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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glen Gould PBS Masters Series

Based on the PBS TV series American Masters.

Autism the old figured out (to us at least) working autism has stumped mankind yet again. For those knowing of the late Glen Gould he was a musician and pianist that did wonders. He redone classical music his own way and often improved the music and made sure everyone was taken with his work as he was. Usually, to to do this amazing feat he played with the music and the tempo and the notes and more to achieve a wonderful new take on a classical standard. Only the DEEP thoughts and passion of autism and its mindset could do such a thing. That is why the show and its producers and the public at large to this day, are grasping at straws to put an explanation to his success. 

Autism is Einstein level thought weather it is music computers , inventions or whatever it is we are obsessed with. Psychology is at a loss to explain Autism let alone those autistic people like me that have figured out a different kind of thought process. This deep thought and the behavior it present threw our odd behavior is all perfectly logical and 100% understood if one understands the Picture Thought mind base man operates with.  Man is bind as can be as the Picture Thought I talk about has never been in a textbook before. Humans use a shortcut version of it thus that is real reason no psychologist has discovered it. It is also the reason the keystone to man's mind will remain forever hidden in plain sight.

Gould was the typical Autistic kid of the Era and in that time there was no one around to tell him no, diagnose him autistic and put him in a group home. His Splinter skills were music and eventually he was able to be 'social' and thrive in his own way. Old Pre Rain Man Autistic often did thrive. Our Alan Turing living in the same era invented the computer using the same deep thoughts Glen used to re-write music.

Turing, Gould and others of us were not social butterflies and somehow got along. We were often noted for or anti-social behavior, fear of crowds, not being loving or cuddly and often just to engrossed in our obsession work or passion to really care about much else.  If you seen our picture thoughts at work, if you could hook a monitor to our brains and what our thoughts work (yours too) every odd thing we do both good and bad would be explained.      

Until science /research walks a mile in our shoes or cares to listen too our story they will peer review the the same old stuff for many more centuries to come and the real key to man's mind will remain here and obvious  open for all to see. There is no one so blind for those who will not see'.  Until our thought practices are exposed and understood I guess man will have to just keep on explaining us and our innovation and invention as just plain odd. It is the only explanation that fits and works as the shortcut thought you call normal thought is just too feeble to really do anymore. 

Thanks Mr Gould,   Your left another big answer in psychology's unknown quest to discover the mind wide open, too bad the normal human is too blind to see. 

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Undercover Boss CBS TV Show

It is more like free publicity: & no real good comes from it.

The TV show features some owner and CEO of a big company going down in the trenches and actually working at various company locations. The executive, looses the business look and sometimes dawns blue jeans and work clothes and well, actually works or attempts to on the factory floor ,or perhaps on the fast food line along side the real workers. The show airing on Dec. 26, 2010  featured GSI something.

The president of GSI dawned work clothes and traveled to many different locations and did everything from call center work to loading trucks. It was often painfully obvious this executive pencil pusher had been immune from hard work and was best suited to fluffy jobs in an office. In one very disturbing part of the show he worked along side one phone operator that was taking complaint calls and the poor little pencil pusher was horrified of the way she handled a call.... He was MAD,,,, while he fired her he never once stopped to think all of his corporate policies that made her take the stand she did with the customer left her with her hands tied. Of Course, as any good boss does he has to fire someone to reset his trip-o-meter so she was let go. Of course the real problem of the restrictive corporate policy that prevented her from handling the situation right was not even close to being solved. Guess what it will happen again and again.

At the end of the show the people unknowingly introduced to the boss while undercover are re-united with the guy who is all bright bubbly and thankful for the experience. He spreads a little PR and hands out a small bit of money to various employees and watches the show on CBS ,really hoping for free national advertising. In the end he might well have been touched but will never do anything really important. pay will not increase, working conditions will not improve, quotas that are nearly impossible to handle will remain, insurance will not be offered . The CEO gets a feather in his cap, some free advertising and things over all remain the same.

I find billionaires and millionaires (no disrespect intended) really have lost touch with the human race. Their drive and ambition is so obvious they don't even know they are cheating themselves out of the finer things in life, not to mention making life miserable for everyone else.  I give this CEO some points for at least trying  to do what he did but , again I don't see his firm leading the pack in terms of pay, or employee relations. I bet the extra few million made by pushing the business model so sternly is really money more appreciated and better spent on better happier employees.  I often wonder when Wall Mart and others will realize they zapped all the money out of their very customer base ,not to mention stole the humanity from mankind?  OUPS I forgot all they see is money and growth,well lots of things grow and not all growth is good. Someday the only thing left for Wall Mart to sell will be cargo ship cruises to China on those empty returning ships to the Far East.              

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Alan Turing Don't ask don't Tell HRC

For my world reader's America remains a bit backward and just finally opened up the military to Gay and Lesbians . The ad above was found on line and might have been from the Human Rights Campaign.

The ad is pure Gay Nirvana and it is also the ultimate in Autism.

Alan Turing, 1912-1954 was Autisitc like I am -old autism- Old Working autism to be precise.
Autism is the very nitty gritty figured out human thought process that ranges from MR/DD to Einstein. If you read The Enigma by Andrew Hodges it is the biography of Alan and the page-by-page Autism to normal manual. Of Course, modern autism is ignorant of the true working autism from time gone by as new era Autism professionals didn't know they short changed autism or humanity by not including all the minor details of Autism . These details enabled Alan to "invent the computer" these same details this same thought process  Autism all figured out constitutes the next 1000 chapters in Psychology and bridges the gap between the normal mind and the deep internal thoughts that make humans work. 

Thank you Alan for your autism your gay courage and your life your and your legacy. It is Deeply Appreciated.

For the record, yours truely Rich Shull, host of this blog has invented The Turing Motor named for Alan Turing. using the same Einstein logic Alan  used I have invented a motor that features one central spinning cylinder and no up and down moving parts. It is triple hybrid and runs on Compressed air Gas and Electric. It is good green MPG and so earth friendly it idles on compressed air.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

60 Minutes CBS America TV great memories

Interview with 5-6 People with perfect memories.

Perhaps you watched this episode of 60 Minutes and was intrigued with the segment of the 5or 6 people being interviewed that displayed perfect memories. I know it had the medical and psychology experts in the piece all torqued up and excited over their research. Typical of normal thinkers doing and leading the research they are naturally ignorant of the real fact of life and the real functioning of the human brain. If they even had a clue to how these folks were doing all of this so well, they would also have very key to man's mind. It is all picture thoughts. We ALL use picture thoughts and they are the default human thought process and they explain every single detail of psychology and the human condition. They explain the great memories these people display :They explain Einstein and they explain dyslexia and stuttering and everything else from MR/DD to normal people. These Picture thoughts operate below the surface of the mind all the time and are shortcutted and 'forgotton' if once can consider him or her self  "normal" . Naturally they have never been in a text book before and probably never will be as humans are just not smart enough to be stupid. 

Of Course as all 'good research' does they stick the subject in the brain wave machine and map their unique brains. If research knew what to look for ,what questions to ask and what the brain is really doing to start with they would not ask such stupid questions or draw some of the wild conclusions they do when they assume some of their judgements. Of course, peer review a popular safeguard in research is faulty itself as new and bold ideas are not approved thus the root of real honest progress are for ever hidden in plain sight.

The show offered the question could  the discovery of the perfect memories shed light on Alzheimer's? Of Course it could if psychology even knew what what it was doing to start with. Alzheimer's is nothing more than the picture process part of the brain dying off from non use. Humans have evolved backward from picture thought back down to a lesser state and thus the picture thought the internal ones that really make us work have been made redundant and useless as we have as humans shortcuttted all of our thoughts to non thinking instant answers.  Doing this we have not use our core thought so like anything you don't use you loose.  I would guess those with Alzheimer's were the real non thinkers in our society that perhaps did nothing more than watch television and hit the remote control button.   They probably were not great thinkers and never read a book or thought about a thing or had deep thoughts.  Not only it seems did remote control  kill television it also helped kill the deep picture thought process that humans still did.  It helped make sure  the human mind continued on a downward slope as the short cutted thoughts we develop to make us normal actually make the thought that created them useless as well.

There are next 1000 chapters in Psychology locked in the  depths of picture thought and autism but since we are the very retards being researched normal humans will never see the light. So much for progress.   Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.     

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One More Link

From the Web, with respect to the original copyright holder (unknown)  


The graphic above is full of close matches and IF man knew of his Picture Thought mind base there would be one more striking match among all of the beings on earth. Our minds are same base thought! 

As I have come full circle in life and learned a different kind of thought process the long hand version of human thought (AKA) autism I have been privileged to discover our minds roots.  The day I was sitting with a parrot some years ago and listening to him talk is the day I realized his picture thoughts and mine were the SAME. As Autistic  people, are often noted for we have  a keen relation ship with animals like Temple Grandin (wrote Thinking in Pictures) and her cows.  I have walked up to Pit Bulls and they melt, I have untangled a deer from a fence, the meanest dogs simply melt when I am around them. That is part of the autism super senses and indeed our mind set: We relate and connect to animals. It is no wonder dogs are man's best friends we think so much a like on a picture thought  scale.

If my Autism experience was correct and indeed I learned the long hand version of human thought, man is just useless and amazingly ignorant as he pretends he is so smart.  The picture thoughts that  we all work with are just below the surface of our minds all the time and I suspect every animal in the photo above share the same basic mind set of photo thoughts we do.   Brains are nothing more than talking photo albums and indeed ours operates much like a computer. (our Alan Turing was father of the computer)  Since most people never see their picture thoughts as they have been made redundant in 'modern life'  we don't even dream we  even have  picture thought let alone really 'think' with them.  Something on the order of your daydreams  and dreams  operate below the surface of the mind all the time. Perhaps when you have figured out and remembered a dream  or been stopped cold to 'see' in your minds eye a picture of something your stuck on do you get a glimpse of the internal working of your mind.

As you can see if man has never  knowingly experienced a picture thought let alone lived it like I have all I report  is "bunk" especially according to the 'experts'. However Experience is the only teacher in life and If the best psychology guru has never experienced a thought  like ours they are naturally out of the loop and  lost.  Picture thoughts are wild vivid and swing from MR/DD type of things to indeed Einstein. When Autism presents as 'stupid' anti-social and late it is not the fact we are dumb it is simply the fact that we are thinking with a kind of thought man has never really experienced before. The kicker of all of this is once we learn the autism long-hand thought base, and they naturally shortcut once we figure them out we end up with your normal thoughts!   All Autisitc people that have made it are typically Pre Rain Man and we learned a thought system that has never been in a book before. If science could monitor to our brains and watch the thoughts compile they would shocked. Just think if they could read the brain waves (EEG type of thing) as we describe a picutre thought to them?

Once our thoughts are figured out  and mapped just like the DNA maps and the next 1000 chapters of psychology result from this discovery man will be very humbled to discover how cave person he still is. Not only will future Psychologists be 100% effective they will be able to tap into the minds of animal relation as well -and we all share the same picture thoughts.    

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

Ps don't confuse Old and New age Autism- New Autism people have had an arm tied around their back with all the so called help of modern autism that has been mostly useless.  Older Folks ,(mostly undiagnosed but stange) like me were that last generation to be able to self- discover the roots of man's mind.  Autism was not diagnosabe unitl the 1970's in any great numbers unless it was severe.  So much for progress.

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