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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Two different kinds of 'Autism' obvious.

Enlightenment is useful and even considered a necessity when one claims any type of knowledge or expertise in any subject weather it be is autism or widgets. Classic Autisitcs often have their obsessions and splinter skills that have propelled them threw life and today now that we have met it is obvious our autism is obvious to us, it is the stuff that goes beyond Thinking in Pictures to our Proficient picture thoughts. No matter what age we are or language we speak it is OBVIOUS among our selves how we think in pictures how we act in real life, our same milestones in Autism development and even it is even obvious HOW modern Autism research simply assumes Autism is a version of traditional thought. It is obvious we can't be admitted to since Autism has become a buzzword and an epidemic.
It is also obvious many of us don't Perform totally well in real life either but many of us do OK.

Modern Autism also sees OBVIOUS points its autism most of which I think are the result of a little too much research. Research from the best of autism is lacking our insight our true to life experience and the results of our double-blind Autism experience and indeed our unique social booster experience where we connected to the real world in a social setting.

It is Obvious we all (most of us) overcame autism without even one hint of help form the Rain Man buzzword autism, We missed out on the diets, the special education and many other things. It WOULD be obvious if our anthropology were ever studied that autism is a unique thought process and state of being that is not all that complicated just it has NEVER been in a text book before. It is obvious the expert have been speaking "Russian" and trying to teach us "Spanish" while all along we have been speaking and thinking in "French." Funny thing is Autism the proficient picture thoughts have proven to be the SAME thing no matter what. That is remarkable considering all.

It is OBVIOUS modern Autism is on purpose trying to ignore us. Most of the reasons Why they try to ignore us are obvious but, it is the Autisitcs and their parents that are cheated. Ultimately it is mankind that has shot himself in the foot as our never in print before thought process and our entire different state of being has never been accounted for in anemic academic circles To their credit not many science disciplines have ever been presented with a living working unstudied anthropology and people in autism and research circles have to scratch their head and wonder just how to approach a situation like this and still keep their reputation, study us and temper the results of our success to prevent a roit or to in autism circles. Some "prize 'researcher might get lucky and connect with us and plagiarize the results and call it his-her research and this point that would be a big help.

It is obvious our Anthropology doesn't hold all the answers to autism but, we seem to hold the key to the city. Who is more creditable a Rain Man Era specialist that has never had an autism thought or people like me in the real word that do drive, do hold traditional jobs and people like me that excel and do the autism impossible/everyday.Itsn't it obvious that modern Autism was never expecting a 'ringer' like this? Isn't it obvious that no matter how well we do and who we are we are bad for the business of autism?

Obviously there are TWO kinds of obvious at work here and since it seems like the scientific process has been brought out and the Autism standards are now based on a movie and the unchallenged reputations of many "experts" we don't have a chance at even presenting our case let alone even explaining it. It is only those in the spectrum that don't earn a living from autism or hang their reputation on autism research that fear us.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of the Turing Motor.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Constants in Autism

The Constants in Autism:

The Discoveries in Autism

Autism's Proficient Picture Thinkers/ spanning the entire spectrum of Autism

If one takes the blinders off, and views Autism from a time before Rain Man to the modern versions of Autism there is a constant set of standards, a living anthropology, and an entire culture of Autistic people from all over the globe that today do the impossible. We have all done double blind autism experiments and have learned our naturally programed Autism language on our own. We are Autism' s Proficient Picture thinkers, we build upon Temple Grandin's work.

We have figured out a never before in print human thought process that might walk man backwards in time right back to the cave person. We think like no other population on earth and our thoughts if figured out can be too complicated for the average thinker. Those of us figuring out our thoughts have learned how to convert them to traditional thoughts to be spoken and built upon. Temple herself redone the Cattle Industry, Alan Turing was father of the computer, George Washington Carver invented the soybean and many other things, I could on and on as Autisitcs from all ages and times do our good deeds. Often our good work is purposefully hidden as not every one likes us our work. Many don't understand our ideas or where they come from BUT, they are good ideas nonetheless and thus copied. Humans are designed in a such a way that they naturally over look the very best of ideas and ideals. Mankind has shot himself in the foot a few too many times. Modern Autism is a prime case in point.

Our unadmitted to anthropology of proficient thinkers spans all of autism. We are 80 something to teenagers. We were diagnosed early in life and some of us were never diagnosed until late in life. We had super strict upbringings and some times we didn't; Sometimes we had a very strange education experience that broke all the rules and sometimes were treated too special and didn't get too far in real life BUT WE ALL DO the SAME thing today. Some of us are better at autism than others and some of us do a more traditional life than others but the fact remains our timeline spans all of autism. In this big thick soup of modern autism there is a clear distinction between the two groups. There is the proficient thinker group that spans all of time and the modern versions that present an entire different form of Autism.

The Proficient Picture Thinkers, no matter their age seem to fit the oldest explanations of autism and more often than not we Think in Pictures, have keen senses, love to be alone, and have the pain tolerance. As we figure out our odd thoughts and life in general we often blend in pretty well. Who would have ever dreamed an Autistic could ever figure out our own condition?

Our modern counterparts are for sure compromised and their goal is substantially lower than ours was as the have the curse of diagnosis going against them. Just HOW many professionals ever think of an Autistic person (or other disadvantaged population) as anything more than a meal ticket? Who ever expects an Autistic person to live a normal life drive and hold a traditional job, like we do? What professional has admitted to us or our anthropology or taken the time to even copy the milestones we achieved in our trial and error eductions.

Just how many times do we have to offer an olive branch to modern Autism? Our results of our anthropology sadly don't support (seemingly) all of modern Autism and it is indeed possible for our long-term proven autism to be flushed down the drain for the sake of "autism." With ignorant pompous professionals controlling autism who have no regard for the scientific process, autism is doomed to supply the group home industry with more than enough consumers for their job security. Isn't success funny? Autism has invented the computer and many other things and our thought process is legendary and has never been print before and yet that is reason enough not to admit to u$. You bet it i$.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor.

By the way, as of this writing the Autism Socieiy of America has still not admitted to us, even after years worth of attempts. I bet If we had their power ,might and tax money, or if we simply supported their cause, they would have kept on admitting to us like they once did years ago? PLEASE urge the ASA to admit to all of autism not just parts it likes.

Thanks Rosa Parks

The World lost a friend today.

In Memory of Rosa Parks.

Although she would never take credit for starting the civil rights movement In America in the 1950s Rosa Parks and countless others like her from all over the world have done the world a favor for standing up, pressing on, and inspiring others to do the same. Rosa is indeed one of my heroes. Few of us get to leave our mark on time and she was one that really did it for the cause, despite her stand costing her job and many other hardships. I only hope I have half as much courage in daily life than she displayed.

Ignorance, bigotry and pure stupidity were her biggest detractors and today they have been proven impotent over the battle of time. No, we are still not done. We don't have a wonderful respectful, peaceful world for all to share but we are further along than ever before. Let us all thank Rosa for being there and taking a stand, We need to do the same to keep her honor alive. Rich Shull

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Autism -Buy Back

If I could turn back time? Autism's Buy Back ?

Corporations do it all the time buy back their own stock, If I could afford to do so I would buy back Autism from Rain Man and stop this now out of control Run-away-train. Everyone in the spectrum would benefit except for perhaps the current power players in the field. Mankind needs to know our different WORKING proficient picture thoughts and apply our insight many other areas such as education, psychology and medical science. The reason autism never missed us is the fact we are hidden in plain sight and in the common mind it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for any 'retarded' person with Autism or any other condition to ever figure out our own conditions.

Man is not as smart as he thinks he is and those with college degrees tend to only know what they learned in college and those with real life hands on experience don't have a degree thus, we are too stupid to figure out our Picture Thoughts, let alone use them in daily life. Naturally, ANY living anthropology that doesn't support Autism's current goals cannot be admitted to for political reasons alone. Add a few more adjectives to our names and for sure we are "trouble makers." Plus our thought process has never been in a text book before.

Perhaps Universities don't encourage critical thinking? Perhaps autism is too connected to funding and its own research and to its recent show business heritage to ever see the real points ever again? Really, I would not care in the least, except for the fact Autism's neglect of all of its facts is cheating mankind out of a never in print before human thought process that might just very well take man back in time in terms of psychology and education to the cave person times and offer a ladder back in time. Doesn't it make sense that some form of the cave person thought process still remains in some form? Proficient Picture thinkers just might be the missing link.

No matter what we turn out to be at least ONE professional in Autism/psychology circles needs to know our thoughts like we do and they will sing our praises and instantly see the same obvious Autism errors that we do. Our long term PROVEN anthropology will not be washed away with a medical ethics investigation; unlike some current Autism figures. Again as I have stated many times before just how can a double blind autism experiment and a living Anthropology go unnoticed? Politically, I know why but, from a science perspective not admitting to all the facts is just plain bad science.

To the many millions of parents in the autism spectrum I know you have no reason to ever 'doubt' the advise or question the course of action you have undergone in your life concerning your loved ones Autism. Considering the 'facts' and the politics of this era you indeed have been given good advise-HOWEVER-Factor in the many of us that missed Rain Man's Curse and made it in our own. Figure in the younger folks in autism that relate to us, figure in the older people in our anthropology and even the smallest study of us will unintentionally deflate the Rain Man Era autism that you have been forced to endure. We are missing a chance of a lifetime here not investigating ALL of Autism. To the professionals that despise us no one ever died of embarrassment and it is never too late to right a wrong.

It is just too bad that our knowledge and insight and unique life have surfaced just in time to be smacked in the face by the scourge of modern hype and showbusiness. If Rain Man had never happened our trek out of autism would not be a bomb really to explode but rather good news that Autism and Mankind has needed to know for centuries now. At the rate modern Autism Is going it has taken (unknowingly) away our very BEST chances at real life success. The small little quirks we displayed growing up were never considered Autism (thankfully) and our Splinter skills opened up our minds and our lives, the strict discipline of our eras all did wonders in making us the success we are today. Here we are hidden in plain sight but we might as well be invisible.

Even though Modern Autism could not be trusted to investigate our anthropology all they would have to do is host a 'secret summit' among people from our anthropology figure out our success and copy just a little bit of it and that would be the key to Autism, the key to the city. A bit of true insight is all that it would take for modern Autisitcs to do what we did, they could write their own history! Everybody Wins! I go to my grave knowing Mankind is better off knowing of a never admitted to thought process, the "experts" in autism actually experience Autism like we do and they can simply copy our success call it research, spin it to suit themselves and come out smelling like a rose. Autisitcs and their parents will probably no longer be thinking of group homes but rather careers and a pretty traditional life. Outing us in this way saves face, and allows selective release of information so that way Autism can temper the outcome and give themselves a comfort zone between those cursed by modern autism and those given a real chance upon our insight being revealed.

If you think It hasn't been done before just look up George Washington Carver, Alan Turing and Nokla Tesla on the web. ALL of these guys seem very autistic and just look at all they achieved!

Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism ,Inventor of the Turing Motor

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where Did Human Thought Come From?

Where Did Human Thought Come From?

Autism perhaps? Yes, Autism the misunderstood never in print before "different" type of Human thought process. The same Autism George Washington Carver used to develop soybeans and the same Autism Alan Turing used to invent the computer the same stuff Temple Grandin used to reinvent the cattle industry and indeed the same thoughts I have used to Invent my Turing Motor all might really be Autism. Just as Mark Twain said," there is no shurer way to tell if you like someone than to travel with them" there is no better way to figure out Autism and share its insight with mankind by "working with us."

If Autism or anyone else for that matter could 'stoop' a few levels and actually quit trying to hide us and save their pride for later, we could explain our never before in print human thought process. If explained it would be obvious why, we can have the 'best" ideas on earth and at times not function all that well. Our insight would go miles in redefining Autism in to something like it once was before the show business of Rain Man. MOST IMPORTANTLY however we seem to step right back in time and space in the evolution of things and present an early version of human thought. Learning Autism naturally as my first thought process and learning Traditional thought like you use as my "secondary" thought system I (we) can safely predict Picture Thoughts are what the cave persons used to think with. Remnants of that thought system still linger in all of us as we dream and day dream. If you have ever tried to explain a dream you have kind of done an Autistic thought. Do thousands of them a day and along with the other thought quirks Autism needs and you would be Autistic. The hieroglyphics on the cave walls are not so much "how to kill dinner" but, rather the next steps in Autism Thoughts. They are an Autism Chalkboard frozen in time. Naturally traditional thinkers would come to the conclusion it was how to kill dinner but, they don't have the key to the cave so to speak. They don't have the insight (yet) to think or know any differently.

If ANY experts would meet us half way we could fill them in our thoughts and how we think, they too would see like we do the connection in many learning disabilities, and many forms of Mental Illness to our primitive thoughts and senses. Things such as Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) Dyslexia and many others could be explained or at least better understood if someone understood this form of human thought.

When we think (naturally programmed, learned on our own) our Optic Vision is turned OFF and replaced with a Brian generated Image we use to think with. Sometimes that image is really detailed and complicated, just like a traditional photo and other times they are simple pictures. Still nonetheless, Picture Thought is our primary language and we can assure you no one in research circles has ever really had Picture thoughts like we do;so much our thought system fits in perfectly with nearly every mental and educational 'defect' that has baffled man for centuries. We seem to be the KEY to mankind's mystery of his mind. Sadly (with respect) traditional people react and don't think, so all the logic in the world that 'proves' our living anthropology ends up just coming from the "wrong planet," the wrong place to ever be believed. Our Ph D's in real life are just not good enough to interest the research Guru's from academic circles. Figure out (study our anthropology) our odd thoughts and our primitive senses and painless injuries and you will figure out lots more than Autism. If I ever win the pools (lotto) you can trust me to spend that money to 'buy back' Autism for the sake of mankind.

Rich Shull, Http:// Author; Autism Pre Rain Man Autism , inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient car motor

Monday, October 10, 2005

Cartoons My Autism Text Book

Pictured is the way I used my book A Charlie Brown Christmas (c 1966) unknowingly as an Autism Pircture thinking text book. I folded the pages in such a way to make new "pictures" from opposite pages. This was training for the picture thoughts I use today. This IS Autism 101, Now ,all we have to do is convince the experts of that.

The following is a shared quote for corrspondance I had with a person on another Autism Fourm. It relates 'perfectly' to the picture above.

"The other night he asked me if my thoughts were in CARTOON, I found thatvery interesting, to which I replied I don't think so. After thatquestion I had to do some research and came across a lot of info on thethought process of Aspie's. And boy does that not shed some light on myson's reactions. I too notice that he is a very vivid thinker andmovies which I would not think would be offensive to him (children'sshows) can have some serious impact on him. Because of the way heinterprets things what seems funny to us can at times seem extremelydisturbing to him. Well it was just great for me to read your emailRich. I believe if my son had all the words for it he would explain histhought process as you have done.Best regards, "

Thanks for the Kind thoughts.

You know, my VERY FIRST "autism Text book" was the 1966 Edition of a Charlie Brown Christmas. (American Cartoon Strip) My Mom gave me this as a Christmas Gift and when I was 7-8 years old and it is mostly a picture book with a few words and small story line. Unknowingly this became my autism Picture thinkers Text book and I used it all the threw 10th grade. I had no idea I was using this book to absently train my self to use those Picture thoughts I was trying so hard to ignore.

I would look at the pictures and the form new pictures by folding over certain page and 'combining' the picture from one page with the picture on another. Today it is clear as bell I was developing my still picture, motion pictures and even my more advanced picture thoughts by doing this. I could not have been more blessed than to have that book it was in effect the very basics of autism All mapped out. Others in our anthropology sometimes report having a special book that was picture based.

My Friend Gennady from Russia also reports the "a" picture book in his early development. I wish I under stood Russian and our translations were more 'correct' as I think he indeed did the same thing I did in terms of developing his picture thoughts.

As for your Son and his cartoon thoughts be glad he realizes a different thought process, Please encourage him to use it and ALSO encourage him to be sure he explains things to you so you understand him. Doing that will develop his picture Translation skills (Like describing your dreams to someone else) The quicker and better he does that the further along he will get in life. He is off to a good start as for him Picture thinking is his natural thought process and language is second.

Best Of Luck on your Autism Journey. Rich Shull Ohio, Usa

German Aspie Group has sucess!

Congrulations ,,,, (this is shared post to many different board and is posted on my blog)

The Following is from Rich Shull, and the quoted personal message is from a friend in Germany ,a member of our unadmitted to anthropolgy. It seems his group has had more luck than we have had. Please read over the post and see for your self we really do the real world, much to the chrigan of 'professionals' form all over autism circles. German is his 1st language. His corrspondance goes on to tell more and more good news. Please URGE Autism powers to account for us! Rich Shull ,Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism ,Inventor of the Turing Motor.

"Three weeks ago I've been to amajor autism congress in Germany, the "11th wholecountry autism congress" or alike; it's got the motto"autism is subject of changes - changes arechallenges". So we (two major self-organized aspieprojects) had the idea to show ourselves their byhaving a stand with papers and books. At first thechairwoman of the German autism organisation (they ranthe congress) weren't willing at all to allow us to doso. But fortunately she was on holidays the weeksbefore and her deputy at the end gave us thepermission. At the congress he even came to us saying"Hello". The congress was quite huge, more than 1000participants I guess, and all the "autism experts"were there but as well quite some autistics. Ourstands (we had two :-)) have been a (small) sensationand we talked a lot with people (mostly physicians orpsychologists) who were amazed seeing aspiesorganising themselves - without NT guidance. At theclosing meeting one psychologist stood up and said,for her the aspie stands have been the highlight ofthe congress. All in all I suppose we've been quitesuccessfull there."

The letter goes on to explain lots of interesting events in association with the congress.

(dirty Humor) I wish some of the organizers of the conventions I have tried to get into might go on vacation. It seems to do the world good to hear from others in the spectrum. Rich