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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clorine Gas Posioning

Another chapter in Autism Pain Tolerance and the real world. 

Long time readers and friends of my Blog and those truly understanding autism (not many of the contemporary autism 'expert's)  will not be horrified by this true story that happened to me over the past year. It has the usual Emergency room drama and this time a few EMS emergency squad trips. It lasted for several months and now I seem to have recovered. Please read on.

I used to work for Urban Active Gym  and one night at work we opened the pool pump room door to be greeted with the horrible smell of "Chlorine Gas". One of the plastic tanks holding chlorine in the pool room had sprung a leak . It smelled and people including my co worker RAN from the place. They could not stand the smell and their eyes and lungs burned. Mine did to but it didn't seem to be as bad for me as it was for the others thanks to Autism's pain tolerance of only feeling 7 and above on the 1-10 pain scale.  In fact I spent 5 minutes in there patching the leak in the tank only occasionally coming out for fresh air.

Two Days later I am having breathing trouble and everything in my body hurts. Then probably due the fact I was close to fainting I got my hand stuck in the car door and broke it. No that was like autism normal it didn't hurt, like the broken bones I had before it really didn't hurt. Two days later I did end up in the Emergency Room to get  the hand  set. While in the ER  I just had my hand set and got up to use the rest room and fainted while in the restroom. Well if your going to faint do it in an hospital ER for sure. I woke up in another more serious ER treatment room and they think I have had a stroke.  I didn't.

I kind of recover and my hip hurts like hell (birth defect) and I am sent home. This is America where medical care is not good if you don't have insurance. The very next day I end up in the Emergency Room again as I passed out at home. This time I was admitted and then kept overnight with no conclusions at all. Over the next few week I am aways out of air, and I faint 2-3 more time and required one more trip to the ER via the Emergency squad.

While in the hospital the chest X rays were horrible and even visitors noticed my blood oxygen level  displayed on the monitors were very low.

Eventually a few months later I can now breathe with out any asthma medicine and  just this week climbed all 5 flights of steps at work and I was not out of air. That is a far cry from just a few months ago when I fainted and had to stop on 1/2 a flight of steps.

The hindsight conclusion is chlorine gas poisoning. I never felt the pain or the burn in my lungs to tell me to leave like everyone else did.  It is worth noting here until someone Autistic is unlucky enough to experience something like this they will think they are OK. I never deamed  I did't feel pain until my first injury. Other older mostly, ( a few young ones too) autistics in the real world , people like me report the same thng only after their car crash heart attack etc. Even if a doctor finds something wrong  and does the press until it hurts procedures we will test just fine.  Old autism professionals now long gone, from autism knew of this and its obvious Dr. Rimland (Rain Man Movie) didn't and his ideals populate contemporary autism. No contemporary medical school has ever seen this ideal or come close to it. In fact the late Dr. Rimalnd's claim to fame was his leaky gut Autism thory. I thnk if he knew the Autism Pain Tolerance all he would have been deaing with  is something simple like lactose intolerance. The last stages of Lactose in tolerance, present pretty bad but , would never feel it until it was severe. We would never figure out instantly the ingestion of dairy items was making us sick instanty as a traditional  person would know it .

Don't fool your self to think peer review Autism practices will find this or would have found out about this pain tolerance the documented facts of old working autism are hidden forever and contemporary autism totally forgot (was allowed to forget) of the idea as one it never made sense to normal thinkers and only the most well healed autistic people that understand both autism and normal thought can tell the story. Of Course, we are not peer review approved so no matter how valid the point were not even given the time of day.  

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.  


Monday, September 27, 2010

Picture Thought and Einsteins Relativity

Quotes and reference from The Independent -Science

Einstein Theory is Proven- and it is bad news if you own a penthouse. 

Steve Connor, Science Editor  Friday Sept, 24, 2010 

The theory: Einstein's Eureka moment at the Patent Office

Albert Einstein was sitting in his chair at the Patent Office in Bern one day when the breakthrough happened. "Suddenly, the thought struck me: if a man falls freely, he does not feel his own weight. I was taken aback. This simple thought experiment made a deep impression on me," he wrote in 1907. This was two years after the publication of his Special Theory of Relativity and it led directly to his theory of gravity, and still later to his General Theory of Relativity. In effect, Einstein had stumbled upon one of his greatest insights: gravity is acceleration.

Einstein said that realising gravity and acceleration were the same thing was "the happiest thought of my life". It is at the heart of the theory of relativity, which states that time and space are not as immutable and fixed as we think they are from the immediate experience of everyday life.

From Rich Shull host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

Obviously Einstein remains very popular and powerful long after his passing as evidenced by article after article and reference to his work even in contemporary times. Einstein like many of us was not doing anything special when he did all his work. I need to re phrase that he was not doing anything autisitcally special he had just figured out lots of the obvious stuff of life one does ,WHEN we learn autism's thought process a privilege only a few autistic achieve and even less traditional thinkers ever realize. The Einstein we know and love and the same guy that did all the great things and left volumes of "quotes" was just using Picture thoughts to think with. Picture Thoughts like he used and Autistics like me figured out as a fact of our lives have never been in  text book before. These "deep Einstein" thoughts and their logic will never ring the chimes of any traditional thinkers even if he or she might be a great researcher or even a popular doctor. 

As for the thought above, about being the happiest thought of his life when realizing Gravity and acceleration were the same thing is a simple joy- only the autistic mind could ever realize that fact to start with, or get a charge from it.  Autism is below the surface in every single human and it is simply the long hand version of human thought. Traditional humans don't know they are using short hand baby thoughts in all of their life so the real thoughts that make our minds work  remain hidden in pain sight . OLD working autism is simply the building blocks of the mind and after learning this never in print before thought process we discover it spans from mr/dd roots to Einstein's genius. The mind exposed like we know it is the next 1000 chapters in psychology.

ONLY picture thought again never in a text book before could simply figure out the Relativity theory, just by reading a few pages of something. Our intense picture thoughts are a 1000 times more intense than your daydreams.  Perhaps if people like us didn't start life at the bottom of the gene pool and become late in life bloomers, we might be able to break threw peer review  and get our story told.  Einstein like the rest of us was simply using Autism thoughts to piece together a few things. Until those autism thoughts are in a text book and understood the Genius that was Einstein's Relativity Theory and many more things will simply wash over the limited mind set of most people.

One more point to ponder and possibly a big factor in this theory was Einsteins ' pain tolerance'. To this day true Autistic people have a pain tolerance where we only feel 7and above on the pain scale. Like the autism mindset few of us figure out, the pain tolerance is another privilege only a few of  us 'lucky enough' to have  been injured have realized. In daily life once we figure that out we get an 'advantage'  of odd feeling that most never get. The odd feeling and the not being 100% connected to our bodies would play into the the idea Einstein could not feel his own weight in a would have been an insight most people would have nevr thought about.  I know all this Picture tought Pain Tolerance and autism is just to different (not complicated) to be understood  but ,perhaps someday Science and Psychology peer review will be smart enough to listen for a change? Meanwhile , we will have to be satisfied with the body work Einstein left mankind- at least it keeps the 'experts'  that think they know it all gong in circles chasing their own tail.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism


Friday, September 17, 2010

30 famous thinkers Einstein and Newton

Einstein and Newton 'had autism'

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton may have suffered from a type of autism, according to experts.

From the BBC  April, 30, 2003   Part of the series I am doing on 30 famous thinkers.

From Rich Shull

To be quite honest all humans have autism potential and autism is nothing more than the unfigured out human mind.

The funny part is NORMAL as you know it and we strive for in all aspects of life is just a small  sliver ,snap shot of the really narrow part of the human mind that all works together to form what we know as normal. For sure all humans use all of their brain power and they don't know it. The words we speak, our thoughts  and persona we present are all haphazardly put together piece by piece in the sub level mind . If you were lucky and got all the right bits of the internal mind map puzzle you can pass as OK. (never been in a text book before)   

If man really understood his mind school would start out BELOW 123 and the ABC's and we could hone (discover) our daydream type thoughts- it is what autistics call thinking in pictures- to the point where those base line thoughts were all completed and function good enough that  normal thoughts result. I know psychologist and others are going what is this ***** talking about? What I am talking about is the sublevel baseline thoughts that have never been in a text book before and it is the very thoughts we learned on our own by happenstance. If this Autism process the sub level thought could have been taught to our Einstein and indeed all autistic people we could have functioned  well from the start.

The mind is quite simple really as is anything, once understood. Sadly the mind is a far cry the marvel of world as man has hoped it would be. It really is very primeval even to this day. The mind all mapped out is a road map of every section of picture thought needed to function. The human mind is nothing more than a photo album that talks , Humans really don't think (too often) they react. If psychology knew our thoughts the Einstein and Newton genius things would be obvious; it is just a stop on the picture thought "railroad", also obvious would be narcissiam, learning disabilities ,addictions, serial killers, perfect normal people, monsters of all types  even dyslexia and stuttering all have roots explanations and even cures in autism thoughts.

If this idea holds water and psychology really does discover what we have, someday we could go to the psychologists office and they could go threw 'all of our switches' and turn on the ones we want and turn off the ones we don't. In other words a few visits could  to the psychologist could cure the dyslexia ,the serial killer traits and narcissiam. (as well as everything else) .

Interestingly, all humans have the Einstein ability in them and it is mostly independent of the small sliver of the normal social mind. Indeed we can have social Einstein's and Einstein himself as well as many other great autistic people like Alan Turing (father of the computer) for example finally became social. If research ever discovers what we have they will be shocked to discover being social and normal is a privilege that most people get by default but, if they learn the roots of normal thoughts like we have they will see why humans are as we are. 

Finally,, here is a glimpse of your sublevel mind in action. You going along have a good chat with someone. Your talking away and SUDDENLY your stumped. You have to hold up the conversation and Say,"I can picture him but can't place the name" you OPTIC vision is OFF and you looking at a brain generated image of 'uncle Joe" or perhaps an image locked in your mind and you then say Oh that is "uncle Joe" right then and there you were exposed to just one picture thought you were stuck on. You mind made you stop long enough to really look at the internal thought (picture thought)  Once you figured it out, you were able to say that was Uncle Joe and move the conversation along.

The uncle Joe thought playing below the surface of the mind is just one of 1000s that all flow together (if we are lucky)  and form the small completed normal thought, the one that we finally translate to words and actions. I guess there are 30-40 picture thoughts that need to be completed BEFORE we can present one normal thought such as small sentence with body language. 
That Uncle Joe thought you have had is very crisp detailed accurate and only one small bit of it (joes name) was translated to words to be spoken. The autism we have learned is thinking with those deep complicated thoughts ( we present with lack of eye contact) all the time and then trying to convert them to words hence our poor social skills and communication ability. Once we learn to translate and water down our picture thoughts we can finally pass for ok and  be social.   We could teach this invisible thought process to autistic kids and all could communicate well.

Another point here, the Uncle Joe thought was just wild vivid ,detailed and that ideal is the SAME as the Einstein thought. Here is the difference a normal mind simply waters down the Uncle Joe thought so it can be spoken and fitted into a conversation, it waters it down to basically nothing for the sake of being social. The Einstein Mind naturally develops analyzes that picture thought  and many others and picks apart the detail of them and forms new thoughts (our inventions and good ideas). See the mind is too simple and research wearing its blinders everyday has missed the point of psychology and autism for centuries now. As Einstein Said, "If they knew what they were doing they would not call it research."   

Being autistic we are both deaf and blind  (milliseconds and seconds at a time) as we think in pictures giving rise to our keen senses and wisdom. People admire the blind and the deaf communities and their ability to cope understand and thrive, I admire the blind for their insight to the human mind and I would rather visit a blind psychologist than a sighted one as the advantage would be obvious: sighted ones were blinders everyday.

Finally I think the worst thing to ever happen (in some respects) to mankind was that trip to the moon , It falsely gave man the idea he was really smart, we are lucky that roman Chariot Apollo 19 (?) made it to the moon and back.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 great minds Daniel Tammet

A note;   I have never met Mr.  Tammet and my observations hopefully don't put too many words in his mouth I'm sure he can speak for himself and is welcome to comment on this uncensored.  These views of autism are based on my experience.

Daniel is noted for Synesthesia where the mind connects all kinds of things visually-perhaps using a form of our picutre thoughts. Picture thoughts are wonderful and so full of depth that normal thought misses that point'.Psychologists, can't even do more than sigh with the advent of Synesthesia. Syensthesia ranks right up there with picture thoughts and even picture thoughts and are the basis for the normal human mind  as you  know it ,and for sure Psychology will never figure it out.  I can see were picture thoughts would take on a life of their own and while I think with "real  picture thoughts'' that directly relate to life at large , I can see where  Synesthesia would fit perfectly into the autism mind set and might possibly  be a short cut for picture thoughts. Needless to say it works well for him. I wonder does it have anything to do with is reciteing Pi to 22,000 places? 

Many Aspies are language Barron's as well,  as is Mr Tammet and perhaps we have the advantage of picture thoughts again. Psychology and even many autistics don't realize we are both deaf and blind during our thought process and being blind assures we hear more of the words people say. Being Deaf for milliseconds at a time trains us to listen to for the real important things and odd sounds. As I fumbled threw language I discovered when I really did learn the art of eye contact and looking at people and doing body language in a conversation there was another whole means of communication to learn. I much preferred just plain words. If psychology ever learns the entire mind and all its levels and how all function and form simple short cuts thoughts man calls "normal" the deaf and blind part of autism will called that instead of lack of eye contact. IF Autism ever learns that during the lack of eye contact we need to be thinking in pictures and they know what to teach us all Autistic could overcome and many of us would naturally develop our Einstein abilities.  By happenstance many people of my generation over came the  autism picture thoughts our partents teacher and tutors knew we were not going to function until we regained eye contact. Letting us unknowingly picture think was the very best thing that could have happened to us as what we learned built on the work of Temple Grandin. Add a few more layers to Temple's work and indeed you come up with normal everyday thoughts.  Isn't that whole goal of Autism and Psychology research? 

Tammet like many of us is gay and many cases the 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Charm School" we went threw as a right of passage was so helpful. Many of us became social butterflies.  By the time we learned the additional thoughts Temple Grandin doesn't use yet and learned the eye contact ideals and then went threw the autism charm school of being GLBT we were set. In fact there are at least 200 more of me and we met online in a group on Yahoo for Gay Aspies. Dare I say there way too many of us on there that do way too much  to be admitted to especially since we do so well. With none of us in group homes many of us driving and doing normal lives and even some of us overcoming a narcissistic parent there is not much chance our our experience ever getting off the web . For sure Autism research can't admit to us or even explain us so they let sleeping dogs lie.  Until they admit to us and learn from us and until they figured out what we did humanity will be stuck to seeing us and our results as the bright spots of autism.     Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism


30 Famous thinkers -Michelangelo

 From the Webiste I am featuring called the 30 Famous thinkers and their links to autism.

The article on Michelangelo, was indeed quite eye opening for me,I had only really known him as a great artist. After reading the article and being informed of his early life, strange life, obsessions , impairment of socal skills, and lack of conversation ability it all points to classic autism.  Of course, Autism is a dangerous word these days (2010) as there are more experts on autism than real autism cases.  Sadly not a one has been blessed with our trip up from the bottom of the gene pool and learned every single stage of the internal workings of the human mind. Even worse the normal mind most people use and know as normal that just works for you , is a sliver of the real mind  that is often to shallow and small to really be effective. If man knew what we do psychology would be solved.

Back to Michelangelo,

His odd strange life is not all that odd or strange, I started out like he did as have many people like me. While normal people see his life as pure trouble, pure autism, all it really is exposing is the incomplete foundation of human thoughts. Michelangelo, was like the rest of us not born with the normal mindset pre wired for us.  That means the odd strange behavior is simply the display of his (yours too) long hand thought he had to figure out. He never succeeded in total autism thought being brought full circle to the threshold of normal thought you know but, his legend lives on to this day. Lots of us leave a legacy like Alan Turing, Father of the Computer (1912-1954) .

The article moans about his social quirks , like not holding up his end of a chat. If psychology knew what he had to do to talk, (autism) and knew his picture thoughts like your day dreams are his primary thought system AND those invisible thoughts need converted to normal ones THEN translated they would know why he was horrible at conversation, just like many autistic people are. The sad thing is many of us Autism will not own up to have figured out this autism to speech conversion thing and we can now keep up with normal people. This could be taught in EVERY autism classroom . Of course it has not even been in a text book yet and due the nature of man's genius (pun) he will never figure it out as the cart is before the horse.  All  Michelangelo was simply displaying was the long hand version of human thought that we still have to learn on our own depite the best efforts of contemporary autism.

What really impresses me his is ART all he was really doing was literally reading the deep beautiful picture thoughts (think daydream) of his mind and using them to create sculpture ,art and more .  I read the same picture thought when I do my inventions, Alan Turing did the same when he invented the computer. The character Rain Man in the movie of the same name was reading the phone book reciting the pages in his mind 's picutre thought.  Of Course Picture thought is not even on the radar of psychology and  psychologists are intrigued and at the same time horrified of Autistic Temple Grandin and her picture thought. Temple's good work is not complete picture thought and if it were she could function nearly normal . Many of us in the real world ADD many more layers of picture thought to her work and when it is all complete we get normal thoughts the shortcut thoughts you don't know you use.

The article said Michelangelo could not apply him self and I counter he did appily himself but not in a way  a normal thinkers would ever realize. You can't do David (sculpture)  like he did or the chapel cealing and not have deep down motivation. I suspect this comment fit, as normal people had no idea of his real invisiblele to the public picture thoughts that if visible would have proven him to be all about art. The art side of him the genius side of autism people our inventions our thoughts our legacy all stem from these picture thoughts. YOU USE picture thoughts all the time your self - but just don't know it as evolution has drummed down (sorry) your thought process to be social not a thinker so it is no wonder the world doesn't under stand autistic people nor can it help us finish the autism pre school and help us  become 'normal '.

Of course they mention he was gay and what is the big deal? Many of us including Alan Turing ,father of the Computer and WWII hero are. Will they ever admit a Gay man's computer played a big role in ending WWII? until recently they didn't even own up to Turing.  The Gay /Straight thing is like "the man is from  mars and women are from Venus type of thing." Straight and narrow people like to hate us (love and hate are same thing -really)  but they don't mind if give them good art ,or the computer.

If we need to span the gap of time one BIG OBVIOUS stop on the way is the Boy from Averyon (1600's) he was wild child ,Farrel child that was captured in the woods of France and then expertly (of course) exposed to the best of psychology and medicine  in all kinds of test . Just like then as now psychology lacked the basic information of the mind  to be anywhere near effective. They could have even had Victor talking instead of calling him mute. Obviously Autism and Psychology has been on this centuries old quest for knowledge and understanding and as long as the cart is in front of the horse and the peer review stiffles the real knowledge man will be embarrassed to discover on his mind ,and the earth remains flat.

Thank You Michelangelo, for leaving the world a brighter happier place. Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism


30 Famous Thinkers-inital post

 Dear Autism friends and longtime fans of my blog ,

 I was recently sent this link to a very good website featuring 'great minds'. Indeed most of these people have autism traits and indeed might like many of us been able to overcome our autism on our own either absently with age and experience or with honest knowledge of our different mindsets- before the curse of Rain Man era Autism. Of course privately in our own mind, we often realized we might have figured out 'normal persons thoughts ' but the average person uses  too much of a shortcut thought process to even have our thoughts register. So,  in reality, us explaining our mind to normal people was mostly futile and the dismal chance of success of us relating our 1000 chapters of psychology as we know them are not real good. When you discover the mind that has never been in a text book before and  also discover it spans from the bottom of the gene pool to Einstein and the most active segment of the normal human mind is a very small range of short cut thoughts ;one then realizes the real meaning of some of the stuff Einstein and others are quoted on . Of course, some of these great minds were great minds and not many of them had  the Social butterfly ability they  needed to really ring the chimes of the normal population.  That would have come eventually like it has for many of us.

One addition to this list of great thinkers I would add is Alan Turing 1912-1954 he was gay autistic and father of the computer. His biography by Andrew Hodges, The Enigma is autism all figured out in plain sight and like the autism we know, it is beyond the scope of normal thinkers even if they have PH.D in Psychology. (They are blindest of them all.)

Please look over the  link below and  read up on some of the minds of time gone by. I will comment on some of the articles and title them 30 Famous Thinkers, so you can quickly follow them threw the blog.   Best Rich

 We at recently came across your blog and were excited to share with you an article “30 Famous Thinkers Believed to Be Autistic” was recently published on our blog at


 and we hoped that you would be interested in featuring or mentioning it in one of your posts. If you find something interesting or similar, please let me know.


Reverse Autism/ it was solved before it was invented.

The above logo is from an Email I got from Generation Rescue touting their most recent event dog and pony show, for stardom.

Ironically this logo is VERY TRUE autism is indeed reversible and if we could turn back time to pre Rain Man- Dr. Rimland (father of Rain Man the movie) days when Autism was just odd strange kids absently overcoming autism. Now it is too late and autism is a mission of mis informed experts and professionals and millithrong of Autism mania all self serving the ideal of autism. Now that autism is a legendary condition and  telethons and TV  shows and the popular culture" knows" all about autism ,or think they do we are as a culture  now endorsing autism as the hopeless, helpless condition it has become. Since the Rain Man era re wrote and reinvented autism with the advent of the Movie Rain Man the nearly figured out autism of time gone by has taken a back seat to the real time autism propagated by the stardom of Rain Man the movie.

 Autism used to iron itself out  in the day before diagnosis and when education was more effective. Most of us overcame in our own way. We often turned out as Einstein. We often figured out the building block thoughts of the mind. Our double blind real life success is not even on the radar of psychology or Autism research professionals.  While all of humanity has been cheated from, the true facts of the mind we have figured out ,our journey from special education to Einstein. It will not even be noteworthy in the realm of peer review autism. In fact they hope against hope people like me that build on Temples Grandin's work  will never be heard. The late Dr. Rimland made sure we were not heard , our simple success is counter everything modern autism "knows" to be true. To bad the new age self elected experts of autism are the experts of autism they invented- not the autism we know and love and have figured out to be the building blocks of their mind. Our wild trip from the bottom of the gene pool to Einstein and even social people is probably the last generation of people to be blessed with out the diagnosis of autism and the chance to absently overcome.

Yours truly and many more like me were once Temple Grandin's and we added volumes to her work 'absently' and came out with normal thoughts. Modern psychology is in awe of Temple but has no clue if you add to her work understand her picture thoughts the results are the normal thoughts that seemingly no autistic person can do. A hint, the autism lack of eye contact is a precious gift and if psychology knew how to read us while we were out of the loop they would understand how the mind works and indeed how those lack of eye contact thoughts predict the Einstein ability in is. If psychology would listen to us and our parents teachers and tutors or even read about the lack of lack of eye contact in The Enigma (Hodges 1983) they would learn to wait for our contact to return to indicate were done thinking in pictures -daydreams kind of- and our optic vision is back on as is our  5 senses when eye contact returns. When we learn how (by happenstance) to read and think with our lack of eye contact thoughts; something modern good for you autism doesn't allow anymore ,we figured out normal everyday human thoughts. So much for progress.  

Our story, our experience and our success has never been in a text book before and we charted new ground and cured our own autism. Sadly, the real price of success is the fact mankind has lost track of the keys to his mind.  While we offer the next 1000 chapters in psychology , I guess even with all of that we are too little too late.  Autism is indeed Reversible and I 1st remember the late Dr Rimland coining that term as he was building his ignorance empire that still stands today.  Perhaps he meant it as, he knew if the old guys, like me, ever got the chance to expose our autism journey and success we would revert back to the old autism and "gasp" modern autism would be seen as a farce of good intention .  It is no wonder I was banished from the record of the Autism Town Hall mmeetings of the 1990's heled by the CDC (American health agency)  as the most offended people there, Dr Rimland and modern day autism practitioners were horrified of my trip down memory lane that exposed old working autism.

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