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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

One Brain Two IQ's one personality

Explaining our Thoughts/ two IQ 's and the same brain.

The photo above is taken from the movie Pillow Talk 1961? Staring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. The photo from the movie happens to emulate an advanced Autism thought process I call Picture in Picture Thought.

Threw out my life, If I somehow could 'translate' the Picture thoughts in one way or another I could come off as pretty smart. In the illustration above in reality you would not see Rock Hudson in Bed that would be a brain-generated image that is projected into my visual field- think of it as a daydream. That smaller image is just a visual image of our thoughts and we had to learn how ,by trail and error to read them translate them and find ways of making them 'keep up' with traditional thought. ONCE TRANSLATED they need converted to words and spoken. Picture thoughts are very fast paced current and connected and very precise and in fact OUTPACE traditional thoughts. Trouble is by the time we figure out how to convert the thoughts ,pre think the conversation and actually get the correctly timed words out from our Picture thoughts the typical conversation is over and done with. Proficient Picture thinkers work around these points and most of us have learned by route the conversations and social patterns of those we talk with and simply fill in the blanks. What Psychologist or Autism Expert knows what I am Talking About? Our Thought system has never been in a Text book before!

IF YOU and I were standing right beside me SIDE by SIDE looking at Doris Day in bed, you would NOT see Rock Hudson in bed. For us proficient Picture thinkers Rock pictured in the corner of our visual field would be a brain generated image made by our brains. It would not be visible to you. This Image of Rock is projected by our brain into our visual field. It WOULD block a corner of our optical vision.

Once we see Rock in our brain generated image and we translate that picture thought to the words "he is wearing a blue robe". Or we might translate the thought "there is a red head board" or even "there is a picture on the wall above him". All of these are possible explanations for our Picture in Picture thought. Part of being a proficient picture thinker is being able to translate the picture to words easily.

This Picture in Picture thought is advanced autism and we do it everyday to survive. Young inexperienced autistic people would probably never be able to do this type of thought. However, IF we combined all of our experience together and cut about 35 years off the learning curve this advanced thought could be common by 6th grade IF were finally able to teach it in a proper autism class. This is stuff beyond what Temple Grandin wrote about in her book Thinking in Pictures.

This picture is very nub of Autism or possibly CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder and there are many more that are more advanced than this one and many many more simple thoughts that have to be figured out before this one would work. This is indeed why we need to meet in person so that we might share our never in print but yet proven thought process with mankind.

* Generally speaking as near as we can tell, People start out autism picture thinking seeing spots in their visual field (where the picture of Rock is)

* Eventually this spot becomes a picture (brain generated) that we realize.

* Next that spot Picture thought GROWS turns off our Optic vision and becomes a full picture thought. That thought is translated into words or actions (eventually) and simply fades away and normal optic vision is restored.

* Next we tend to have Motion Pictures were the spot (where Rock is) GROWS and cancels Optic vision but the brain generated Image is like watching a movie. It too fades away and optic vision is returned.

*Traditioal Thinkers know pictures to be worth a 1000 words and if we think with hundreds or thousands of pictures per day it would stand to reason we have some deep thoughts and possibly a good idea or two. My entire Touring Motor is built running tested and designed in the from of picture thoughts, now If I could only get them to the drawing board or in production. I might be autistic but I'm artisitic. Sadly even the ideals of my motor defy convention and thus can't possibly be right. Traditional Thinkers don't have any imagination! (humor) I always wanted to say that Autism Experts claim we don't have any imagination well they are right - we don't have imagination that works since they don't understand our core thought process. More importantly they have closed minds and like parachute's they don't funtion when closed. Makind is being hoodwinked for gods sake someone pull the rip cord!

Oh the two IQ's If I resort to traditional thought my second language I can come off like a sack of rocks at times .But, IF I can picture think and be lucky enough to pull of a complete translated thought, I often make stunning statements .

Did Einstein and Turing, Carver and Testla simply translate a few picture thoughts, relate their obvious (to me ) autism insights into social things , It seems likely ,completed picture thoughts could easy explain their inventions!

Rich Shull

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yahoo Add for THE APPRENTICE 12-15-05

The Big Busine$$ of Autism:

No, matter how good we do, or what we have done to over come autism, all of our trial and error experimenting and earning our real life Ph.D. in Autism we can't compete with the Autism Monster. While the world is pleading and singing the glories of autism research no one can fathom the idea autism has been figured out for years now. No one will admit to our anthropology of Autistic people from all over the world: no one will admit they jumped the gun and turned autism into more than it really is, it is too late to turn back now, too many people have been condemned to autism, by a kind caring monster.

Mankind, not knowing the real autism, has been cheated out of some of it best insights and even more people are destined for a group home due to its mostly self imposed ignorance. Einstein, and inventors Alan Turing, Nokla Tesla and George Washington Carver were all probably autistic and our anthropology connects them to us. We see and feel and do as they did in a thought and emotion process that is like no other thought process man has ever known. Since man has never bothered to learn from us (Autism Are you Listening?) man logically can't do more than assume Autism Thought like they think it is about is just a version of traditional thought and even try to tell delude themselves in thinking Autism is an up to date version of traditional thought. Our anthropology ranges from the village idiot to rocket scientists and teenagers to 80 year olds and the fine line between the idiot and the genius is scary. Is Autism just a super slow-motion version of traditional thought? If it is man might have started thinking with his day dreams and then moved on to traditional thought as you know it.

Donate as you like to who you like but please consider asking for full accountability form Autism-they have a responsibility to investigate all of autism just not the parts that make them happy and funded. If Autism was forced to admit to everyone in its ranks the picture might be different. How can any minority within a minority ever be heard? (without your help)?

The following " add" or kind of copy of it, was on the web, on Yahoo's Front Page and boasted of The Apprentice Tv show.

............................................FINALLY A TASK WHERE EVERONE WINS!
..............................................Please help by donating to the charities below
Picture of Donald Trump ......Elizabteh Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation
.............................................Autism Speaks

.................................................DONATE NOW Button
The Apprentice


Thankfully we have the voice of this blog and others like it (Thanks to Blogspot!) but still how can we ever compete with the power and prestige of a "Donate NOW" button on Yahoo? Between NASCAR, Postage stamps and top name celiberities not to mention a Rain Man Mountian to climb- Old boring figured out Autism - like we have overcome is no match for the curse of modern auti$m.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Wakefield on the web

Wakefield on the Web,

Perhaps like me, many of you via Email links you received the media player links to Dr. Wakefield's recent speech he gave at Carnage Mellon University in November 2005. I listened to the all of the presentations and was really kind of awe struck over all. If I were in Autism for the first time, a parent of an autistic child and had just been presented with the news my child is Autistic Dr. Wakefield might make some real good sense. I think he indeed knows nearly every aspect of Modern autism and indeed he has many valid points. Plus, like any good researcher has numbers and studies to shed light on his various points he needs to make. Numbers can prove any point you want but not considering all the numbers is like taking a quote out of context. The parallel presentations from is supporting speakers had lots of quoted studies as well.

It seems every Conference or Speaker's event I have ever witnessed in Autism has the cloth covered speakers table on the left of the stage and podium on the right as this one did. I guess it is tradition just like not allowing for all members of the autism community to make their points. Peer review speakers assure that a 'good olde boys club' keeps the same underlying goals even IF the peers are a bit different in their slant on autism. Most conferences like this one did review the Kanner history and the agreed upon history of Autism the one that will not admit to our best functioning populations. Autism now includes via the DSM 4, 166,300 people. OUCH, that is a lot of people and just how many fit the '1957' version of "natural Autism?"

Kanner coined the term autism in 1948 and old definitions in encyclopedias of the 1950s and 1960s has autism described as something rather different than it is today. Those definitions talked of Pain Tolerance Picture thoughts and keen senses. Today our Unadmitted Anthropology of autistic people shockingly do most things Modern Autism claims as impossible and we indeed have done double blind autism experiments and have repeatable results and reach back in time even further than 1948. In fact the story of the boy from Alverez dates back to the 1600's

Our Double-blind experiments have yielded a thought process that has never been in print before and might explain everything from Einstein to Dyslexia. Politically we are the thorn in the side of modern Autism as we unintentionally deflate their modern versions. They used to like us and even hailed Temple Grandin as "gold" but those of us that built upon her work and do kind of traditional lives autistically are just shunned. I have said many times in this blog and in other places Autism seems be the fantasy of a lots of doctors trying for an easy uncritiqued career. Research of autism offers a 'Swiss bank account' of opportunity for many less than stellar doctors. Granted they do not see it that way, in their mind they are doing a community service and doing exactly what they have been taught at their universities and indeed their PHD's proclaim they are indeed smart and know a lot of their field but OUR Autism has never been allowed to be explained before. It has never been part of a Ph.D. course. It is so odd and out of place that Temple's Landmark book was not so shockingly ignored. Even IF some Ph.D. type of person read it he-she would not be keen on exploring it as this thought process has never been in print before.

Parents and others in the spectrum unknowingly have also played into the role autism has created for them and today Autism is indeed a curse, a prescription for a group home. Once diagnosed the kid is shuffled off to special education for his own good. Many of us in our Anthropology have for whatever reason missed the Rain Man type curse as did our parents, etc., and the difference was striking. Most of us were ENCOURAGED TO ACHIEVE, no one was there to call us autistic. Unknowingly we took our splinter skills to new uncharted heights. That allowed us to learn autism and more importantly the way to convert autism back to traditional thought. Autism again is our natural programmed thought process and we learned it by trial and error on our own.

The 'ringer' of this whole sad mess is lot of familles and people are for ever hurt and Mankind has lost out on it best insight ever by lowering the Autism Diagnosis standards to allow for an Epidemic. Honestly no one seems to care that more kids are diagnosed Autistic and the now the Autism empire (America mostly) needs fueled-someone has to gas the NASCAR Race Car, give need for an Autism Postage Stamp, give the best of celebrities a cause and give a story line and a theme to mainstream television. The Monster of Autism has to be fed and thus it is an all holds bared type of thing. The old boring quietly figured out in plain sight autism that we have is just no match for 'experts' and their views. What empire would do the scientifically correct thing and admit to all its populations?

Autism the old simple "Natural" type of autism spans all of autism and mankind. Our un-admitted to anthropology is all over the world and we met online. We tend to meet the old definitions of autism even IF we are teenagers or 80 something. We meet each other online and instantly know one another and often share the nearly identical milestones in development and progress. Even those that have graduated form an autism school grow by leaps and bounds once they meet us and we share our insights.

I guess the long and the short of it is we are on the wrongside of the Autism Empire and no matter how well we do it, just admitting to us and our true odd stories amounts to a suicide pill for autism's Monster. ALL of mankind is the looser as our thought process just might be that of Einstein, We might be the living missing link in Evolution, our Pain Tolerance could go miles in making people pain free. Honestly, condense our double-blind autism experience and you could teach Picture based Autism by 6th Grade! Please Encourage the 'Experts' to let us in the Autism Society conventions. It might be the future of your very own kids that we save! Rich Shull

Inventor of the Turing Motor, a 70% efficient car motor (named for Alan Turing 1912-1954 Autistic, Gay, Father of the computer) Author, Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, host of the Web Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism. On the web at ( courtesy of Blogspot.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Brainwaves and Autism

Brainwaves and Autism?

There you go, there is a statement for you,,,,

I was reading a published technical paper online the other day dealing with Dyslexia and lots of the paper was reporting the brain waves activity of Dyslexia. Certain parts of the brain were active for certain things and errors between a normal brain and Dyslexia brain were noted. I have read in many other papers the where the brain wave activity has been noted and compared from population to population. I WONDER What would picture thoughts in action look like on a brain wave machine? No one, has even figured out our picture thought let alone recorded them in brain waves.

What would their machine do when our optic vision turned off? What would it look like with a projection thought? What would look like with a still pictures, a motion pictures a Picture in picture thought? What would it look like as we were in "normal mode" and keeping up with the real world without picture thought? Picture in Picture, Projection, Still and Motion Pictures are types of Autism "picture thoughts." I wonder if a projection thought might for example appear like something they already "know about" Wouldn't It be wild If our brain wave patterns matched a lot of known patters and we could say ,"That was Still Picture we were doing?" to explain our autism thought and perhaps a mystery of theirs?

Growing up as a mechanic and playing with my test equipment in odd ways I could often hook an Ohm meter I had , the probes of it touching my head and it caused the needle to be moved the display just like the inkpens move on a brainwave machine or lie detector sheet. I tried this with other people and hardly ever got any needle action out of their tests? Occasionally the needle would move a little but not much on other people. I on the other hand could have that meter pegged, however. I had discovered this long before I heard the Word Autism and have no idea If I was picture thinking when this was going on or not. Today my modern meter is digital and not sensitive enough to work like the old one did that was analog.

I better be careful I might actually get what I (we) wish for. Perhaps someday IF we are ever admitted to and someone DOES do brainwave tests on us while we are picture thinking they might be forced kind of like a Frankenstein movie, torture scene. Personally, I could not trust Autism not to skew the results to their advantage. Honestly, Medicine and science probably could not be trusted either as there are mad scientists and doctors out for their own good first. The thing about the obvious results of a brainwave test might not be so obvious and just think If our Brainwaves matched the traditional populations and say we could corollate a type of picture thought to a certain brain wave? No one would believe that- It might suggest that humans really are picture based thinkers. In fact, It is a safe bet that the brainwaves they do know about and have recorded might be understood on the surface but we might actually be totally wrong. Lots of Scientist Researchers and Experts are human and admitting they might have been wrong usually never happens.

I would LOVE to see the brainwave results of my motion picture thoughts I have regarding my complete working model of my Turing Motor. My Optic vision would turn OFF my thoughts would start and I have had 20-30 different views of a motion picture thought of my Motor Running. I have watched my running motor and in a projection thought with a motion picture in progress and even look at still pictures of engineering drawings all at once. If you done that same thing on Computers and had the 4-5 different screens showing multiple aspects of my thoughts seemingly you would need 4-5 computers to produce the same things. I have been notably tired after viewing 20 minutes of picture thoughts like this.

NOW IF I could only convert these thoughts to a real life version. I have built prototypes and they have worked but I guess I need a several million in seed money and a big machine shop to ever build this 70% efficient motor. By the time I explain the Autism, the stereotypical Forrest Gump and GLBT aspects of things I have the all the creditability of a jailed stockbroker.

I wonder If Alan Turing, Father of the Computer and other great thinkers were Picture Thinkers? I have read and studied Alan's work and I can 'see ' how his computer worked autistically but I don't have the gift (splinter skill) of math, etc., so I'm at real loss understanding it in real life. Autistic folks in general are not noted for being social climbers so those of us with the added social skills lessons might have some advantage in getting our points across.

While this idea of doing our brainwaves is interesting and needs to be done for the sake of mankind .man is probably several lifetimes away from even admitting to us. (humor) I guess that is just as well, I don't want to be the one tied to a table getting my brainwaves recorded- That would be an obvious invitation for a lobotomy or at the least a few nasty acts to be done by some of those in Autism that think I have slighted them.

Dyslexia and Autism

Dyslexia and Autism does one explain the other?

Including my self and many more people in the autism community and beyond also have dyslexia or "bj5lbid" as I like to call it. Almost every part of my life had been affected with dyslexia at one time or another and the bj5ibid is simply the reversed and substituted letters that account for my unchecked spelling of dyslexia. Computers and writing on them have done wonders for me in getting words written correctly. The computer always does a "B" instead of a "D" or a "P" which when I write them by hand often come out wrong. Numbers are just as bad "3,5,8,6," often look the same to me. EVEN thoughts a completed thought might be presented backwards.

I have a theory that If our never in print before thought process that is picture based were understood better Dyslexia would be a natural result of unrefined thoughts. When we think we think in pictures meaning our optic vision is turned off and we read or translate our brain generated images and convert them to word and actions. Often times in the "rush" to keep up and catch up with the traditional thinkers we deal with all the time we shortcut our Picture thoughts and don't fully utilize them and translate an incomplete picture thought. Thus details like precision writing "B,p,,j,d and s and 5 and z's among many others are simply not realized for what they are.

If man's brain evolved from picture thoughts (your daydreams) those thought pictures are great at concepts and complete ideas but are not great at small details. Traditional thought is my (our) second language and underrating both begs the question, Is Autism just slow motion thoughts? People tend to grow out of dyslexia (thankfully) and eventually learn to read or check their thoughts and words and letters and numbers to make sure they are right.

Wouldn't It be wild if Autism's 'primitive thoughts' turned out to be some simple turned around picture based thoughts? It seems to be autism's responsibility to introduce us to the world even if they don't want to study us. They will not even admit to us let alone study us, and who can blame them, our thought process has never been a text book before, our real life double-blind Autism experiments have too good of results to be admitted to.