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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Air Car From France!

Amazing Air Car from France /indeed the ticket to green motoring!

As long term readers know I have invented The Turing Motor a triple hybrid car motor running on Electric, Compressed air and Gasoline. This motor runs on AIR only and offers many mother earth advantages and even better yet it is in production to some degree and ready to be mass produced. My Turing Motor idles on compressed air has mid range operation on Electric and full power on gas and the Turing Motor features One central Spinning Cylinder.

Seriously, I doubt many now famous 'oversize Americans' will be happy with the car but it beats walking and its green and possibly even the Amish will use them!

Please copy and paste the link above and see it for your self


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aspies and the need for salt- chewing in young persons

Autism,let it be known and autistics in general NEED more salt than most people do. The entire anthropology of us that modern autism still will not own up to, those of us doing a real life report the need for extra salt. Ever since childhood and now even as adults we often find our selves craving salt. Most of the time it is not after exercise. It presents just as general need for salt. Many of us go directly to the salt shaker and in my case I use Garlic Salt for a bit of flavor. I just put a bit on my hand and lick it off. Some of us surmise that modern autistic is often chewing on things trying for the salt 'value'.

I can only guess nutrition experts are in an uproar with people going to the salt shaker many times a day. I only guess Autism Experts that should more than anyone know of our salt complex are the ones that are going to scream hogwash the loudest. Of course they don't have a clue to our old working autism and picture thoughts or our keen senses . None have walked in mile in our shoes or have bothered to interview us or learn what we have learned- I guess that is price man pays for placing his trust in experts. (Look at the stock markets) Perhaps the experts you need to trust are the ones that have been there and done that. Ironically we are last ones that will ever be admitted to in autism circle we were purposely forgotten to start with. Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

All in a Bark -Autism Thoughts in infancy

All in a Bark -autism thoughts in infancy
From the Web a Story on Babies relating to dog barks. (Temple and Cattle?)

Why of course, if research of any type knew the building blocks of the mind like we do this new news ,new idea mentioned in the attached article would not only loose its speculative aspect ,it would prove itself as well. Autism thoughts are the base for all human thought and what these babies are displaying are nothing more than the roots of the baseline human thoughts. As humans we use much more of our primitive senses than we allow ourselves to think about. Once we start to learn a few things like normal thoughts we loose track of the sub level thoughts and keen sense that make us do so well. Normal thought probably via an evolution process is now reduced to short simple sound bites (lack of better words) and the really deep thoughts that form our minds mind fit in perfectly with the article.

There are as I say a 1000 more chapter to psychology to be written and they never will be discovered by the people doing the research as they need to dig deep into the mind and reach down the evolutionary ladder- then the knowledge they seek will be obvious just like we have discovered on our own. The people ,like me that have connected autism to Einstein can tell you,like the giants before us from the famous Einstein to Di Vinci to Turing and many others there is nothing we can do, as the thought we discovered has never been discovered before so the best we can hope for is our good ideas will be used. The more normal thinkers you add together the lower the IQ and common sense factor is for everyone. Life and the mind have been figured out for centuries now but the mass ignorance factor is more to overcome than breaking and addiction. Thankfully some of our good ideas break through, like the Computer it was autistic invention.


By Randy Dotinga
HealthDay Reporter by Randy Dotinga
healthday Reporter – Fri Jul 24, 7:03 pm ET
FRIDAY, July 24 (HealthDay News) -- What's in a bark? A new study suggests that 6-month-old babies know the answer.

Researchers found that most infants who were tested could figure out that an aggressive bark goes with an angry-looking dog. They also seemed to know that friendly-looking pooches voice their feelings in a different way.

The babies managed to do this even though they weren't very familiar with dogs.

It's not clear whether the babies actually know that a dog baring its teeth is a sign of trouble, but they're showing a level of sophistication regarding how dogs reveal their emotions, said study author Ross Flom, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

"We think babies have a broad-based set of abilities and skills when they enter the world," he said. "And those become broadened and honed based on the individual experiences in their lives."

Flom spends his time studying how babies perceive emotions, and previously found that they can tell the difference between upbeat and gloomy music.

In the new study, Flom and his colleagues recruited 128 infants and toddlers, almost all of whom were white. All of the participants had little or no exposure to dogs during their brief lives.

The researchers showed the babies video stills of aggressive and non-aggressive dogs, and watched what they did when they heard sounds of barking.

The study results appear in the July issue of Developmental Psychology.

The researchers believe that they can glean whether a baby is making a connection between two things by monitoring how long they look at a picture. In this case, 6-month-old babies were more likely to look longer at the picture of a canine expression that matched the bark.

Only about 15 percent of the babies spent more time looking at the wrong dog picture or looked equally at both, Flom said.

Older babies -- at 12, 18 and 24 months -- were likely to look at the correct dog, but for just a flicker of time, Flom said, and then look around the room or equally between the video stills.

While some have interpreted this to mean they can't distinguish the correct picture, Flom said it's actually a sign that "the task is almost too easy for them."

The study didn't examine what the babies actually perceived about the barks and the canine expressions. No one knows if they're aware that a normal-looking dog is a better prospect for playtime than one that looks -- and sounds -- like it wants to take a bite out of the nearest leg.

Still, it's "remarkable" that babies that aren't exposed to dogs can figure out how to link their barks to their faces, Flom said. That means they can connect audio and visual cues, he said.

As for the future, researchers are exploring how humans relate to dogs, which have a long history of interacting with people, and wolves, which don't.

Over time, Flom said, dogs and humans have learned how to communicate with each other.

And, of course, each gets what they want from the other, whether it be the newspaper or a long back scratch.

More information

Learn more about the brain's development from the University of Washington.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matthew Goodwin -Google Popular Autism

Googling Autism's Matthew Goodwin

This Begs the Question? does Matthew Goodwin ,the late Dr Rimland and a host of other listed and approved autism professionals know enough about autism to be more than dangerous? Please hear me out, I was once hailed as the next Temple Grandin,who wrote Thinking in Pictures. My Self and many more older (mostly) autism people BUILD on her work and add many different layers to picture thoughts. ALL figured out they yield normal thoughts ,social thoughts like Matt Goodwin is pushing and even Einstein ones. NONE OF THIS has been in a text book before and it will not be as the Normal Thought your using to "research us" is shorthand. It is shorthand autism thoughts. Unless you know the longhand lack of eye contact thoughts (and what we need to do while our eyes are OFF) even the most sincere professional with the biggest heart misses the entire point of autism.

Autism is simply the building blocks of the mind and our lack of eye contact is simply a signal were thinking (or should be) in pictures in a sub level thought system that needs learned. Once learned it yields normal shorthand normal thoughts. It is both mr/dd and Einstein all in the same package. AUTISM professionals Please wake and listen to your working past- no one dies of embarrassment and Dr Rimland has passed on so we can counter his 'authority' and pick up where Rain Man the movie sidetracked the nearly figured out , now purposely forgotten Autism. We know all to well today, the fallen and I get up autism but it was once little professors ,genius and odd kids in two grades at once. It even gave the world the computer via our own Alan Turing 1912-1954 He was Autistic complete with the pain tolerance and two grade genius thing going on and father of the computer. He was typical autism like we all were before Rimland reinvented the wheel leaving out some spokes he never understood -or ('gasp') left out on purpose so designer Autism could thrive like it does today.

This is
From the Web, A Google Search on 'Matthew Goodwin', Many people find their way to my blog (this blog) via the listing as I'm in there too. Funny Page upon page of listing for Mr Goodwin, and like all Autism Professionals he is lacking the very core knowledge he seeks to do what we have done -figure out autism. If we ever solve the biggest problem of mankind ,man not listening autism could be solved again just like it was before it went to designer autism with 1/2 the facts. So much for progress?

The listings, from Google follow
Research | The Groden Network Matthew Goodwin, The Groden Center Woody McGinnis, Oxidative Stress in Autism Study George Lambert, University of Medicine and Dentistry ... - Cached -

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... Lewis P. Lipsitt, and Matthew S. Goodwin The concepts of stress and coping have ... and behavior of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), ... -

[PPT] Matthew Goodwin - ICDR Home File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - View as HTML
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by M Madsen - 2008 - Cited by 2 - Related articles - All 4 versions
Autism is “the extreme of personalization” :: Now PossibleMay 15, 2009 ... “Autism,” says MIT researcher Matthew Goodwin, “Represents the extreme of personalization. This is a highly heterogeneous population in ... - Cached -

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211.0 CURRENT DIRECTIONS IN THE ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT1) Cardiovascular Assessment of Arousal in Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Presenter: Matthew S. Goodwin, M.A.. (Additional authors: June Groden, ... - Cached - Similar -
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You have to dig deep and think for your self when researching anything - autism included. The more 'popular' and peer approved a person might be the less they might know. Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Changing Times :(

How Autism times have changed -for the worse

A few posts back on this blog I wrote about being overcome with thoughts and being 'forced' to stand there looking 'dumb'. Well, when all is figured out and I recover I can sort of present as normal, thankfully. To do that I learned a different kind of thought process that has yet to grace a text book and happens during the lack of eye contact thought process. Hint it is all figured out autism, something new age autism will never know unfortunately.

Sadly, today while out driving -yes we can function well and drive- I seen a new age autism situation, a mother was desperately pleading with her autistic son who was having a melt down to get in the "D***** car" she even picked him up and attempted to insert him in the back seat but the door was locked and she had to let him down to unlock it. He then ran from her and stood behind the car. Now If I'd tired that stunt Mom would have lovingly gave me a whack and I got several growing up. Standing there having a melt down and allowing it to happen time and again is not at all productive. Perhaps these same people send their dog to obedience school why not make your kids adhere to the same standards?

I know new autism is all filled with million of reasons why and why not to discipline a child. From the no touch drug filled parenting heading for a group home ideal to its the Autism and the not child idea modern autism had been forced to confirm to the whims and fancy of a very ignorant professionals that lost track of the whole thing. (after Rain Man the movie) Autism is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and once we learn the thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact they yield normal thoughts and even Einstein ones. Old Autism is blueprinted and proven but admitting to old autism will inadvertently cripple modern autism that depends on its ignorance to survive. Autism's peer review will assure autism remains the trouble it never was for centuries to come. Note; the biggest lobbyist (America) for Autism are the Group home industry and the Drug Companies- seems they need to keep a steady flow of people coming into their homes. PLEASE don't go threw life fat drunk and stupid- discover- old working autism it is the building blocks of the mind!

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

Inventor of The Turing Motor

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


An Autism Experience!

Comments on the Broadway Across America Play Mamma Mia. Columbus, Ohio July 11, 2009

Presented by Capa - Presented at the Majestic Ohio Theatre Downtown Columbus.

The show was delightful very well done and worth every bit of the time and money. The casting and the staging was first rate, the singers and performers did a very good job and the audience was enthralled with their play. It was a delightful bit of Broadway in Ohio.

Now add the Autism to the mix and I think I was the only one there short of a deaf person that never comprehended the words to the songs or sometimes the words of the actors I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry as the people around me were impressed with the clear words from the songs and singers. I heard more than once the singers could belt out a tune. Well I was one person of the full packed theatre that never comprehended a word of the very loud well done play. That has been autism all my life - the louder bolder the noise, the less of it we comprehend. The more noise to figure out at one time (no matter how simple) the less of it that computes, overall.

That is the autism at work. This is still new news to the so called Autism Professionals but even figured out autism like I profess cannot keep up with bold and fast paced. Weather it’s a Broadway musical or counting change to a stranger we just are not there fast enough to keep up: at least I kind of learned to keep eye contact. Our brains use two different processes and we convert our deep thoughts, in this case confused with the noise and the bold loud words and turn them into normal thoughts and the resulting jumble in this case is not all there. I could not tell you a word of the songs. It was all noise with no meaning. Now as I write this I am listening to the CD of Mamma Mia even as I write this and played a low volume I can feel and hear every word all the words- all the ones everyone else did yesterday at the show. Funny in the 1800’s they fired a gun off near the ear of The Boy from Averyon (Victor) in a scientific (of course) test to see if he could hear. They determined he could hear but just like me computing what we hear is a different story. By the way autism hearing and thought are figured out, if Autism research would care to listen?

Funny, while talking to the people I was there with, I just read the lips of my sister mom and Hal and since I knew them and had their ‘100 conversations’ (a Rich term) figured out I just responded with a pre thought answer. Funny I didn’t even don’t even come off as an idiot. Still, I feel like one deep inside. In real life if I’m out of my element of familiar people or simple conversations I often stutter and fumble as all the autism thoughts just get all twisted together. Now the “damm funny” part of all of this when we got to mom’s house and she was showing off her computer cabinet and all the items in it I was struck with one the components just giving off a high pitch squeal that no one else heard. That same hearing level noise is the same stuff I use to diagnose car trouble with. In most people’s mindset louder and bolder makes for a better message but in autism's case it muddles the whole effect. However, the flip side to this slow out of touch thought process is Einstein. The slow deliberate one by one thoughts that mess up in this situation are the thoughts that mankind has yet to figure out, or get into a text book (autism/Einstein). These are keystones that really compute and solve the bigger challenges of life.

Rich Shull Host of the Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor a green 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor. “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! “

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A new reason for reason

Philosophy, philosopher ,philosophers

I love Philosophers, they are generally speaking great thinkers and ready for any point of view. They work and weigh the options and figure and refigure things all to no avail as they don't have all the 'facts' to work with. I suspect all the theories that hold water have been explored and figured and mis figured and to their credit they don't give up. BUT What If? there were more to the human story and say another 1000 chapters to the psychology book of life yet to be written? Not only is there more to psychology there seems to be a whole living anthropology of people to support the idea there is a 1000 missing chapters to psychology.

Old Autism is noted for many high functioning people and we all out perform Rain Man the movie character. What we figured out his limited autism thoughts and then built upon them. Autism is the great leveler and also the great divide in psychology. Autism is both MR/DD and Einstein. Autism is the one by one building blocks of the human mind. The small sub thought, a routine invisible to the average thinker, also known as the' lack of eye contact' thoughts noted in Autism circles are in reality, just your daydream type thoughts working for us as humans in general.

When we think our OPTIC vision is off , yes our eyes are OFF. Our brains interject an image in our optic nerve and that image is a picture thought. Once we learn those picture thoughts they become second nature and we don't need them and and once we learn to use our picture thoughts -Einstein thoughts- water them down we can do normal thoughts just like you use. Every human has the Einstein ability in their mindset only few of us have ever developed it. In fact most humans just use a very simple shorthand version of autism -Einstein Thoughts. Normal thoughts as you know and use them are, Autism thoughts we have figured out that have been streamlined and watered down over the years perhaps by simple evolution. I include the best minds in the world in the Normal Thinker ideal. That goes miles in explaining why research and so called experts often get sidetracked and lost and spend year upon year looking under the wrong rocks to discover the obvious. The good thinkers we do have often have the world figured out but, can't overcome the "mass ignorance " factor. Gasp! Many of us now claiming Einstein status, are also former "retards" as we started out life in special education classes. What we were really doing was self teaching our selves a kind of human thought process that has never been in a text book before. At one end of the scale where we started life and school was special education and the other is Einstein and above. Note only AFTER we learn to water down our thoughts to your level can we come off as smart ,social and a non Rain Man.

There are at least 6 sublevel thoughts that happen during our lack of eye contact thoughts process you would realize as some sort of day dream. Autism's Temple Grandin wrote about the 1st two Still and Motion Pictures in her book called Thinking in Pictures. We add and build on her Picture thoughts, Picture-in picture thoughts, projection thoughts, and 3 and 4 dimension thoughts or Einstein level thoughts. These picture thoughts are the default thought process for us in- simple terms we think with your daydreams all the time. This Daydream picture thought process seems to be the nitty gritty building block thoughts humans do all the time but, just you just do it so well you don't know it is the building blocks of the mind. Nor are you aware of the picture thoughts you naturally do as they happen naturally for you. They are invisible below the surface thoughts and ideas- autistic display them with the lack of eye contact. In simple terms we are learning those thoughts on our own playing catch up to our normal counterparts.We spend much of our lives learning how to think in the sublevel level. Once we learn that the daydream thoughts , we can function OK.

ONLY when you stumble upon a situation where you are forced to say I can 'picture that' and can't put a name to it or your stopped COLD in a thought and you optic vision seems to be off and you are looking at a daydream type of picture thought do you ever get the idea of your inner workings mind wise. (Then you ignore it not knowing it is a glimpse of the innerworkings of you mind's eye) If this theory is right there are 1000's of picture thoughts flowing threw your brain all the time and your mind is just taking the highlights of them and forming words and thoughts,some are spoken as speech some are the basis for more thought. Perhaps that is why mindless television is so popular, watching the tube is just like training wheels on a bike. Is what we are really doing is thinking while watching TV?
I can tell you when I do a series of Einstein Thoughts like the ones on the inner workings of my Turing Motor I can assure you we use every bit of brain power we have as humans. More than once I wanted to hook a computer to my brain for the extra capacity but figure it is worthless overall as the human race in general is not advanced enough to rise past the dark ages- yes we are still there in the dark ages. Oh we might communicate instantly around the world , we might visit outer space and other planets but our Apollo spaceship on the moon in 1969 was like a Roman Chariot being driven by a motor vs. a horse. However we will as humans will be bumbling idiots when the satellites fail or the cell phone and computer systems someday fail- it will demonstrate how technology tricks us in to thinking we are deep down smart.

The only saving grace for mankind is in a desperate pinch someone will listen or tolerate a major disruption of life and some form of progress happens. A case in point is Alan Turing's Computer (1950's) - We use it today and love it but it was such a bad idea coming from a geek that unless it was not the needed hope for mankind and someone (like Churchill actually) seen the hope in his idea it would have never happened. Alan's computer won WWII as it broke Hitler's war codes. Normally,no one would have given Alan the time of day or done his computer theory providing there was not an extreme need . The hope he offered was the only possible hope of good end to the war. Even today Alan a Gay man is never given credit for his genius and despite his work being all over the history it is called secret service work. Man will relent when he has to but only then.

The promise of this new/old autism theory is, it might well explain every detail of the human mindset. It can explain dyslexia, stuttering ,learning abilities and dis abilities, how we talk ,form thoughts and even personality traits. Perfectionism and Narcissism, ESP , Dreams and sleep helping to solve problems and moments of genius all will glow and find new provable theories in this autism thought system. Again these are building block thoughts of the mind so it stands to reason they would explain everything about the mind. It also stands to reason the experts of all types will never have much luck in what we have done. This thought system has never been in a book before and you are already using a shorthand version of it. Naturally, research is looking up and trying to discover the facts that are not there. However, if we retrain research to look down the evolutionary ladder we will as humans put a foundation under us that will go miles in making the world and humans and mankind in general much more pleasant to each other.

The associated anthropology of people that self taught our own version of the human mind to our selves, have done one of the biggest double blind experiences of all time. Even Di Vinci and Einstein participated in it. We admire these guys and many many more great minds but until now we just put words in their mouths and quoted and mis quoted them to suit our own goals. Now finally, with this discovery we have the insight they shared that made them so 'popular' often long after they were passed on. People talk of the final frontier being space ,and exploring the depths of the oceans and the core of the earth but in reality the final frontier is man's mind and I fear he will be shocking disappointed to discover its not the masterpiece he thought it was. Even a 'work in progress' banner is giving too much credit to mankind's mindset. When this mindset is mastered it will be obvious just how primitive we really are. Take away our technology and the third world dark ages that industrialized nations keep at bay will be in everyone's back yard proving once and for all were not all that advanced. For sure we have too many people on mother earth and most are not well off at all. As long as the people with money run things to their advantage some will always prosper and spin it as life is great.

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