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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why We Cry.....

Today 8-23 2010 on National Public Radio, They featured a story on why human's cry ,along with the noted and approved ,peer reviewed research and a university professor all linking crying to a early segment of man's mind. This was the best of psychology as we know it and in reality far from the truth that is so obvious man doesn't even see the obvious. The story took us back to the cave person era and then brought us full circle when the interviewed professor told his view on the idea of why we cry.

Well IF my picture thought theory is ever proven the most likely explanation for human crying is that is point when man's mind is just so over whelmed that it can not cope with anything else so it just lets us/ makes us cry. There are a series of Picture Thoughts that have never been in a text book before that operate below the surface of the mind all the time. This prime evil thought system is just barley capable of daily life. Simply stated when there are too many thoughts going on in the sub levels of the human mind we can't possibly translate them to speech or words and thus we short circuit the whole thing and cry. Emotions are very similar to crying and one of the short cut thoughts man has evolved with.

Of course the picture thoughts I speak of have never been in a text book before and psychology is at loss to explain autistic Temple Grandin and we BUILD on her work and when we complete the picture thoughts the sub level thoughts normal thoughts are the result. We have with the autism learned the long hand version of human thought. Of course we are very retards researchers make a living researching so they are in no hurry to admit to us. Then again despite going from MR/DD to Autism heights and Einstein and yes, even normal thoughts were just the wrong messenger no matter how earth shattering our message is.

Crying really is simple and the explanation of just too much to do at once mind wise fits well. The danger of of figuring out the mind is it will prove to be less than stellar,very backward and we will horrified to see man really is stupid as a sack of rocks.Our minds are nothing more than huge photo albums that talk and nothing more. What a disappointment. When we can not talk or convert the picture thoughts to words we cry, we often cry at very emotional times and thus crying has a got a guilt by association reputation, for being emotion but in reality it is just too much for the mind to do all at once- its a default thing that just screams the mind is over loaded. So much for this theory, peer review has never been with us on our journey up from the bottom of the gene pool and naturally has no intention for hearing us out either. Sadly all the best research is totally worthless as the people doing the research where natural blinders and naturally think the mind is a marvel but it is computer cards in an IBM 360 Computer (room sized super computer from the 1960's).

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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110% of brain power 10% effective

From an on line, web site.

1. The average human uses what percentage of their brain?
1. 10 % 2. 40 % 3. 100 %

My answer is none of the above we use 110% of our brain and we don't even know it. This idea stands to reason as man for centuries now, has tried time and again to figure out his mind and honestly remains clueless and some what impressed with his own ignorance. We somehow think we as humans we are so smart but we are not. The way the mind really works is more a kindergarten level mentality. Yes, even the brightest and best minds are only using unknown to them kindergarten level knowledge and that is the most the mind is really able to do. No matter if your a PhD,. or the smartest person in class around you must admit the human mind has many shortfalls and no one to this day except for a few of us every generation has had the right set of circumstances to figure it out.
Autistic like me, (Tesla Turing, Einstein and many others even those not so famous) learned all of the thoughts man (absently to a large degree) can do as we started life in a position below 123 and the ABC's. We learned the long hand version of human thought and thus when we figured out the impossible on our own with out a text book or teacher of any type we discovered your thoughts:your normal thoughts are simple short cuts of the typical longhand daydream based thoughts we all use and most never know they use.
As we came up from the bottom of the gene pool we were deaf and blind and presented as stupid in many cases, that was because our OPTIC and Brain Generated daydream type picture thoughts were being interchanged. We had no idea for years our optic and daydream vision were being interchanged. The actual optic vision and the autism brain generated images our brain made flowed together and we never knew our optic vision was even OFF. We had no idea our senses were heightened like a blind guy's was. As we heard the high pitch or the odd noise it was a clue to us to return to normal optic vision. Contemporary Autism calls this lack of eye contact. and treats it as a defect. Normal thinkers including autism researchers and experts galore know it to be a 'defect' and the peer review machine of Autism assures that it remains one.

Anyway the picture thoughts the same elementary ones that Autism's Temple Grandin is noted for are just the bare basic picture thought. We add more layers to her thoughts and THEN when complete all this 'invisible to you ' picture thought the very same cheap ,easy ,common shortcut ed thought most of the population knows and loves are the normal thoughts you don't even think about. Yes, We have figured out the human mind and it is not the marvel of specification it was hoped to be. One side of the scale is the Einstein types and when we do something wild or invent something We just use our picture thought based mind. Indeed it is like a computer in some respects and indeed our Alan Turing (gay autistic) just copied bits and pieces of his figured out mind when he fathered the computer in the 1950's. (and helped the allies win WWII).
There are 1000 chapters in psychology just waiting to be harvested if we could ever get psychology to admit to us and write down the road maps of the mind we have figured out. EVERYTHING human is figured out personalities, speech, genius, quirks, narcissism, smoking, autism ,dyslexia, stuttering and even depression and hearing issues get a new flowing fitting explanation. Emotion will be seen as nothing more than thought short cuts. Humans will be seen as radical first and not rational until the dust settles. NOTE none of the explanation is grand or great and we will be as humans disappointed in the lack luster results but all told they will explain the mind and expose our direct connection back to the roots of our prehumans. Man will not be able to look in the mirror any longer and wonder how smart he is. Success in life on all fronts will be determined to be more luck and timing than the use of real knowledge.
Indeed mans mind is one big photo album and the pictures we think with flow under the surface of the mind all the time. You even see them once in a while.... Have you stopped cold in a conversation? Then your OPTIC vision is OFF then you a picture of something or someone? You look it over and say it is in the closet as you see a minds eye daydream type picture of something you were looking for like a broom perhaps? Perhaps in another situation, you say that is Uncle Joe as you see a picture of him in your minds eye if the conversation was who was that man at the car show? Joe's name was not instant until you looked at your minds eye picture of him? The minds eye picture is similar to a daydream picture, and 1000's of them flow unnoticed below the surface of the mind all the time. Unless we are stuck do we look a them. In this case you had to look at Joe in your Minds eye and really think about who the name. When you set there and looked over Joe's picture and really analyzed it that is the exact same thing we do when present as Einstein and when an autistic person displays the lack of eye contact. In the case of the Autism Person he is finishing up a basic level thought and not doing the Einstein bit yet. I know now of this makes sense but until humans do the same trip up from the bottom of the gene pool like we have and as, long as Humans pretend they are smart and confirm they are 'smart' with peer review the human mind the real one, with the key to the kingdom will remain lost in plain sight like it has for centuries now.
Generally speaking from my point of view, the mind is 100% used and 10 % effective as we simply skim the surface of our picture thoughts we don't know we have. We glean small bits of this and that thoughts form words to be spoken and miss all the real details that would make one Einstein. Indeed Parrots and humans use the exact same thought to speech process, and here we thought we were a monkey's uncle.
Psychology is mostly worthless but I give it points for trying to figure out the mind. It is in the wrong ballpark for sure. Add in the mass ignorance factor of putting 3-4-5 or more humans together at once and then add in peer review protectionism for good measure and man is doomed to be the ignorant fool he has been for centuries now. Are we just nothing more than a test tube 'rats in a maze' experiment for some other planet?
It seems if that might be the case as man's pure ignorance and unabashed admiration for his "smart mind" has kept us occupied for some time now.
Gasp here is the real pisser of this Einstein bit, It is simply pure figured out human thoughts from one end ot the other. Our ideas DON"T come from Super Smart but rather from totally using the human mind to full effect. EVERY HUMAN has Einstein in them it is just never tapped and could be if psychology knew the 1000 chapters in psychology.
Everything mind wise fits and flows together with perfect explanations if our road map of the mind is followed. Our Personalities our quirks our good points our life as a human are all rooted in a massive talking photo album called our brain. Personality and emotions are just those picture thoughts in action and fitting right in with evolution. Brains don't think they remember and combine picture memories to form new thoughts. Perhaps someday Psychology can follow our road map and assure all humans have all their switches flipped correctly and the world will be a peaceful place. Life as we know it will be lost forever and that is a good thing as Hate (love actually) will be seen as nothing more than an emotion. Differences now seen as bad will be embraced and finally the human idea of one person being superior to another will be blown away. Di Vinci had it right when he said something along the lines of, " Wake up you Miserable humans".

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

From Rich Shull, Columbus Ohio,,,,

Dear Reader's

I Stumbled Upon a part of your web site featuring someone studying parrots and
their talking ability. I was very intrigued with this and If you bear with me I
can explain that ,,,,, I came up from the bottom of the gene pool and started
out life below 123 and the ABC's , don't have a degree in anything but today I
(we ) pass for Einstein. What we have done is figure out the building blocks of
the mind. No they have never been in a text book before and indeed parrot speech
is just a part of it all. The human mind is very simple and so simple it
is complicated unless you have learned it in our different form. Once we figure
out the longhand thoughts the normal short one you use are the result. Yes the
biggest and brightest minds are thinking in short cuts thus the reason why Man
has never figured out is mind.

Now, I have to ring a bell and I know a bell can't be un rung so for better or
worse the ringer is Autism, No not the modern stuff but rather old working
'blueprinted' autism that gave the world the computer via Alan Turing
(1912-1954). For what its worth and I know I have no peer review to stand on and
our Living Anthropology is all over the world and never been connected besides
the web but we seem to be the living missing link in the both the physical and
mental aspects of mankind. We very much mirror the story of the boy from
Alvarez from the 1600's. He had a pain tolerance and confused the best of
medicine, just like we do ,when for example we walk from a car crash 'unhurt'.
Our mind is the deep deep thought that eventually forms the short cut mind you
know as normal.We can be Einstein once we figure all the different types of
picture thoughts- in other words we think with your day dreams as does the
parrot he is reading his picture thought and simply (Really) reading his picture
thought to you.

At this juncture I better come clean with the way we think Our OPTIC And BRAIN
GENERATED images inter change and we must think with the picture thoughts by
then once we do those the normal things happen. Our OPTIC nerve (theory)
is a flipper valve of the mind and our daydream thoughts (if you will) are
blended in with true OPTIC vision and once we learn we have two types of
thoughts going on and learn the picture thoughts we can do yours after that.
There are at least 1000 more chapters in Psychology to be learned and they will
never be discovered by traditional thinkers as they don't even know the right
questions to ask and the natural blinders and normal human psychology prevent
man from going back down the evolutionary ladder to his roots. It is just as
well as the human mind is nothing more than one big talking photo album with a
few key thoughts ,I call super short cuts (emotions) for a colorful adventure.

If you think this hogwash and no one thinks in pictures we all do it all the
time and you never know it UNTIL you stopped dead cold in a conversation, Then
you minds' eye display a picture thought of "uncle Joe" and you look at it while
your OPTIC vision is OFF. You either come with the words that is Uncle Joe and
say that's Joe, or you bluff it off. The human mind is running in the those
below the surface picture thoughts all the time and we never know it. But the
Autism Experience we share has us learning and doing the very nitty gritty one
by one thoughts that man doesn't even know he does. If they were known every
single aspect of the mind would be figured out and everything from speech and
personalities to genius and retardation all have simple fitting explanations.
Perhaps some day a serial killer could have his switches flipped the other
direction? Perhaps some day the Narcissistic personality could be re programmed
for the stuff they are lacking. The picture thoughts are just awesome and sadly
don't impress anyone specially those thinking man's mind is such a marvel and
so superior to other creature's but in reality Einsteins' are not all that
smart,we just have a different point of view and often keen senses most of
mankind had but never uses anymore.

Our living missing link has us with a pain tolerance, and Keen cave person
senses. We are often deaf and blind as we think with day dream thoughts and thus
we honed our keen senses. That goes miles in helping our minds create inventions
of all types. I have a dream of someday getting all of our last of the real
functioning autisitc's (mostly over 40) together so we can compare notes in
person. It seem we all learned the same intenral code to man's mind no matter
what languages we speak or countries we are from the autism is the same. The
Autism could well be man's baseline thought system he has yet to figure out.

Rich Shull,,, Host of the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and inventor of the Turing
Motor a green Triple hybrid car motor that features one central spinning
cylinder and no up and down moving parts and 90 mpg. Author of the banished
book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism.