked to see just how much the father of this mess, Dr Rimland didn't know of autism.

If Rain Man hadn't held back Autism Progress a few centuries Autistic of today with our figured out double blind autism experience to guide them would be mainstreamed and threw Autism's life lesions by 6 Th. grade. Autism is just another kind of human thought that has never been in a text book before. Who would have dreamed autism is just a "foreign language" and not a neurological disorder? Of Course I know all too well the autistic of today don't present as anything even close to "normal" but look at the false start they got experiencing the "best of autism Ignorance." Rest assured If we were diagnosed like the kids of today are we to would present just like the autism kids of today do.

I feel so bad for the kids and familles of today but I am not sorry I missed Rain Man Era Antics and I'm not sorry I figured out autism and the building blocks of the mind. I am (We Are) the luckiest people alive but no matter how good we done and what we figured out were on the wrong side of the autism time line and percolating up from the bottom gene pool we don't exactly present as the saviors of autism. There is little chance we will be present as anything more than a pain in the *** as modern autism has spoken and their empire is established and based in the retards of autism they have no reason to listen or do the right thing and long as they pick their peer review autism peers correctly: most autism researchers can look forward to very long prosperous career spinning their wheels in autism circles. Well, Autism just spoke? Will anyone listen?

Rich Shull on the blog Atomic Autism . Rich is inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybrid motor that is Autistically designed and built. The computer was an Autism design as well!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gluten Free Diets and Autism

From the Autism is Treatable Folks at the Autism Research Institute
Quoted From their web page

"Gluten and casein. Gluten is a protein and is contained in foods, such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. Casein is also a protein and is found in dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cheese and yogurt. In the intestinal tract, gluten and casein breakdown into peptides; and these peptides then breakdown into amino acids.
At the present time, we do not know why the gluten-/ casein-free diet helps many autistic individuals. One popular theory is that when gluten and casein are broken down into peptides, they may pass through imperfections in the intestinal tract. These peptides are termed gliadinomorphin (breakdown of the gluten protein) and casomorphin (breakdown of the casein protein). Both peptides act like morphine in the body. They can also pass through the blood-brain barrier and have a negative impact on brain development"


I was 30 something sicker than a horse, going to the doctor an unusual event for me. I had stomach and digestion issues and as usual in the doctors exams I was punched and probed and told "tell me if it hurts,," etc., and I never felt much. The doctor was proplexed and soon was planning on all kinds of tests as something presented as surely "wrong! Well, just by happenstance I discovered I became Lactose Intolerant, I started taking Dairy ease pills and All was WELL. My Doctor was flabbergasted and didn't believe me that all the trouble was simple Lactose intolerance. Well, Lactose intolerance or many other things become very complex issues in autism as our pain tolerance MASKS many natural symptoms everyone else feels, When I get an asthma attack for example it is serious, we don't get warning signs like you would leading up to it.

Long ago and far Away BEFORE Dr Rimland who's organization I'm quoting here "forgot or never knew Of Autism's Pain Tolerance, Autism was much better off. JUST THINK of the implication of things if we only feel the very worst of pain. If the Experience of old working autism folks, mostly pre Rain Man was factored back in autism and our X rays were seen Autism would again learn what it forgot - We have a pain tolerance! We feel 1 and 9\10 on the pain scale and NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. REALLY. Doesn't that change things?

Before Rain Man took over autism there were several people developing a test or two for our pain tolerance those old Researchers were banished from Autism and are now passed on, but the autism Pain tolerance lives on confusing all the "experts."

BY the Way If Rimland KNEW of our Autism thought process based in picture thoughts he could have not made much of the statement "they can also pass through the blood-brain barrier and have a negative impact on brain development" God he didn't even realize the very basic thoughts of autism. I can't help but to doubt the sincerity of Dr Rimland and his actions over his life are very one sided IF he were a quality researcher he would have never kept old working autism hidden like he did. It is a safe bet his autism could not stand the scrutiny of a working living anthropology and the peer review autism empire he developed was sure to support only his autism.

Rich Shull on the blogs Atomic Autism and Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Atomic Autism

ATOMIC Autism / a discovery in Neurological Order

Autism from the 1600s to modern times and the antics of "so called" modern day autism "experts" that reinvented Autism to Epidemic proportion and never knew the basic facts of the condition. Autism Is BOTH MR/DD & Einstein & normal functioning people.

Atomic autism is my newest Google blog (thank you Google) and it is OLD and NEW it is Autism Explaind as itlike is no place else. It is old working autism and connections to old working autism and our experiences before Autism was a designer helpless condition. It is HOPE for all autism as it explains how autism is the same as it has always been and how the modern "spin" post Rain Man has made of mockery of autism as the new age people have a good heart but their knowlege base is minus the foundation autism once knew. Most of the autism foundation facts were forgotton AFTER Rain Man and seen as useless but they were our salvation! Please Read ATOMIC AUTISM BLOG and see how they connected to today.

Welcome to Atomic Autism a connection between the often over blown Autism of today and the simple boring working autism and yes, even primitive autism from years gone by. Autism is not at all a neurological disorder it is simply neurological order. Modern Mental health experts don't even have a clue. Figured out autism is the building blocks of human mind and one end of the scale is Mental Retardation aspect of Autism and the other is Einstein, its all the same thing and autism (figured out) is the means to get one end from the other. Autism thoughts have never been in a text book before and they are based in your daydreams. Loosely stated we think with your daydreams and that task is easier said than done. Still it makes perfect sense when autism is not figured out it is MR/DD and when it is figured out it is social Einstein's doing well more than Autistic savants like Rain Man. Autism after all is the building blocks of man's mind.

Autism starts out below 123 and the ABCs and ends up in genius territory. Sadly when we get here we discover as all great thinkers have man in general is just to ignorant to know what he-she is missing. Einstein had it right when he said, its a miracle things happen and a miracle when things don't. Autism is ruined with way too many well paid experts that need to keep autism in epidemic mode to keep their jobs to ever worry about actually seeking and finding the old working autism and its people. Granted not many Ph.D. experts will ever dream of looking down the evolutionary scale to man's foundation but if they did that would see what we see the building blocks of the human mind all figured out. Man is a still a very primitive creature and no "expert" no university or think tank is aware of the base Di Vinci Code that makes all of us work. Those very same "experts" have a chip on their shoulder and would never dream of talking to the very retards they are researching unless they need to make a point that suits them or they need a photo opportunity, or mouthpiece.

Mankind's mind is all laid out in our autism and everything from social functioning to personality disorders to learning abilities and dis abilities are all explained in autism's base code the Di Vinci code if you will. Sadly experts galore will never listen to the autism that works as we naturally come from the wrong end of the gene pool. The fundamental flaw in an experts of anytype is they are indeed expert meaning they close their minds once reach their plateau. From then on their minds are shut down their paychecks are good and their peer review bliss keeps all of them employed. The most interest thing a peer review "pick apart" of a colleagues work will discover is a hangnail and then they will write 20 papers (hoping one will be published) calling a hang nail the "wrong term."

Autism can add a 1000 chapters to the psychology books and honestly explain all the detail of man's mind and inadvertently put most of the modern day Psychology ideas to the test and many will not survive. There is even a very good chance schizophrenia will be solved when Autism explains it. Think computers for a moment, lots of man's mind is ROM-Read only Memory and if our invisible to you thoughts need reprogrammed and readjusted - we could have the same "start". Just like today everyone gets the 1,2,3,s and the A,b,c,'s we all also need a few very basic daydream thoughts ironed out to assure our personalities funtion.We would have a preschool well below 123 and the ABC's just where Autistic like me started life. Add into the mess man's wild senses mostly suppressed in "modern times" (unless your blind or disabled) and you have the recipe for the Di Vinci Code. Please read over this blog as it develops and see for your self the working living normal side of autism and indeed the clues to your life.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man autism and the related Blog Atomic Autism a discovery in Neurological Order. Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70 Efficient Green triple hybrid car motor named for Alan Truing (1912-1954) he was autistic and father of the computer.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turner .com?

Dear Readers, Autism awareness month has indeed got a little too far out of control and while on the surface of things this attention is good, it is also only promoting one kind of autism. Older working versions of Autism are ignored as the "problem" goes wild. CNN (Turner broadcasting) devotes large amounts of time to autism issues and the start of autism Awareness month they had autism stories all day long. Between their news and Larry King Live there is a lot of autism going on.

The following is from the SiteMETER on this blog and it seems someone from Turner Broadcasting spent nearly an 1/2 an hour going over this blog, didn't they get and education? I can only hope it tones down their Zeal and one sided Autism broadcasting a little bit. there is more to Autism than they admit to.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Autism Corrdination issues

Autism Coordination Issues

Many autistic kids are klutzes and we present as neurological disorders and of course AUTISM SPEAKS (.Org) only uses one side of its mouth to present the idea Autism is this helpless hopeless condition and yes epidemic. Well, to some degree it is very true but the rest of the story is EINSTEIN good behavior and normal functioning autistic people-no none of us are admitted to we are bad for the business of AUTISM SPEAKS.

Old Autism has a population of people that not only figured out autism we also discovered our coordination issues are not neurological but physical. If your Autistic Child has Trouble Running Skipping doing jumping Jacks or climbing Stairs or even walking He-she might have off center hips. Many of us in the unexposed Autism Anthropology have/had such problems and only when we are in our 30s typically working a standing type job do our hips finally hurt.

First Off , Modern Autism will not admit there are groups of us doing real jobs and social functioning or they also will have to admit to the idea we went all of our lives never feeling the internal pain of off center hips. Our legs are the same length but our hip joints are not equal and typically we are off about 1/4 of an inch. NO, WE DON"T FEEL THE PAIN to tell us our hips hurt. IF we felt pain like most people do it would be discovered in essence one leg is shorter than the other. If you see one shoe of your Autistic persons pair is wore out and the other is OK that is telling you the wore out shoe is their short side. That leg doesn't touch the ground equally.

Today many of us in the real world now wear a built up show on our short side and the relief is great! Sadly 30 plus years of walking on the out of line hips has taken its toll. Today we actually do feel Pain and our hips are devastated with joint damage. Could you have walked 30 years with uneven hips and not felt it? Not every autistic Person in our Anthropology has this condition but with those of us that do, most of us have the short side on the right leg. Some have a left side that is short.

Long ago and far away now Autism had entire concepts dedicated to our pain free state of being but of course modern Autism Experts have spoken and they "know" everyone feels pain all the pain in our bodies so in their eye that wear blinders Autism is again a neurological disorder. That means we really do feel pain BUT were too stupid to tell anyone we do. That makes far more sense to the "experts" that have never had an Autistic thought and lived with our keen senses and pain tolerance than it simply does to listen to the very retard in real life that has figured out something autistically. No amount of Autism Speaks Research will ever figure that out unless of course they shut up and listen for a change.

IF they listened for few hours they would discover how we take our picture thoughts and mold them and control them so our optic vision is always on (as opposed to picture thoughts) and how that lets us do things like play ball. Then the only thing we have left is the physical disability we don't feel. Isn't the Neurological Disorder business much more palatable than listening to the truth form old working autism? I know our story isn't good for the research side of autism, they have a very deep gold mine to mine researching the autism they innovated on a false foundation and no billion dollar empire is going to listen to u$ .

Just think the day they rediscover our Pain Tolerance Lilly and other drug companies will have torture chambers set up for autistic as they disect us to discover how come we don't feel a thing. While this fact understood could rewrite all of autism and give mankind much needed insight it will never see the light of day at this rate as Autism is beholden to Rain Man's Curse and Autism 'Research' not Autistic people.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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New York's Beacon Theatre

Comedians to Balance Humor, serious cause
Referenced to the Columbus Dispatch Saturday, April 12, 2008 page D5

Well, Autism Screams Again! It is autism awareness month after all and AUTISM and others hell bent on curing autism, promoting autism and inadvertently fueling the fire of autism have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams again. What a shame autism Post Rain Man is the disaster and the epidemic we know and hear so much about-is also a self inflicted injury!

All autism has to do and it will not do is admit to the Crypto Sensitive Autism folks mostly from an era gone by and SUDDENLY all of modern autism will be seen as a moot point. Autism was much better figured out and autistic people in general did much better lives before the Curse of Rain Man. So called "experts" of autism that have never had an autism thought and perhaps a few publish or parish fame game doctors discovered they could milk autism for all its worth and get a good career out if too. By the Time "Night of Too Many Stars: an Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education hosted on Television's Comedy Central not to mention the Ophera and Larry King and the NASCAR associations among other autism tidbits is proving to be a worthwhile epidemic that is nearly self sustaining these days. If autism were really serious about autism and IF they were honest sincere researchers (?) and not crooks stealing the public money and condemning Autism people and their families to group homes they would simply investigate all of autism including the Crypto Sensitive Autism Dr Rimland purposely forgot so that the epidemic could be invented and SUDDENLY Autism would not be near the trouble it is today. Suddenly the Myth of Autism would be exposed and Suddenly Autism would be seen for what it is, anything but an epidemic. Autism is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and even social proper social functioning people but those of us fulfilling the promise missing rain Man's Curse can never be admitted to now As Autism SPEAKS But it can't afford to listen to the very successful people it forgot to start with or the real crisis in Autism research would be the unemployed researchers and the group home workers.

"It's bleak for a lot of parents" Smigel said" as hard as it was to have our son diagnosed, it's even harder to imagine the frustration of parents who just can't get what they want and need for their child" If autism would care to listen to the people that missed its curse and read our autism blueprint (The Enigma, 1983 Hodges) all the little fine points that made us successfull autisitc people that modern autism overlooked would once again surface and expose modern Autism as nothing more than ignorance personified. Tell me, will the billion dollar Autism Research Empire complete with an autism awareness month and celebrities galore ever admit to the very facts that will solve autism again? Probably not too many people are makeing a living from the autism movement-What a shame Autism is the building blocks of the human mind the Di Vinci Code the Father of the Computer, The Boy from Alverz (1600's) and lots more obscure facts from Pain Tolerance to keen senses and all of this vital knowledge would be disseminated by now if autism hadn't cursed us all.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green triple hybrid car motor Autistically designed.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Autism IS Einstein too.

For those missing my Autism IS Einstein sign I used at the April 2 2008 Ohio Autism Rally here is the best picture a web cam could do.

It Said on the front

Modern Autism Post Rain Man is a curse!

The obverse side

Autism Figured out is

The Di Vinci Code
Both Mr/DD and Einstein
Social Functioning
Keen Senses
The building blocks of the mind
Crypto Sensitive Autism

Autism Hero Alan Turing 1912-1954
Father of the Computer

While all of this is true and there are 200 more of us that missed Rain Man 's curse and missed the chance of a life time to end up in a group home, we discovered what we have figured out has never been in a book before so in essence were a day late and a dollar short. Modern Autism Research is so lame that it can't to admit to our anthropology as it unintentionally cripples their post Rain Man bliss. No other research discipline has a line on our unique thoughts that are not a neurological disorder but rather the building blocks of the mind all figured out.

All of mankind is being cheated especially the Autism people and their families of today force to endure the wrath of autism Ignorance. While Autism is indeed blueprinted and our double blind autism experience follows the blueprint were too little too late and the little professor that were once autism are now just ignored as the peer review autism gurus of today are more worried about their paychecks than solving autism.

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Friday, April 04, 2008


Just how big has Autism become? Who is going to tame the passion of ignorance?
To mark the step off of autism awareness month CNN had autism stories all day long on April 2. Well, that is fine and dandy but it is only the new version of autism the invented autism the Epidemic Curse of modern autism that is zapping the life out of autistic people and their families that is pushed. This one sided journalism pushed and funded by the autism lobby simply the ignores the fact Autism has a living working past and an entire anthropology that if admitted to would unintentionally cripple modern Autism. The Empire of autism the post Rain Man Empire is not keen at all on admitting to its successful past as the autism they invented is not the real autism we figured out. If we are admitted to autism will be closer to cured than it was before Rain Man reinvented the wheel.

Autism is not a neurological disorder at all it is simply a different kind of human thought process that has never been in a book before. Those of us learning it did so in a double-blind experience that often took us 40 years to complete. Our completed Autism thoughts yield normal thoughts just like you use and even Einstein thoughts when we take Savant thoughts and polish them a bit. Factor old working Autism back into the total autism equation and not only will it be discovered modern autism is only working 1/2 the facts it will be discovered Modern Epidemic Rain Man Autism jumped the gun. Only by ignoring the facts of all of autism could the epidemic develop like it did. Rain Man and the now the billion dollar Autism Empire has spoken and their ignorance is paramount and put on a pedestal as supreme fact. No one ever said man was smart but I'll give you loud mouthed.

Well, while autism is making people and the world aware of autism's modern self-inflicted curse it is honestly cheating Mankind out of the building blocks of the mind. Figured out lack of eye contact Autism just like modern Autism kids have is slow motion step by step thoughts all humans do all figured out. It is a few steps below 123 and the ABC and when figured out its Einstein and even social people. While this autism is proven and even blueprinted the Autism Monster has been born on a false foundation and the billion dollars and the one sided peer review that support it will not tolerate any hints to old working autism-we are bad for business the big business of autism.
Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Columbus Rally Thanks!

Thanks Columbus Autism Rally participant's.

A personal note. From Rich Shull , host of this blog.

The Ohio Sate House South side was the site for the kick off of the Autism Awareness month. I'd like to thank and say hello to all of those I seen there today and despite many times being on the opposite side of the autism coin I'm delighted we talked to each other. I gained more understanding and appreciation of your Modern Autism issues and many of you were shocked to learn there was Autism BEFORE Rain Man and we do the impossible everyday.

Perhaps IF we are all lucky some day Modern Autism will admit to those of us that have a different story to tell and we can pool our experience and make it a win win situation for every one.

Sincerely Rich Shull Ohio

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Ohio Autism Rally

Dear Readers, Welcome to my Blog

Perhaps you seen me today walking the state house grounds (Ohio) in conjunction with the Autism Rally.

I am Rich Shull from Columbus and I was once hailed as the next Temple Grandin in autism circles some years ago. Temple was a once popular autism figure who authored the book titled Thinking In Pictures. My own book called Autism Pre Rain Man Autism is built on her book. Modern autism is at a loss to explain me and about 200 more people like me from all over the world that have figured out Autism - a different kind of human thought process NOT a neurological disorder as claimed by new age Autism "experts". Autism is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and yes even social functioning when properly figured out. Most of the people in my autism high functioning group are on the wrong side of the Autism time line and we grew up PRE Rain Man minus the curse of modern autism or we too would be social idiots in group homes.

We have discovered autism is the building blocks of the human mind and once we figure out our invisible to you thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact (a noted sign of the disorder) we do very well and even mimic normal thought. We are all self taught and our Di Vinci code of human thought has never been in a text book before. We all BUILD on the work of Temple Grandin and add many more chapters to her explanations and indeed take autism to the threshold of normal thought. Our base thoughts are several steps below 123 and the ABCs. The Picture Thought 'school of thought' in autism has never been developed in Autism Circles as Peer Review autism is ignorant of our unique thought process and no other discipline has a line on our thought process. Modern Designer Autism will not listen to us as we are the very "Retards" that they are researching and even worse we all do too much of a real life to suit them. We have families, drive hold normal jobs and some of us even excel at a few things. Success like that was once common in old autism. Autism like this was forgotten after the movie Rain Man spawned the modern "Epidemic" we know today. Honestly, If modern autism cared about more than their epidemic they would admit to the old Crypto Sensitive Autism Guidelines (old autism) they forgot and listen to all Autistic people even those of us that did make it. Sadly, doing just that would unintentionally deflate their "epidemic."

After the movie Rain Man turned Autism into a designer condition Autism had no choice but to be come a pawn to the autism machine. Crypto Sensitive Autism also known as Old Autism facts were forgotten and hidden and the researchers understanding old working autism were forced from autism circles. Naturally, missing 1/2 the facts once understood in Autism has allowed autism to become an Epidemic - of their own ignorance. Figured out Autism is Einstein, the Di Vinci Code, a never in print before human thought process, keen senses, and even normal regular functioning people admittedly with a strange story to tell. Autism Speaks But Does it listen? Will it ever listen? They have been ignoring our Anthropology of "older" folks for years on end now. Mankind is paying the price as we could add 1000s of chapters to the psychology books.

Sincerely, Rich Shull

Host of the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism on Http:// Pre rain man autism. blog

Inventor of The Turing Motor a Green Autistically designed Triple Hybrid car motor getting a small car 90 green MPG. It runs on Compressed Air, Electric and Gas and has few moving parts.

Author of the book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures.

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