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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Turing Motor 70% Efficient

The Autistically Designed Turing Motor, 70% efficient

Well Now, America it seems is getting her 'come up ance' She (we) have been big and bold and wasting billions of gallons of fuel to drive around our EGO and gee, now with gas at $3.00 per gallon or more the Sport Utility Vehicle finally looks ridiculous, and not a moment too soon. It seems the only real thing we are sharing with the world is tons of bad air pollution as a result of driving our Ego boosters. Does anyone remember the gas crunch of 1973? a Honda Civic could not be found for retail price and they literally scrapped 1000's of unsold Chryslers. Perhaps we forgot those good old days?

Well, perhaps the 'glory' days could live again? My Turing Motor named for Autistic inventor and father of the Computer Alan Turing (1912-1954) is a 70% Efficient internal combustion motor. This Autistically designed motor logically traps and uses every BTU of energy it can and as a result it has double the efficiency of the current Model T motors we still use today. Just think some ridiculous SUV that gets a dismal 9 per gallon might actually get 20 mpg in town and still have towing power. Some reasonable car might top 100 MPG using this motor.

Despite, the good idea, and the desperate need for an efficient motor odds are it will never happen. A Gay Autistic Auto mechanic that understands the "Model T" (few people do understand it) without a degree in anything but Autism and real life doesn't have a chance of overcoming the Rain Man or Forrest Gump image. Few people hire me to fix their cars and those that do come to me as a last resort and so far all have left my shop delighted, I fix the model T no one understands the High tech cares for itself. If someone were willing to 'waste' about $60,000 in Venture capital I could build a working version of the motor that could be reverse engineered. That is the one and only way I could ever prove it works since like my autism the theories that make it run have never been in a text book before. My only stipulations are I work ALONE (an Autism trait) and the resulting patients will be freely distributed and produced worldwide for the sake of mother earth.

The finished product will Idle at 2-3 rpm, All parts will spin the same direction, there will be NO up and down moving parts (inefficiency). It will easily run 7-8000 Rpm and will need cooled with nitrogen as it will run really hot. A few advancements in thinking and blending of a few technologies could have this motor built and running in a few years. I predict the American Versions of it would be the ones that catch fire and suffer from subpar reliability, they just seem to cut too many corners too many times.--- The day Toyota, Honda or Sabrau builds the space shuttle is the day we get there and back without a disaster.

Alan Turing's (father of the computer science) computer work has been all over history and disguised and hidden as British Secret Service Work. Like Alan who would have believed an Autistic Gay man could invent a thing, well believe it. You owe your computer and Internet connection to him. His Computer also figured out Nazi War codes that stopped Hitler! Modern Autism will continue do its part to keep us hidden and our unorthodox ideas will do the rest. Until someone finds a way to repackage our ideas and make them tolerable to the "advanced human species" we think we are-it is just "too stupid" and people are ''too homophobic" to ever admit to the motor or us. I BET they would line up to drive it however, just like they strive for the best of computers today.

Rich Shull

Sunday, August 28, 2005

First Glimpse, and other sayings

I seen this on the web, I have no idea who wrote it but it certainly applies here.

"The first glimpse of truth will leave you speechless,because of surprise,

Second, because words fail to describe it! (ironically we are talking of a picutre based thought process that has never been in print before!, No wonder words don't do it justice, we have to work so very hard to convert autism to words! )

Another one from 19C philosopher Authur Schopenhauer

All Truth passes through three stages,
1 It is ridiculed
2 It is violently opposed
3 It is accepcted as self evident

Friday, August 26, 2005

An Autism Summit?

Another Shared post from JZS Autism.

Everyone comes out a winner!I (we) (our living anthropology) have no greater goal or need in our lives than to explain our never in print before Autism Thought process to the world at large. Naturally, everything about our persona ,our backgound and reputations don't do one thing to help our casue in the average mind. We can not change the facts of our doubleblind autism experience or spin them to a large degree but our results are just simply outstanding. It is "impossible" for the modern experts of autism to ever stumble upon our ideals, our most basic thoughts and learn what it is we do and have to do to connect to the traditional thinker. Autism has been figured out with our naturally programed (for us) different kind of human thought.

With out that inside information everyone in the spectrum is at a disadvantage. If we were to hold a Summit say at an univerisity (Indiana Univerisity comes to mind) and sit down and explain our entire state of mind and being- autism would finally have a clue to us and our sucessfull anthropology. If it were a closed door affair the spin and the hype could be totally controlled in such a way that those in attendance would not have to admit they were there. We would welcome those in attendance to plagorize our work ,for the good of autism as it more important to get our knowlege presented to the "experts" than it is to have a tit for tat fight over the details. Just a few dribbles of our insight would be enough to unlock and open all kinds of doors in autism. Autism could rewrite its own history if it had a new points of view based in reality.

I could easly gather 4-5 people in our anthropology and many more if we could fly people in from all over the world that all do normal life with autism as our base thought process. We are proficient picture thinkers! (Temple Grandins and beyond)We could start the summit with presentations form us explaining our thoughts and then have the people in our audience do a question and answer sessions and even group activities where we could even let them experiene autism like we do. I predict when all is said and done autism might actually be more figured out that it ever could be otherwise. Getting any amount of correct insight into mainstream autism would be a victory of sorts. Of course, now that Autism is in show business our mostly gay anthropology could never be admitted to. The best news here is our doubleblind autism experience if duplicated would work for everyone in the spectrum!

We owe it to mankind and those in the autism spectrum to at least listen to its best functioing anthropology. Again we would not have to be admitted to in public and thus the autism empire and funding might remain in tact. The information gained from our summit could be spun and played to best advantage with out hurting reputations of the big players. Our proven sucess in real life is our proof we have been there and done that. Information like this 'NEVER' comes up from the bottom in terms of traditional human logic, so again people in autism research would have to plagorize our work and call it research. That is a small price to pay in an effort to get a never before in Print human thought process to the next level of acceptance. Our anthropolgy and all of is factors and the results of our doubleblind autism experiements will probably never be duplicated again, so many mistakes and wrong things happened to us that turned out to be the right things.

Our Autism is the same no matter what country we are from or language we speak. We even share the same milestones in development. In a nutshell we think with a brain generated Image like your day dreams kind of (Temple's Picture thoughts and beyond)that are our natural first language. We then have learned to convert that language ,those daydreams if you will, to words or actions. We learned to do all of this by trial and error. 30-40-45 years later we are proficinet picture thinkers. Condense our experience and you could teach our "language" by sixth grade Even tradtional teachers could be taught our language and ways. I think the 'worst' part of this enitire idea even beyond the social issues is the idea our thought process is largely invisable. That is why our insight has been missed in autism circles and WHY some autisitc people do remarkable things they are not supposed to do. In that case they have figured out a bit of their thoughts. The cost of such a summit would be a GREAT investment and use of tax money and Money from private sources. The cost and the odd of doing our doubleblind autism experiements would be billions but the cost of simply harvesting the information is a relitave bargin. Please urge the Autism Powers to invest in such a summit.

Sincerely Rich Shull ,Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism ,inventor of The Turing Motor , a 70% efficent,green, autistically designed car motor.

Kind words

Comment from another online Autism group

To Rich: I learn so much from you!!!!!! Each time you write it's like a > glass door opening into a new room in a house I've been to before.

A sincere Thank You to this person , rich

Interesting post

A shared post from JZS autism On Yahoo,

Quote ,snip from a previous post on this board. Comment by Rich Shull,

"Remember my son talks on record players by hardly looking at the old black records, but placing the needle perfectly on certain works and phrases he wishes --- and remembers. No one has ever figured how he does that. I know another who speaks and writes Arabic about which his family knows nothing; and a third who reads subconscious emotions and embarrasses strong men and women by exposing their greatest fears and sensitivities in crowded rooms."

From Rich Shull,

Our First language (unkonown to the world, seemingly) is Autism's Picture thoughts (in our case) The act of finding the perfect location on a record is a rather simple autisitc event. The hard part about Autism is actually speaking words and translating the picture thoughts to words to be spoken or an action to be done. I can see where is picture thought would show him in a brain generated image of the recors and the neddle placement. If he had been lucky enough to learn a bit of picture thought translation he might be actually be able to tell you the exact same things with his words.

Obviously Autism our natural programmed language is DIFFERENT from your traditional language and your language and thoughts are foriegn to us. Just like I write about here of Picture thoughts and translations and brain generated images that are invisable to anyone else and you naturaly say "WHAT?" We say , or could say the same things about your traditional thoughts. (What are you talking about?) We really are on two different planets and those of us that have figured them out 'know what to translate ' and tricks to doing it in a way where we can convert Picture thoughts to words in a timly fashion.

Even thought we do well from an autism point of view even the best of us can easily get tripped up and loose our place or end up lost in the conversation if it is fast or normal paced. If we know and understand the subject we do better.

Arabic is an 'easy' language easier than a romantic language like English and from a picture thinking stand point it translates from our brian generated images (invisable to you) to words much easier. I know and work with some Arabic speakers and their language is easy from an autism point of view, I can see where this guy could relate to it with ease.

Finally, (my appologies, please don't take offense) people are so predictable! Conversations follow a few simple patterns, nearly all the time. From a picture thinking point of view ,we have had to figure out human conversations and speech patters and emotion form an Autism Standpoint we have learned a different type of communication than you would ever expect. I can be dropped into the middle of conversation and tell you what was said and how it will end 98% of the time. I am talking about general chit chat conversations and a few technical conversations we have with co-workers.

Many of us with our different hearing can tell you when someone is not sincere or even lying. I guess we have figured out the likely words you might use :we "really listen" and see how honest they are. Many years ago a fellow co worker was well liked and respected and indeed a "BS"er" and other coworkers thought I was rather rude to him and needed to treat him better. I took the hint but still I didn't trust him. 5 months later he never showed up for work and money was missing and we found out a little too much about him. My co workers all said "you knew something all along" I did to some degree.

I (we were) was lucky and with our Autism social training our Queer eye training we learned not to expose others feelings or weak points even if we had them figured them out. It seems we get everything out of a conversation but what the words actually said.

I would love to offer in my dream Autism school entire classes on Picutre thought translation. Those of us that do it in a proficient format know it isn't hard if your picture thinker but it is impossible if the people teaching you or attempting to don't even know your language and what you need to do to use it. Again we think in Pictures, that are invisable to you, they might resemble your daydreams. We take those daydreams and read them and convert them to words or actions. Have you ever tried to explain a sleep dream to some one? The same process or something like it is involved in translating our picture thoughts to traditional language.

I had and have wrote about it here and my blog my first conversations with other proficient picture thinkers and they have been teriffic! It was so much fun to finally have a conversation with another person and actually be connected to them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Autism's Divide

Autism's Great Divide Rain Man is the Dividing point.

I know my line of approach, and tone in this blog has been quite the 'wrong one' in many respects but, it is the only one I know to take. Just as I know my Pre Rain Man Autism and have completed the Autism Experience like those in our anthropology have, I also know the new modern autism doesn't resemble much of what we are about. The invented autism of modern times is just that invented and embellished and now moralized for the greater good, There is even a postage stamp for gosh sake. It has everything modern and media related but, nothing anchored in its best performing asset; its past.

Only in the modern age can the "BEST" autism research be brought sold and traded like stock in the markets. Just like government is known for not being the best performing entity Autism research like government is self serving. The 'truth' is what ever has been brought and paid for and invented and conjured up. Modern Autism is so different from the old autism but yet the lowest functioning people probably the real Autisitcs simply are termed low functioning and left to do their own thing.

When I talk with those in the modern end of the spectrum both aspies and parents it is obvious we are on two different planets. Modern Autism's Curse assures the modern Autistic persons remain as dumb as possible. (with the best of intention) Modern autism Is filled with all kinds of problems we never knew. Few of us in the anthropology were behavior troubles and most of were in fact loners that never misbehaved. As I have said before it seems like only 1/3 of all autism folks both past and present 'know us.' If Modern Autism was doing so well and knew so much how come modern Aspies are graduating school and reading at the first grade level? How Come our Anthropology for the most part does a traditional life, many of drive and hold traditional jobs and even some of us excel in our fields? All they have to do sallow their pride, admit to a few errors and copy our anthropology's success. An Autistic mind sees the logic to that statement but the traditional thinker would NEVER in a million years admit they jumped the gun in autism research. They have created a culture in some respects that screams 'SUE ME" and if they admitted to us lots of aspie spectrum folks would have very good cases against autism.

Having learned from the master's in autism I can be trusted (humor) If I ever win the pools (lotto) that I will indeed buy all the autism publicity I can get and present the old untold unadmitted Autism story to the world. It seems academic re$earch including double-blind autism experiments are not good for business, the big business of autism.

Rich Http://

Monday, August 22, 2005

Mankind Cheated Again.

From the ASA E-newsletter

From Rich Shull, Blog Owner

Wow! Were in the deep stuff now, (with a tear in my eye). The blinders of autism have just served their purpose once again and the invented Autism of recent times, is now more than ever a reality. It seems researchers from far and wide and knowingly or unknowingly will be employed for many years to come with a big infusion of corporate funding. Think of the job security and the prestige this could entail for a few people. Also think of the poor families yet again broadsided and the Autistic people condemned to a group home. Ignorance is bold and not so bliss. Naturally, attempting to solve Autism with the point of view of traditional thought
only insures it will be many more centuries before all of our current figured out, information will again come out in the wash. Oh well, at least they will have a few centuries to reinvent the wheel again. It certainly beats admitting to a figured out anthropology. Perhaps someday one of the big researchers will be in serious physical pain and remember gee, there was group of Pain Free Autistic, We should have studied them?

I hope and encourage the autism powers to copy or try to figure out our SUCCESS and I even invite them to plagiarize our work for the good of Autism but alas, they don't have the right point of view or the inside knowledge to even realize they shot themselves in the foot. Mankind is the one that is cheated, our knowledge our insight, our pain free injuries are just to real to be admitted to especially since we don't support every case of the modern autism Era.

Old and Low functioning Autism of today seems to be Picture thoughts, Pain Tolerance and Keen Senses a NEED to be alone! -very much a old Pre Rain Man Definition Of Autism

Modern Autism seem to anything put that and most of these folks even want to be social! They feel pain in a traditional way and seem to be prone to behavior troubles. Look "Cross eyed" and have a few troubles and you might be "autistic." Of Course, those Post Rain Man Diagnosis standards just can't be admitted to now as a mistake.

It seems we just have a feather in our cap and the pride of knowing we have figured out a thought process that has never been in Print before. A thought process like this one would go miles in furthering the study of Psychology and Education and Science. Despite are worldwide anthropology and double blind successful experiments-we haven't even tripped a switch -- when it comes to the 'real autism' of today.

As I have said before, If they knew what they were doing, Temple's book Thinking in Pictures would be noted for setting the ground work, the presenting the basic autism skills that it offers. Obviously no "EXPERT" has ever had an autistic thought!

They would not know Autism If jumped up and bit them / Like it already has.

the newsletter copy tuncated

The Autism Society of America's eNewsletter
August 22, 2005

Autism Society of America Launches New Branding EffortInitiatives to Enhance ASA’s Presence, Bring Increased Attention to Autism Epidemic
The Autism Society of America (ASA), the nation’s most widely-recognized and largest grassroots organization serving the entire autism community, officially launched for the public today its new branding campaign, which includes, among many branding initiatives, a new logo; a makeover for its Web site,, the most widely used site on the Internet for autism information and resources; and a jarring new ASA initiative,, targeted at corporate donors and those outside the autism community.
“Today is a dynamic and ever-changing time in the autism community. More than ever before, autism is receiving unprecedented national and international attention, and our organization is challenged to be the autism community’s voice,” said ASA President & CEO Lee Grossman. “Our branding initiative seeks to take ASA to a new, more competitive level both inside and outside the autism community by raising public consciousness about autism.”
Created by Fishtank Brand Advertising of San Diego, CA, and TeamBrand, San Francisco, CA, the new ASA logo combines traditional patriotic colors with autism’s symbolic puzzle pattern along with a modern design, reflecting ASA’s loyalty to its roots and dedication to the new age of autism.
To enhance its presence on the Internet, ASA’s Web site has been transformed into the online source for “The Voice of Autism,” ASA’s new tagline. The organization’s site is now easier to navigate and full of new interactive components, making it more user-friendly. At the same time, portrays the harsh realities of autism that are not currently communicated to the general public.
“Our goal was to create a new identity that truly reflected the power and presence the Autism Society of America deserves,” said Fishtank Brand Advertising Managing Partner and Chief Brand Strategist Remy Laughery. “Autism deserves our attention and our agency is proud to be a part of this effort.”
Autism Society of America Unveils New Awareness Arm to Fight Autism “Getting the Word Out” to Reach General Public, Increase Awareness
The Autism Society of America (ASA) unveiled today—along with its enhanced Web site, and new corporate logo—its jarring new initiative to combat the rising statistics of autism diagnoses, The new program, created by Fishtank Brand Advertising of San Diego, CA, and TeamBrand, San Francisco, CA, seeks to reach out to those outside the autism community to demonstrate the harsh realities of living with autism.
“One in 166 children in the U.S. will be newly diagnosed with autism every day. With numbers like this, it’s imperative that the general public wake up to the realities of the autism epidemic,” said ASA President & CEO Lee Grossman. “This new initiative is to get the word out about autism: what it is, what it does to families and what people can do to help us combat it.”
“ speaks to that pool of unaware, unaffected people who have no idea of the rising, astronomical numbers on autism,” said Fishtank’s Managing Partner and Chief Creative Director Ryan Berman. “It’s not enough that they’ve heard about autism, we need them to do something about it.”
The new Web site will be supported with a nationwide print campaign that’s due to break nationally this fall. The campaign is intended to raise awareness and funds that will go back into promoting autism research and education.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Peer Review and Natural Blinders

Peer Review One Inherant Flaw.

Peer Review the process that disciplines use to be self policing generally provides a working safety net keeping many views of a subject in check. Generally I think Peer review is an OK idea. However, peer review does not account for innovation, double-blind Autism Experience or knowledge gained via trail and error. The inside information that made our success possible is an embarrassment to the peer review system of Autism. In a way it could be considered a stand against the Good olde boy network. Even, IF some in the peer group felt a need to discover or smear our Autism Anthropology they might only get the go ahead to smear us. Peer review also has been known to cover-up a few things as well.

Of Course, It is just plain easier to ignore Autism's working populations than admit Post Rain Man Autism might have jumped the gun. If we are really lucky Parents, concerned professionals or perhaps other disciplines will be intrigued with our True Science Fiction stories and insist we be admitted to. As it stands "No retarded autistic citizen" could ever be smart enough to ever figure out autism, according to the peer group. Well, that is indeed true, we can't figure out "THEIR" warped version of Autism the one they invented and the one they have cursed so many parents and autistic people to endure with the best of intention.

Autism our unique thought process, our self taught (to this point in history) knowledge has never been available to be peer reviewed. Our Thought process although tried and true and even proven with a living anthropology will remain hidden forever, as long as, the peer review folks piss away the very last generations of Autism before Rain Man to have grown up minus the curse of modern times. While we are indeed a pain in the *** to the establishment it is not all that intentional. It is just our knowledge is unique, exclusive and proven over time and it DOES NOT match the ideals of today thus no matter how right we might be ,we are dead wrong. We have an obligation and a responsibility to tell our story, explain our never before in print thought process despite the best efforts of Autism to keep us hidden. Some of their obvious ignorance is well, Ignorance (of Picture Thought) and lot of it is simple fear of the unknown, as well as, the fear of a few thousand lawsuits from the Post Rain Man generations.

To complicate matters our anthropology is the first that I know of that is living-and-spans the entire globe. The Internet IS our connection that united us, and that keeps us connected and apart all at the same time. We don't have the luxury of just flying around the globe to unite for an autism convention. Many of us do OK in life and do a traditional life and hold a traditional job but, few of us can afford to travel. We have compared notes however, of our double-blind Autism Experience and find we share the same milestones, the same thoughts and the indeed the same basic autism. It is just like learning to read at the 1-2-3rd grade levels. It is possible to condense our experience from 40 years to just 6 years. We note that many of us spent 4,-5-years between various milestones in autism development and we learned those with experience and happenstance, We WERE self-taught after all and traditional thought is our second language NOT our First, No wonder we missed a few points growing up. Our natural 1st language "Autism" has never been in print before short of Temple and Bill Stillman and others. Needless to say Peers don't have a clue and naturally they have a built in bias against an Autism they never thought to think about. We are indeed coming in from "Left Field" or" another planet" Well at least we come in peace and offer new insights for mankind, trouble is Mankind is too smart to be anything but $tupid.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Playing Post Office

From the Autism Society web site,

"BETHESDA, MD — August 16, 2005 — The Autism Society of America (ASA), the nation's most widely-recognized and largest grassroots organization serving the entire autism community, has announced the creation of an ASA postage stamp, now available for purchase on the ASA Web site, " (Truncated)

From Rich Shull, blog owner

Well, now ,(humor) what a shock?

Let's see,,,,, Grassroots?

,,,,,,,,,,, "entire Autism Community? "

Grassroots might mean the poor souls caught in the aftermath of Rain Man?

Perhaps the "entire Autism community" is the one they invented?

It seems the anthropology represented here on this blog has never been given a chance or even the "time of day" from the modern autism empire. It is no shock they declared them selves the "entire" autism community, they are holding the reins at the moment and no matter what we do our how well we do it, how well we function-they can never admit to us as we unintentionally deflate lots of autism hype and we span EVERY autism generation.

Somehow a double blind autism experiment performed by people all over the world ignorant of one another is not welcome news to an empire built on a false promise. (humor) I guess I'm glad they are not Nascar / Elvis Stamps,,,,,, although I haven't seen them yet, I might have spoke too soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Compromise and Progress

A Win, Win for everyone!

The ART and Saving Grace of Compromise and the Hope of Autism-

Dear Reader's:
This is a shared post for many different Autism Yahoo groups and had it origins in the Yahoo group JZS autism. I also posted this on my Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and the response has "rung a bell". I have been flooded with Email response from Parents that 'connect' and think their kids do to.

Our autism anthropology has done double blind autism experiments and we seem to be the best functioning people in autism. Most of us do traditional lives and our thought process has never been in print before short of Temple's Thinking in Pictures, my own book Pre Rain Man Autism (built on hers) and also the works of Bill Stillman and others. "The book" from a research point of view from a university, or Ph.D. perspective, has yet to written on autism. Politically we cannot be admitted to for 1000s of reasons. OR can we? Autism also has the power of compromise at their power and instead of doing the politically impossible and doing a complete study on our anthropology that might make more points than necessary They could convene a summit of those of us that proficiently Picture think (figured out autism?)and learn form our long hand completed autism experiments and 'copy' our basic work.

Once we teach a few key people our 'way of life and state of being' they could easily set up and start a program based on our experience and call it research. It would even be guaranteed research as they could draw on the successful experience of our Anthology and not have to admit to it. Results and achievements could be spun to keep autism supporters happy and MOST Importantly Aspies that indeed think in pictures COULD FOR THE FIRST time ever have their Thought Process presented to them. They would make their own results like we did. It took us 20-30-40 years to figure out autism and our learning curve could take years off a modern aspies trek.

This is Win Win Autism gets to reach into its successful past and get the best parts of our experience. We finally get our never before in print thought process out to the right people and mean while Autism is in total control and can spin the results as needed to keep people happy.

The following clip is my view of what is happening to this little fellow, based on our experience.

THIS CLIP FROMSeattle Post Intelligencer -Julie DavidowSEATTLE

-- Just before his first birthday, Marilyn Filley took her son, Damien, to buy some shoes. The gregarious toddler waved and smiled at everyone he saw."I was kind of embarrassed," Filley said. "I said, 'He thinks he's a celebrity.' "A few months later, he stopped waving altogether.Damien's other burgeoning efforts to communicate receded as well. He started avoiding eye contact. "Ma ma ma ma ma" was replaced by a string of incomprehensible noises. During a later trip to the mall, he appeared not to notice other shoppers and concentrated instead on twirling his wrists around.

From Rich Shull , host blog Pre Rain Man Autism
THIS POOR GUY IS HAVING HIS FIRST PICTURE THOUGHTS! HIS EYES ARE TURNED OFF AND HE IS LOOKING AT A BRAIN GENERATED IMAGE WE USE TO THINK WITH! IT IS INVISIBLE TO ANYONE ELSE BUT US. WHILE WE ARE LOOKING AT A PICTURE THOUGHT OUR VISION IS OFF AND OFTEN TIMES OUR HEARING IS AS WELL.HE LITERALLY MIGHT BE HAVING A PICTURE THOUGHT OF THE MONA LISA OR A PICTURE THOUGHT ALL OF HIS OWN. A PICTURE (THOUGHT) IS WORTH A 1000 WORDS AND A MILLION THOUGHTS. HIS BABBLING IS JUST HIS FIRST ATTEMPTS TO TRANSLATE HIS PICTURE THOUGHTS TO SPEECH TO BE SPOKEN. HE IS OF COURSE LIMITED BY HIS LIMITED WORDS AT THIS AGE. PLUS IT TAKE Lots OF TRAIL AND ERROR PRACTICE TO BE ABLE TO EFFICIENTLY CONVERT PICTURE THOUGHTS TO WORDS. If autism were ever taught in school we would have to dedicate entire courses to picture translation. You normal conversation moves way to fast for a beginner picture thinker. (thus the babbling) Our Picture thoughts are with you and current and even ahead of your thoughts BUT converting our thoughts to words throw a ringer in the picture.I remember looking for my hand, etc., when I was having my first picture thoughts and he might be doing the same, if he has the pain tolerance he would spin it really hard or bam it on something to get it to register in his brain. Of course our eyes are turned off and we don't see you or our hands.He is at another disadvantage to, (if our anthropology experience is correct) and that is the first picture thoughts are full optic canceling events, like Temple Wrote about. (and Bill Stillman).Those of us in advanced autism have developed ways to keep track of traditional optic vision (eye contact) and still picture think.

The boy with blond curls who once danced to his dad's funky guitar riffs was drifting away."It didn't look like he was exploring his world anymore," Filley said.

More from Rich

HE IS indeed exploring his world like many of us did. Only thing is our thought process has never been in print before (or belivied)and he is learning his naturally programmed thought process on his own. In my dream Autism School We would have 'number lines ' describing our picture thoughts, we would tell our students this is normal for them and ask what their picture thought was concerning this or that question. We could have classes explaing our thoughts and discussions on which thought works best with each situation. We could have social skills classes that connects autism to the real world. Our anthropology has already done the longhand version of this experience and study our results and I'm sure you could teach Autism by 6th grade. Then the student could be mainstreamed and have only an occasional Autism classes.I have posted on my Blog a "COPY," an illustration of our super advanced thought in a series of posts dealing with the move Pillow Talk, I used pictures from that film to mimic our autism thoughts.Please look them over and you might get an idea what this poor fellow is trying to do.Sincerely Rich Shull

Saturday, August 06, 2005

More Show Business!

Big Names and Purposely ignored details,

"A Standup Act
Comic Jerry Seinfeld and music's Paul Simon will perform together for one night only to help raise money for autism research.

The Concert will be Sept 24 at the Kodak Theater in L.A." Quote from various web pages.

Autism is in show business, and nothing says success more than top performers helping your cause. I'm indeed indebted to the performers and those that organize the events I 'm sure your hearts are all in the right place but, having to keep a perfect public image has cheated autism and mankind out of the best insights. A friend of mine was poster child for cerebral palsy in 1967 and it is pretty obvious that once your no longer cute and cuddly with crutches they no longer care about you. Despite his fame he was just a pawn in the funding game. Many years later when he 'no longer ' had the appeal they literally ignored his pleas for help.

Autism is setting on" one big goose egg "and when we hatch many in autism will be red faced! Our autism Anthropology sadly only supports about 1/3 of all autistic people and we seem to the ones that were the lowest functiong people in school and the highest functioning people in real life. We have done double blind autism experiments and figured out our Autism Thought process that has never been in print before. Our anthropology has missed out on the most of modern Post Rain Man Autism. If our anthropology supported the entire story after Rain Man you can be sure we would not be swept under the rug.

Autism was reinvented after Rain Man the movie and it was turned into something big. Today this big out-of-control empire has unknowingly (not intentionally, I hope) missed the entire point to autism. It is a natural honest mistake but still that is no reason to keep ignoring a working past that does everything Autism claims as impossible. Who ever would have expected Autism to be figured out by its own population? Looking at autism from inside out it is clear as can be, why modern research has missed all of the points to the condition: they are not autistic.

As long as they invent and reinvent autism and set the standards and gauge their performance to the top performers they can attract Autism will never be figured out. Again as I have said Autism needs learned not cured and we have already "learned" it and simply condense our 30-40 year experience and you could teach autism by sixth grade. I suspect that ideal of simply harvesting the information form our completed autism experiment might never happen, no empire would be so foolish. HOWEVER, IF we supported the Post Rain Man Autism you know we would be exploited. NOTE: our anthropology is not on purpose different with our misalignment with the current autism empire is unintentional and might reflect the wild new autism.

My Point is our anthropology admitted to and all figured out like it is would simply deflate the Autism Empire. It would be autistically politically, incorrect to even think of doing a study on our population and its obvious success. The day we see an autism researcher with autism is the day we have figured out the condition. I wonder just how well paid some of those researchers are? Wouldn't they be fools to admit to us and cut off their gravy train?