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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HBO Temple Grandin Autism special

Big Time Autism -Generation Rescue- has managed to shoot the cause of autism in the foot once again. This HBO special (cable TV) is just short of a Rain Man (movie) event and can't possibly promote more than the helpless version of contemporary autism. When contemporary Autism was born via Rain Man most of the successful things we did as autistic people that unknowingly made us successful suddenly upon 'expert' advise became taboo. Our Splinter skills and Obsessions were stripped from us as quality caring doctors that KNEW of our pain tolerance ,Picture thoughts , genius side and odd social skills were all banished from Autism as it reached its new fame driven heights.

The late Dr Rimland father of the movie Rain Man seemed to know of our success and at one time he was keen on old autistic people like me, that missed Rain Man's Curse but alas, admitting to us would have kept the new era Autism and the impending fame driven epidemic of stars to support the cause from ever happening to start with. The Movie Rain Man would have been a flop,If old autism facts were not ignored and 'mis placed' allowing for a watered down autism epedimic to take root. Dr Rimland would not have been able to ride the fame train and 'become top dog' . Hundreds of other professionals would have never go their moment of fame or their chance at autism's newest cure or diet. Obviously If the old Autism Diagnosis standards were restored and quality professionals were allowed to work with us, we could now tell of our journey that BUILDS on the work of Temple Grandin and takes her picture thoughts all they to the threshold of normal thoughts. This thought process has never been in a book before and it is autism 101. Autism Spans from Mr/DD as we know to Einstein and current era autism is just filled with too many people ,mostly Narcissistic parents and professionals, more worried about their next fame fix than their poor kid who's going to a group home anyway, no matter what they do or how many times they appear on television. I mean really, what better way to gain fame if your a prefessional of some type than preying on kids that are "too stuipd" to be trusted or listened to- again they are going to a group home anyway, who cares?

I'm sorry to rain on the parade, but Autism was once pretty well figured out before it was fame and star struck. Before Rain Man we were so close to figuring out the Picture thoughts that made us work and connect to normal thoughts that if Rain Man hadn't happened we could have added another 1000 chapters to the psychology books by now as older people missing Rain Man's Curse united and compared notes to discover we did a double blind human thought experience that exposed the building blocks of the mind, yes they are picutre thoughts that once learned yield normal thoughts. Too bad none of what we figured out has been in a text book yet, or peer review would have listened to us and contemporary Autism would not be forced to ignore us to save their empire and epidemic. Just how can they admit to old working autism with out knocking out the foundation from under the Monster we know as autism? It would be a kin to a Wall Street collapse of Autism .

Here is part of the announcement from Generation Rescue

HBO Presents "Temple Grandin" on Feb. 6th at 8 PM (ET/PT)
Tue, January 26, 2010 8:09:10 AMFrom: Generation Rescue Add to Contacts

Generation Rescue is an international movement of scientists and physicians researching the causes and treatments for autism, ADHD and chronic illness, while parent-volunteers mentor thousands of families in recovering their children.

HBO's "Temple Grandin" Tells the Inspirational Story of Autism Advocate
Who "Thinks in Pictures"

(WHY Should "Thinks in Picutres" ((during the autism lack of eye contact)) be such a shock it was once common knowlege and even seen as the link between autism and the real world, see what you get when Autism went for fame?)

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism, Rich is inventor of The Turing Motor an autistically designed Green earth freindly motor running on compressed air ,gas and electric that features one central spining cylinder and no up and down moving parts. Good Green MPG and Acceleration too, Idling and low speed (drive threws and traffic jams) is on compressed air.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Democracy = the loudest drunks with the most money getting their way.

Humans, just smart enough to be dangerous.

Humans' just stupid enough to be smart and not smart enough to know better.

Humans' Reactionary ignorance straddled with emotional baggage, mascardeing as intelligence.

Peer Review is the ultimate in protectionism.

Religion is the simple one size fits all medium that every one can use against each other and still keep a good image of themselves.

Earth has to be the best Entertainment in the solar system, Aliens probably enjoy watching us make fool of our selves.

Earth's real Intelligence, is in the human thought system that has never been in a text book before- known as Picture Thoughts.

Picture thoughts are the building blocks of the mind.

Humans use, shortcut thoughts by evolutionary default- Thus that is why we can't figure out the mind we have the wrong end of the stick.

The human mind is very small, backward and simple to the point it is pure narcissism.

The Great Thinkers of the ages past and present and future will never over come the mass ignorance of the human race as a whole.

Autism figured out is the next 1000 chapters in psychology.

Philosophy debates will be solved when the Sub Level Thoughts of Autism are identified and the resulting map of the mind exposes the simple ,simple shockingly simple human mind.

Man in reality, will not be impressed with his mind. It is not all that advanced and most of its roots are directly 'cavepersonish.'

Darwin's Theory is makes Perfect Sense.

The human mind deep down is the same. Those of us learning our autism thoughts- ignorant of each other- all came up with the same sublevel thought system. These thoughts are the default human sublevel thoughts, no matter what country we were from or language we speak. Our living anthropology was united via the Internet.

If Science could hook monitors to our brains and watch the thoughts form- the simple ,ridiculous, petty, childish selfish greed driven ones and the Einstein savant ones will all be the same- Its all in how they are used that makes one a serial killer or a genius.

The brain has such limited ability as can't hear and see at the same time! (however we think we do) .

Every human has the Einstein ability in their make -up but its hardly ever tapped.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

Rich is Inventor of the Turing Motor a Green triple Hybird Car Motor that operates on Compressed air ,gas, and electric and features one central spinning cylinder. It's good Green MPG and thundering acceleration.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Massachusetts Vote on Health Care

Learning of the Massachusetts Vote

For my international reader's America has her knickers in a twist as the long awaited health care reform has been feverishly slashed and re slashed by democracy in action. Democracy is nothing more than the loudest drunks with the most money getting their way. Upon the death of the late Senator Kennedy his replacement was voted on last night and is a Republican and this person as vowed to again block the health care reform bill. Had senator Kennedy lived it would have passed. This Health care bill would have helped get medical care to all people.

I was privileged to hear the news in a crowd of very well off white straight and narrow Republicans who were unshakably jubilant of the vote and seen it as a wild victory against something. We were in a very posh TV lounge in an upscale place and the only cheap cars in the parking lot were the employees. A low level BMW is passes as their idea of cheap. As the banter raged on, the typical stereotype of poor people not working and being lazy was prevalent. Oddly the banter included yours truly and they made me a shining example of "see what work does" as many come to our place of business just since I work there and the place is clean compared to our counterpart business. Little do they know this job is about the limits of my limited normal functioning ability meaning it is a job where I can do it with out picture thoughts. (Thanks to my Co Worker as well !)

Anyway I after the praise I counter with " Well I supply my own bleach, glass cleaner and sweeper belts as the cheap republican business men that ran Wall Street in the ground like you can't even stock the basics here". I added I even qualify for food stamps despite working. "no wonder your worried" about Health care passing. I got off my sepal and they were quiet for 10 seconds and then went back to their normal banter. So much for democracy as Winston Churchhill said, a five minute conversation is the biggest argument against democracy. Keep mind Mark Twain Said we have the best Government money can buy! Guess who is buying the health care reform debate? This Begs the question, How much was the Republican victory in Massachusetts? It really doesn't matter Humanity will pay the price.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glutin Free Diets

Autism Diets a Big mis understanding.

It seems ALL good things in life from lifing weights to loosing weight to yes, even autism require a diet usually pushed by some 'top rate doctor'. In Autism's case the late Dr. Rimland father of Rain Man among other things was all worried a bout a 'leaky gut' etc. Since he was a man of science and not understanding he was blown away with his research but never knew the whole picutre of autism and indeed made autism worse.

As he went full on on in his autism quest he forgot or never even knew of the Autism Pain tolerance. We only feel 8-9-10 on the pain scale and thus by the time we do feel the simple effects of something like lactose Intolerance were blaoted and hurting. Of course, we present like something major is wrong but in reality its a simple condition. Weather its a toothache ,or a sunius infection or a bad hip we never feel it until it gets really bad. Perhaps all we have with the glutin diet is a intolerance for something and just avoiding the food helps us. If we felt pain we might just simply avoid the food that makes us sick or even take a beano pill.

When Autism took a turn for the worse with Rain man Era Politics and the good doctors joined in the hoopla they lost the enitre point to autism and even worse forgot our normal was not their normal. Old autism doctors ran out of town on a rail for not joining the Rain Man autism movement were banished as they stood their ground and refused to give in. When that happened autism lost the knowlege of the pain tolerance , splinter skills, and obessions all the the things that make autism go from special education to Einstein.

Old Autism Folks like me that were never able to be diagnosed and were never on autism diets and came out on the whole pretty good can not be and will not be admitted to in modern Autism. We are bad for the big business of Big Autism. Dr Rimland for sure made sure of that, he was very obstropulis in assuring older folks like me were never heard. I often wonder where my video taped Autism Town Hall meetings held by America's CDC got to? When I attended a public Autism Town Hall meeting in 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana my comment witnessed first hand by the late doctor and other big players in Autism were not welcome. Years later when I tried to get those comments from the CDC I was told I had been banished from the record. See the power of Autism or anything that doesn't go with the flow?

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The last few pieces of Man's Mind.

I am Very Humbled.

As I finish my last few steps of piecing together the building blocks of man's mind as my journey up from the bottom of the gene pool is completed ,I am just amazed how much the saying "Ignorance is Bliss" really is true. Poor, man (human's) he is all worked up looking for the answers to his mind, to the world, and to his inner workings and he is understandably lost. The answers he seeks the questions he needs answered have been presented and answered for century upon century and generation upon generation and the keen minds of research and education and science are missing the very knowledge to make their hard earned information useful. As I see it and know the mind the very sublevel baby thoughts that really piece together to make man's mind work are totally useless in contemporary society. But, there again Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge of these thoughts will devastate man's image of his own importance.

There are at least 5 types of sublevel thoughts (old working autism) and 100's of thought 'shortcuts' to be learned and mastered at the sublevel of the mind before man pulls off the trick of normal. Most Humans via evolution do pull off the trick of normal OK. If man knew is invisible thought process and the banks of daydream thoughts that play in his mind all the time that form the 'normal 'thoughts we use the world would open up and the all the questions would be answered. Via the sublevel thought we could explain the Smart Savant- Take some poor soul in Special Education and flip a few switches in his internal thoughts and get him to function. We could make the serial killer ,drunk and the addicted at least diagnosable and possibly even treated to the point where they function in society. Every human properly trained could do a savant type of genius. Kindergarten should be the sub level thoughts that have never been in a text book before, and not the 123's and the abc's.

The evil of man the silly killing and the wars we have fought over time would be seen as a total waste of humanity and 'gasp' the reason for them was just some silly primative notion in some leaders mind that we need to kill off our enemy. Enemies are usually nothing more than those that are somewhat different than us and mans is not advanced enough (on the whole) to celebrate diversity ,share or get along. Indeed those sublevel thoughts were and have never been taught in a school so by default the cave person (yes) mentality shows threw as we fight war upon war to this day and kill off the neighboring tribe. Add in a few million humans that have no honest bearings and just see and feel the need to belong and yes to kill someone in the name of a religion to make it moral and you have a planet of wars. I have to wonder when it came to space travel and our moon trip if some Aliens just felt sorry for us and made our trip to the moon come true just for the sheer fun of it and helped our ship land and take off.

All the very best thinker's of the ages are too little too late and there is just no way to overcome the sheer numbers of ignorant humans on earth. Man tricks himself to thinking he is smart and while he presents like he is, in his minds eye he doesn't yet know the real reason why his mind functions and even worse at the primitive level it does function at. We should be embarrassed and will be once the mind really is figured out. Man's mind is shallow and with the advent of the communication and TV generations even MORE primitive than it ever was. Mass ignorance and mass media with un thoughtful humans there to 'think' about it mean man is indeed going down the evolutionary ladder. We are not far removed from the Romans and their pit fights in the colleseum.

I would not at be shocked to see that we are just experiment in evolution of a people from a distant planet (humor get out my straight jacket) Perhaps they are just making or trying to make the "perfect slave" out of humans and figure earth is a great test tube. They certainly lets us confuse ourselves with multiple gods from the Sun to Budda. Again man is not smart enough not to fight and that is indeed our first probity in life even though we all claim were so loving and gentle but that is only If you agree and look like the people in charge.

Just today as we remember the great minds and thinkers of the past like Socerties , Plato, Einstein and Turing . The current crop of people that figured out man's mind are just like those before us 'out classed' by man- ignorant man- and the sheer number of men. Even If my (our) autism theory and roadmap of the inner working of the mind is ever passed and accepted by peer review education (it will not be) the results of the knowledge will be an inconvenient truth and in reality be a mirror to man's mind that will not show progress and hope but rather a mind that is working very hard to climb back down the evolutionary ladder. Perhaps someday others will look back on us and see our model T based cars as roman chariots and the highways we built as the Oregon Trail and the airplanes we attempt to fly as paper air planes. These folks will compare our generations to the primitive tribes we call primitive today. They will wonder what happened between Plato and current times and how man started working down the ladder of life again.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

Rich is inventor of the Truing Motor a green, autistically designed, triple Hybird Car motor that is Mother Earth Friendly . It runs on compressed air ,gas and electric and has no up and down moving parts. It will offer good green MPG and GREAT acceleration.

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